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How To Choose The Right Removalist For Your Move

Moving house can be a distressing experience even after you have made several moves. It is good to have a proper plan to implement, do your inventory and find out where the furniture will be placed in your new home. But if you don’t choose the right removalist, everything can come unstuck on the day and leave you with a mess.

There are plenty of interstate professional movers like interstate removalists Cairns, with services ranging from packing and transport to cleaning and assembly. But making the right choice can be quite tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. 

Let’s take a look at things you can do to make sure your choice is the correct one so that you can have a stress-free move with right removalist service.

Research & Make a proper list

List down few names of the movers from online, and gather some information like name, address, and contact number. Select the best reputable mover from the list who can fulfil your requirements.

Once you have researched the best removalist for move, talk to them and ask the questions like how they will pack the entire things? How they will transport your stuffs? What is their estimate cost?

Reviews and Recommendations

Search for their reviews and recommendations from previous potential customers on the website. 

You can also check their social media pages and see the user ratings. It’s vital that you feel comfortable with your removalist as you are going to deal with them many times throughout the move.

Prefer Word-Of-Mouth Referrals

If you can’t conclude yourself, ask your friends and family to help you out. Anyone who has recently moved houses will be better able to offer judgment on what to look for in movers.

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Not only referrals are trustworthy, but they can also help you get discounted packages on a few occasions. It’s safer to trust the word of the people who are closest to you rather than relying on online testimonials.

Damage Guarantee

Many times during shifting from one place to another, people find their belongings cracked or any other form of damages. To avoid such situations in advance, ensure that interstate removalists Cairns offers guarantee against damage for your belongings. 

With insurance and bond policy, you will have peace of mind that your belongings are safe and protected. 

Confirm their Professional Accreditations

Anyone can make a visual website and pay an extra amount to get high ranking in search engines. So, always consider quality accreditation and membership of professional associations.

Also, the movers you choose should be professionally accredited in the industry. Besides the accreditation, it is recommended that you only hire a removalist who has several years of experience and can provide you with the best services.

Check the types of truck & equipment 

The moving removalists should have a license to transport your goods. Make sure your mover stay updated with the latest technology and have all the advanced equipment.

Ask for the details of the truck they are going to use. This is especially important if you are moving your belongings outside the local area.

If you find that your belongings are not safe or can be squeeze into a small truck, don’t hire them. Always check the packing materials, storage space, documents, efficient staff, and owned vehicles!

Compare price quotes with other competitors

In the majority of situations, removalists charge by the weight of your stuff. When you are planning the move, it’s important to compare price quotes with other movers. Also, choose the one that is affordable and ensures that there are transparent fixed or hourly rates, no hidden charges. 

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However, prices may vary depending on the number of belongings you are moving from one to place to another. But also, do not avoid spending some extra dollars for better quality moving services.

Additional Services

You must hire an expert removalist who understand your needs well and can resolve your issues. Fortunately, some movers offer a comprehensive range of services like packing or unpacking your goods, pet transport, cleaning, and much more. They may also provide you with the box provisions or packing accessories for free of cost.

Whatever your requirements are, hiring professionals to pack your belonging can allow you to go through all your long-forgotten possessions, and you can clean them before you pack them.

Look for removalists who use recycled, low emission moving trucks with eco-friendly materials! 

Finalize your decision

Make sure you consider all the factors, including experience, reputation, accreditation, services, and price quotes. Once you have chosen the specific removalist, it’s time to finalize your decision by confirming the date of move, verify the estimated cost, discuss your requirements and, sign the contract.

However, before making your final choice, it’s essential to check the services provided by the movers in detail.

Ready to get moving?

Hiring the right removalist services at the very start can set the foundation for a successful relocation. Be aware of all the facts about what is possible and what is not. This will make your move much more convenient and comfortable!

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