Pursue B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering for Global Career Paths

Businesses are cognizant of the fact that emerging technology will alter the business and social landscape and to stay in the reckoning a constant need to stay in the forefront of technological advances is a prime necessity. With the future seemingly more tech led with disruptive technologies like nano technology, virtual and augmented reality, and quantum computing, Computer science Engineers will continue to stay in demand but to be able to capitalize on the large scale future opportunities, a quality degree in B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering is paramount.

The future job roles in technology need skills to adapt to an ever-changing technology driven business environments. A quality degree in B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering gives the Computer Science Engineer a distinct edge to be able to manoeuvre in the world of tech and business. Several of the future roles do not exist today but the aspiring Computer Science Engineers must prepare and stay equipped for the ‘next big thing’ in tech.

Multi-cloud Integrator

This role will seemingly be on the rise and will require Computer Science Engineers to be able to master cloud technologies as more and more businesses will look to integrate more than one cloud platform or provider and will be looking for cloud integrators to manage complexities.

Robotics and Cryptocurrency Engineer

An offshoot of software engineering, this field will see a rise in demand in engineers equipped with the development of automated equipment and blockchain technologies.

Full-stack Engineer

This role demands a knowledge of both front- and back-end web developers for cross-platform development work.

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AI and Deep Learning Engineer

With the intense focus on predictive analytics, deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, businesses will look towards AI and deep learning engineers for machine learning models and transfer learning algorithms which can learn from limited data for impactful business solutions.

IoT Engineer

The internet of things is where the world of technology is headed, IoT engineer with multiple skillsets like Big Data, AI, ML, Automation, IP Networking, Hardware Interfacing, Mobile Development, UI/UX Design, Information Security, Business Intelligence are intuitive problem solvers who can see the big picture, and work effectively in teams to build IoT systems.

VR/AR Developer

Virtual reality and augmented reality simulation and training will land lucrative roles as mixed reality immersive solutions will emerge to be centric to enterprise’s digital transformation strategy due to the incredible efficiencies and cost savings realizations by leveraging immersive enterprise solutions.

A quality engineering education for global future growth roles

To be able to fully utilize the future opportunities, students must acquire a quality engineering education that delivers the right academic rigour from a reputed college whereby the degree bestowed has immense potential and global employment value.

Pursue B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from MEC for global careers

MEC, world-class engineering college providing quality academic rigour through a global curriculum in B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering with acclaimed faculties, fully industry integrated course with real-world application based learning enabling new-age engineers with adaptable futuristic skillsets for dynamic global business landscapes. MEC admissions are merit based and MEC Fees break-up includes Academic Fees, Hostel, Mess charges, Gym, Co-Curricular Activities and Caution Deposit.

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