How To Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, there were 1274 motorcyclists involved in crashes in 2018. This included 89 fatalities (a similar number to previous years) and 281 incapacitating injuries. The majority of crashes occur in urban locations, and men are usually the drivers, while women involved in crashes are more likely to be passengers. When involved in a motorcycle crash, it’s important to have the best motorcycle accident lawyer on your side to help you obtain the best results.

While the rider is often at fault, with improper speed causing a large number of accidents, this isn’t always the case. In 43.6% of crashes involving motorcycles in 2018 and 25% of crashes involving fatalities, the driver was not at fault. Some of the most common contributing factors from drivers of other vehicles include failure to yield (23.9%), improper turning (12.2%), and changing lanes unsafely (6.1%).

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Oklahoma and need legal help, you deserve to be represented by someone with the necessary experience and knowledge. Finding the best attorney to help you with your case shouldn’t be difficult. You should be able to choose a motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you, who will do everything it takes to get you the result that you want. Here’s what you need to do if you’re looking for the right lawyer to take on your case.

Pay Attention to Location

Whether you live in Oklahoma or had a motorcycle accident while in the state, finding an attorney who is located in Oklahoma is important. One thing to be cautious of is any advertisements that might be from lawyers out of state. If you get in touch with these lawyers, they might refer your case to someone within your state who is connected to their company. This will mean that you don’t have as much choice over who your attorney is. When you’re looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer, make sure that they are located in Oklahoma. It’s even better if they are located in your city or county so that they are aware of local laws.

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Look for a Specialist

Attorneys can be generalists, or they might focus on one or more areas of the law. If you want to choose the best lawyer for your needs, looking for a specialist is often the best option. They will have more experience and knowledge in handling motorcycle accident cases, whereas more generalist services might only deal with them once in a while. A specialist attorney’s office might also provide services in another area, but it’s likely that they focus on one or two other areas of law, rather than offering a broad range of services. Look for a lawyer who can handle personal injuries and motor accidents, and especially those that have experience with motorcycle accidents.

Check Their Case History

It’s always reassuring to hear that an attorney has experience with cases that are similar to yours. Even if the circumstances weren’t exactly the same, they will be able to show that they have helped other people after a motorcycle accident. Ask to see an attorney’s case history and the similar cases that they have handled in the past. What results did they get? What kind of settlement did they achieve for their client? In how many cases did they achieve success? This will help you to understand how they can help you, although it won’t guarantee anything about your particular case. Some attorneys also provide information about their cases and results on their website.

Examine Reputation and Reviews

The opinions of former clients or people who have had consultations with an attorney can be very valuable. There are almost 11,700 attorneys in Oklahoma, so you need to have a number of ways to differentiate them. You might begin your search by asking if any friends or family members can recommend anyone. If this doesn’t yield any results, you may begin searching online. When you’re researching online, it’s easy to find reviews, ratings, and testimonials to help you. They will give you a closer look at the opinions of others and the experiences they have had, so you can get a better idea of an attorney’s reputation.

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Have a Free Consultation

Most lawyers will offer you a free consultation for your case. This is a fantastic opportunity to discuss the nature of your case and to find out if you have a valid claim. During the consultation, the attorney can give you a good idea of whether you have a case and discuss possible outcomes. They can provide further information on how they might be able to help you and their experience in dealing with similar cases. A consultation might be over the phone or could be in person. You might want to talk to several attorneys before you choose one.

During the consultation, make sure that you ask the right questions. Talk to the lawyer about how long they have been practicing and their experience with motorcycle accident law. Check if they will be the one handling your case and, if not, who it will be. Consider whether you are comfortable with the attorney you are talking to and how you would feel working with them. Ask about what percentage of the business is dedicated to motorcycle accident law and how many other cases the attorney has handled that are similar to yours.

You can also ask about fees and how they work during your consultation. The attorney can explain how the fees work, which is usually on a contingency basis. This means that they are paid if you are awarded a settlement from your case. It also makes it in the lawyer’s best interest to be honest with you about the possible outcome of your case and to do their best to secure a positive result.

It’s a good idea to spend some time researching attorneys to find the best motorcycle accident lawyer. However, keep in mind that the statute of limitations is two years, so don’t leave it too long after your accident to make a claim.

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