Developing a Marketing Strategy: Top 8 Tips That Will Help You Become Popular on TikTok in 2021

TikTok is a new rising social media network app from the Chinese company ByteDance and its unique characteristic is the short video concept, all your uploads are limited to 15 seconds. The app is quickly gaining popularity among the Gen-Z audience, thus attracting businesses and big brands to use this social network as a marketing tool. 

In the US, more people aged 16-25 are now using TikTik then Facebook, this tendency is observed all over the world as the app reached over 1 billion downloads. The number of its users is swiftly growing so online marketers have a great possibility to test their marketing strategies and analyze the results even deeper.

So the key to your brand’s success on TikTok is to always be in touch with a young audience. Make sure to produce relevant content that will engage your viewers and influence people to share your videos. There are lots of small things about your social media marketing strategy that you will have to master, but remember that your content is king and if you don’t produce something original and fun – your chances of success are pretty slim.

Here are our eight tips to improve your growth on TikTok:

  1. Put effort into producing unique content: 

If your goal is to generate revenue from your TikTok account you need to produce enjoyable content that people would love to watch and share. To progress, try to better understand your audience’s preferences and make sure to satisfy them. This work requires lots of effort, dedication, and help from social marketing specialists and content managers.

After creating a decent piece of content, you may sometimes add an intriguing description that will casually ‘spoil’ what is going on in the video. This will drive people to open your video more, thus generating more likes and views. Sometimes videos can promote themselves with the help of your viewers so make sure you encourage your audience to leave comments under your videos as well. 

Working with big companies, TikTok helps them with creating and adding branded lenses and filters. These tools sometimes have a notable impact on the growth as people start promoting your brand without even saying its name. We call it a user-generated content and it works quite effectively in increasing people’s awareness about your business.

It is also important to use hashtags while releasing any new content. Chipotle has a real success story, by starting a #ChipotleLidFlip challenge where you had to perfectly flip a lidded tray so it would cover your plate and don’t fall, the company increased their number of subscribers from thousands to hundreds of thousands. The challenge had more than 230 million views and over million of participants all across the world.

  1. Record duets with other TikTok users

Using the Duets can also positively impact your popularity. This feature is was successfully used by numerous big brands to increase engagement and interaction rates.

The concept of Duets is quite simple – you create a video clip with some background music (usually some appropriate music or a company’s jingle) and then your followers can film the reaction/interaction videos to your content. Then, both your follower’s clips will be merged into a single video but will be displayed side by side on the different parts of the screen. By filming Duets users create unique content that will stimulate a lot of user engagement, responses, plus it increases your chances of going viral.

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This feature should be one of your key points while developing a TikTok marketing strategy.

It noticeably increases brand awareness among the customers as well as the general audience (your potential buyers). The Duets feature may help you create the perfect relationship between you and your audience, boosting your brand to buy TikTok likes.

  1. Constantly provide your audience with new content

To maintain steady growth you need to always remain at your audience’s radar. To achieve that, you will have to regularly post new content, which may also require some effort and preparation. Preparing your posts in advance and creating a posting schedule to follow would be a great idea! Don’t forget to use TikTok filters and masks to create truly unique, engaging, and interesting content.

As the quality of your content has a direct impact on your success, make sure to create an aesthetic and appealing picture. Work with lightning! Numerous famous TikTok influencers are shooting their videos at a particular time before the sunset, known as the Golden hour.

It takes some extra preparation but your audience will be stunned by the fabulous lightning and the result will be worth it.

  1. Be an active member of the social media community.

If you want to become successful on TikTok in 2021, be aware that there it will be even more competitive than today. Try to use every chance of bringing people’s attention to your profile! Talk with your followers and fans, get some inspiration, and receive some feedback from your audience if you want to achieve and maintain steady growth.

Spend enough time watching and commenting on the content of others. TikTok has designed the comment section to show comments according to the number of likes they get, therefore try to make your message more meaningful and interesting for others, so even more people recognize you. Also, do not forget to go Live on TikTok to share your best moments with your viewers in real-time.

  1. How to start promoting yourself with Ads 

Similarly to other major social media networks, TikTok has a paid in-app advertising option that can help you to conquer a new audience and achieve your goals incredibly fast. But you can’t just promote any content, you need to create the advertisement content specifically for every different marketing strategy. Your videos have to be engaging and interesting as well as inform viewers of your brand’s core concepts. As soon as you are confident in your skills and capabilities to engage with the audience, start streaming live and when you are big enough – tens of thousands of people from all around the world will be watching you!

Native In-feed Videos:

This type of short ads is will be displayed to the viewers while they scroll the app in a completely natural way. Users can either click on your ad and they will be redirected to your website/link or to your TikTok profile itself. Choose your target public in advance, select all demographic parameters of the audience that you are interested in.

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Brand Takeovers:

The Brand Takeover takes up the images, GIF, and videos which work out as the indicator for the brand’s landing page. Brand takeover can function only for one category per day. The brand reach can be calculated by using the impressions, unique reaches, and click rates.

  1. Understand the importance of hashtags and hashtags challenges.

Hashtag challenges are one of the most creative and influential marketing tricks on TikTok. To be unique and produce original content, you may want to try looking for an inspiration to come up with your brand’s genuine hashtag challenge.

Do something cool or crazy on camera and make others do the same thing, that is how hashtag challenges work. At the end of the day, it’s your viewer engagement rate and your brand awareness that counts.

Among the examples of successful hashtag campaigns, there are  Bliss’s #thisisbliss, Aeropostate’s #AeroWorld, and NYX Cosmetics’ #butterglosspop

Pro Tip: To make your hashtag challenge go viral, you can buy TikTok likes and comments from – the leading provider in TikTok services. This will bring extra viewers and interaction with your content.

  1. Gaining views with the help of influencers.

Collaborating with influencers can positively impact the growth of your profile. As the app is designed mostly for the younger audience, working with another popular TikTok member might be one of the most effective methods of connecting your brand with the Gen-Z viewers.

Making a featured content with someone having a huge fan base on TikTok can greatly increase your follower count and boost your sales respectively. While seeking for the right candidate, pay attention to the person’s legacy and ideas that this influencer represents. The perfect case would be someone who is sharing the same values and having the viewer base of your target audience.

Successful collaboration with an influencer is a win-win for both parties. Recently, the Business Insider magazine published the list of 40 most followed TikTok influencers, and #40 on the list has about 13.5 million followers.

  1. Is Cross-promoting better? 

As a TikTok marketing strategy, cross-promoting is one of the most successful and is commonly used to increase your marketing proficiencies. Simultaneously posting the content on several social media platforms helps to deliver it to all your fans.

Developing and growing on the other social media platforms increases the performance of all the accounts involved, including TikTok.


Joining TikTok is exciting right now, not only due to its skyrocketing user base but also because you as a brand still have so many opportunities to discover on the app, and share your original ideas with other users.

Right now TikTok can be legitimately called a huge social network that is expanding all over the world. It makes sense to join use TikTok as a marketing tool whether you have a small or large business, this application will help you bring a lot of new experience. We hope you find these eight tips helpful and develop your TikTok successful marketing strategy.

Also, remember that purchasing TikTok fans is a very reliable method to obtain extra followers, and create a successful social media profile where you could turn to live all your marketing ideas!

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