How to find the best virtual office in Dubai?

Over the last few decades, Dubai has become a go-to place for business ventures. It creates a business-friendly environment where persons and companies from other continents can start and grow their product or service-based businesses conveniently.

Not only this, Dubai’s business laws are lucrative enough to keep attracting startups, small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), and investors to choose the emirate as a business destination. To kick start a business or minimize the cost of running a business, most SMEs prefer to look for virtual offices in UAE.

What is the Dubai Virtual Office?

A “virtual office” is a work environment that does work remotely in another location but provides a Dubai address for marketing purposes. It is an ideal solution for owners or freelancers who want to do business in Dubai ( with a limited amount of resources.

To cut short, a virtual office gives a prestigious Dubai address for the business without additional requirement and capital as traditional set-up requires.

Most of the virtual offices located in business centers in Dubai or Dubai free zones. These offices can be used for various purposes, for example, to run a business, to do a partnership, or for conference meetings, etc.

Types of Virtual Office Set-ups in Dubai

There are different options available for virtual office set up depending on the type of business.

Virtual Office for Marketing

This type of set up offers the business owners an opportunity to use the name of “Dubai” for marketing purposes. There is no physical space provided to the business and can not offer a legal binding to conduct business within the UAE or to get a resident visa or corporate bank account. A company can use the address of Dubai’s one many business centers as P.O Box with secretarial services every month.

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Dormant Virtual Office

This type of virtual office is ideal for web-based businesses that can easily be operated remotely. This type of set up offers a business address and shared fax or telephone number for invoicing purposes only.

How to find the best virtual office in Dubai?

A virtual office is often easier to obtain as it only requires business people to reach out to the right company registration agents in Dubai and ask for this service. To find the best virtual offices in Dubai.  They will meet you and sign a contract with you through which the virtual office services will be obtained.

What will you get through Virtual Office Services?

A virtual office in Dubai provides many advantages, and to unlock those advantages, you need to consult with Dubai company formation consultants. These consultants will let you find the best virtual office for you, and you will get:

  • An address in Dubai business centers or in a Dubai free zone, following the operations to be completed.
  • An active local phone number for business partners and prospective clients so they can reach out.
  • Conventional and electronic mail collection services.
  • One can enjoy bank statement collection services.
  • Conference room rentals will also be at disposal.

Virtual Office providers may rent conference rooms by the hours, and you need to request a company incorporation advisor in advance for necessary arrangements.

What are the benefits of Virtual Office Services?

Regardless of cheaper solutions compared to traditional office space, a virtual office has few other benefits as well. These benefits are:

  1. You need not rent or buy equipment for the virtual office as the equipment will already be there.
  2. You need not pay for any maintenance costs.
  3. You don’t need to hire or relocate personnel from the company to work in the virtual office.
  4. A virtual office can be personalized from the services point of view at any time.
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Consultants for Virtual Office Setups

The process of finding a virtual office in Dubai is quite complicated. To find a virtual office in Dubai, investors or businesses should know and follow the legal laws. Many businesses especially if it’s their first time in Dubai, prefer consultants that can help them find appropriate package and pricing and complete all the paperwork their own in the process.

Most trusted consultants are Virtual Office Dubai (

For business owners who have their licenses from Dubai can consult DMCC ( (Dubai Multi-Commodities Center), DWC ( (Dubai World Central) and DSOA ( (Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority) that help with set-up.

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