Breadcrumbs: What Exactly Makes It An Important Part Of SEO?

In this informational age, everyone has access to the internet, and they pretty much use it for everything. Be it searching online to book the flight tickets or just gathering details about any product or service. Today, people from all corners of the world rely heavily on the internet and use it for daily activities. Now, from the business perspective, it caters a large platform to reach the audience on a large scale and promote their brand.

The trend of online business is at its peak because of the plethora of benefits and convenience that it offers. One needs a website to start a company, and even the fully-established organisations have been providing online services. When it comes to online business, SEO undoubtedly holds the most significance.

The importance of SEO in online business

No matter how good or unique your product or services are, you might not be able to get as many customers as you deserve if your online presence is weak. Being an online entrepreneur, focusing on SEO is a must factor because it can help you in increasing the ranking of your website.

To understand it clearly, let us assume that you are a direct loan lender offering a variety of loans products on the online platform. And, any user searches for the relevant services that you provide but due to lack of effective SEO strategy, your website is ranking on the second or third page of the SERPs.

Hence, the user would most probably go with the websites ranking on the first page shown in the results by search engines. Therefore, it becomes imperative to focus on SEO activities to improve the ranking of your business site.

What should new online businesses mainly focus on?

When it comes to SEO, there are endless factors that one should focus on. However, if you are just a start-up that is on the way of designing the website, then the main thing that you need to target is making the website design user-friendly as well as following the norms of search engines. Well, this isn’t very easy, but one thing that we will be discussing today is breadcrumbs.

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The name might sound unusual as compared to other SEO concepts, but this holds high significance for optimising the website. Now, let us discuss this concept briefly and understand how it can be used.

What exactly are breadcrumbs and why Google prefers it?

Breadcrumbs are short text path that is available on the top of any particular webpage. These help the user in tracking the way that they choose from the homepage of the website to different pages that they visit.

Many times while visiting any website, you must have seen like Home> blog> category and this keeps on increasing as you dwell further inside the pages. From the viewer’s point of view, it provides them with a clear idea where they are heading, and if needed, they will be just one click away from the homepage.

Another significant role of breadcrumbs is that it helps Google understand the overall hierarchy of any particular website and then evaluate its overall structure. The best thing about breadcrumbs is that they also appear on the search engine result page, and if used correctly, it can boost the ranking of the page.

Different types of breadcrumbs that you should know about

Many different types of breadcrumbs are used on various websites. Here are some of the most common ones that you need to know about:

Hierarchy-based breadcrumbs

These are the most commonly used breadcrumbs that you will get to find on websites. These breadcrumbs indicate the site structure that you are currently and what steps you are away from the homepage. One good example to show the hierarchy based breadcrumbs are like Home> blog> category.

Another name given to Hierarchy breadcrumbs is location-based breadcrumbs. These help the users to know where they are on the website when they are in the more in-depth pages.

Attribute-based breadcrumbs

It is the breadcrumb that is mostly used by e-commerce websites. Its trail highlights the attributes of the product. It helps the users understand the particular product in a better way and go with a new approach to avail them. In this breadcrumb, you will witness a trail pattern, something like this: Home> Product> category> size> colour.

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History-based breadcrumbs

These breadcrumbs function precisely as the name given to them, i.e. the trail pattern will be structured as per your navigation history. It looks something like this Home > the previous page> the previous page> current page. So, in terms of design, history-based breadcrumbs are not SEO-friendly, and that’s the reason why it is not used that much.

What are the main benefits breadcrumbs on websites?

Proper implementation of breadcrumbs on websites can provide a plethora of benefits. Here are some of the major ones that you need to know:

  • Search engines prefer them

The most significant advantage of breadcrumbs is that search engine highly prefers them because of their simplicity and convenience. It helps search engines like Google understand the structure of the website. Also, the search engines might use these breadcrumbs during conducting the ranking algorithm, so the presence of bread crumbs is undoubtedly a plus point.

  • Enhance the user experience

Another significant benefit is that they make the navigation process of the website better and thus provide a better user experience. Any online user doesn’t want to probably get confused while navigating the page and breadcrumbs helps them know their location side by side.

  • Reduction in the bounce rate

It is essential to understand that the home page is not always the way users choose to navigate the website. Therefore, any pages of the site could be the entry point for the customer. It is why this is important to deploy breadcrumbs. They will give the viewer a clear idea about their location on the website.

So, this was everything that you need to know about breadcrumbs. To make the most of it, you need to understand all about it and use it most efficiently. If required, you could hire a reputed designer for this job and the funding part; you could take assistance from external sources. However, if you are already struggling with your past debt, then find a direct lender who offers very bad credit loans with no guarantor or no broker charges.

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