How to Get Your Online Pictures to look Perfect

Only twenty years ago, who would have thought photography would play such an important role in our lives? We don’t even realize it anymore, since we have become so used to it, but the truth is, every day we take pictures and post them on social networks, or we look at photographs that our friends took. Making sure our pictures are perfect, before posting them online, is a big part of the day for influencers and others alike. Here is how you can get yours to look great.

  • Social Networks and Mobile Phones have Revolutionized Photography

There are two main reasons why photography is so important now: Social networks and mobile phones. Both go hand-in-hand, as we often take pictures with our mobile phone of elements surrounding us, the people we are with or the event we are attending? Then, the next thing we do is to post it immediately online, on our Facebook or Instagram account. Natural is always beautiful, but sometimes, retouching a picture can make all the difference. At least in the number of “likes” we get. Here are the steps to take when retouching a picture before posting it.

  • First Step

Any photo editor will tell you: The most important thing about a picture is what it shows (and doesn’t show). There is no reason why you should put an image online that doesn’t possess that simple quality when all you have to do is find a place with the option “crop image online.” It takes but a minute or so, and it completely modifies the mood and the quality of a picture. Sometimes you need the environment around the main person/object to get it to feel the right way. But there are moments when you just need a little piece of the main element, to tell all the story. By playing with the frame, you will discover how the picture can look its best.

  • Second step

Adjusting the colours of a picture can render it warm or cold, according to the way you would like it to look. With the filters found in most applications, or on websites online, you will be able to give your photo at least a dozen different looks, just by selecting the right tonality of colour you are looking for.

  • Third Step

That’s completely new, thanks to technology, but today it can make a lot of sense to insert an additional element to your picture. Stickers are quite popular, but a little music can go a long way to identify what you are trying to say through an image…

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