How Internet has Revolutionized the Lives of Mankind

Humans have always loved advancement. That’s the only thing that differentiates us from animals. The primitive humans of the Middle Ages were way more different than today’s one especially in terms of luxury and way of living. In contrast, animals are the same as in Adam’s era; only a few physical changes happened because of seasonal variations. So, humans have changed because of their progressive nature.

The Internet is one such revolution that has unimaginable impacts on humans. The things which seemed impossible during previous centuries are now just a few clicks away from us. For instance, in the past, applying for a driving license in any other country was an arduous task, and preparing for it was even more challenging. Now, you can do it in glimpses. Simply look for a DKT test or any other driving test online and prepare for them by spending a few moments on the internet. Isn’t it stupendous, the way technology has upgraded us!

From education to communication, health to travel, everything is the ambassador of technological marvels. Let’s dive deep into it to unveil how the internet has changed us:


Decades before, contacting some was as difficult as solving a Rubik’s cube blindfolded and as long as the walking bare-footed from California to New York. Sending letters takes months to reach the other end. Now, using the internet, it’s just a matter of moments. Blinking eyes takes longer than sending a message from the far east to the west of the world.

Even sending images, videos and making live video calls are just a few clicks away, thanks to the super-fast 4g and 5g technology. These trends are simply redefining the way we live and communicate. Parents feel connected to their children living abroad; that’s all because of the miraculous marvels of the internet.


During the COVID-19 era, no one could disregard the importance of the internet in the educational sector. Projects like Khan Academy and learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera have tons of syllabus and skill learning opportunities. Live classes on Zoom and Teams are no lesser than a blessing during this meantime of the present century.

According to recent facts and figures, in 2021, the United States has the highest number of internet users at all levels of education than any year before in history. It’s an indicator of how progressively the education sector is shifting to the digital world.

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The additional knowledge from YouTube and other learning platforms is empowering students to go beyond the boundaries. That’s not only making them well-equipped with knowledge but also an indicator of economic boom. From learning more extensive topics like Theories on Metaphysics to surveillance cameras, everything is a few clicks away, thanks to the quicker availability of knowledge by search engines like Google.


The Internet is the master of globalization. It’s imperative to bound people within their country lines. In the world of the internet, borders are no more. Cultural fault lines have merged into each other. Communication and a wide range of technologies are changing the meaning of our cultural identities. The concepts of time, distance, and space have been updated, giving rise to cultural globalization.

Some people may argue that the internet is wiping out our cultural congruence. In fact, the internet is just refining them while bridging the gaps to create cultural harmony. The Internet is flourishing the new forms of art and expression. It’s unveiling new forums and places to welcome cultural diversity.

Medical Field

The Internet has led to enormous success in the medical field. A doctor sitting in the far backward areas of the world can access the latest research done in digital labs of Europe. The Internet provides reach to thousands of medicines and drugs produced daily. With the power of the internet, one can connect to any doctor in the world to discuss details about his illness and even determine the cure for it.

Laboratory test reports to various complex medical procedures, you can get details of everything at the comfort of our home.


If someone asked to pick the sole beneficiary of all the internal-based technology, everyone would religiously reply by saying economy. No one can afford to leave behind in this race. Everyone has got a wipe open message from Nokia’s example of how what’s leading mobile company turned to ashes, just because it ignored the importance of changing with time.

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Now, everything has been digitized. You can buy anything and everything, just sitting on your couch. Internet banking has further reduced the hassle in our lives.

Hundreds and thousands of people are earning billions of dollars just by using the internet. Even weaker third-world economies are booming by progressing in the freelance market places— whose central theme revolves around the internet. A person sitting in California can communicate his freelance needs to the people working in India, Pakistan, or other such countries. Isn’t it amazing!

Social media platforms that were meant for communication are now turned into business giants. Small businesses are flourishing, thus paving the way for a rapid economic boost. Amazon web services are the new host for big economic adventures. These industries are getting so bigger than in 2025, half of the world will be on social media.

Political Awareness

There was a time when no one knew the dark realities of people ruling them or the glooming faces of people serving them. Accountability was limited to courts, and in third-world countries, a single hearing takes years to conclude. Now, with the power of social media, everything has been paced up. The Internet is fast enough to raise your voice to any platform and reach out to millions of people worldwide.

These conditions have boosted accountability and awareness among the people. Now, people are more aware of their leaders’ motives, narratives, and campaigns than ever before. You can well imagine its impact now, that in 2011, approximately 42% of 18-24 years old youngsters were more aware of politics because of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Now, these sites have quadrupled, so does the users.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the internet is an essential component of every choice we make to every decision we take. Some people argue about the downsides of the internet, but we believe technology can’t be good or bad; it’s the people who use them. If humans learned the art of acing the internet for humanity’s collective good, then its countless blessings will keep showering for centuries to come!

Keep Surfing, Keep Enjoying!

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