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How to Make a New Born Baby Hamper

So you have just found out your friend is having a baby

Having a baby is a deeply emotional, happy and hopeful moment. However, parenthood is difficult and exhausting, and the new family are going to need as much help as they can get. If you want to do something lovely and meaningful for the expectant mother one of the most significant gifts you can give her is a baby hamper.

A baby hamper is a little basket or box full of goodies both for the mother and the baby. The gifts can range from the practical (such as nappies or baby clothing) to the fun and frivolous (such as the mother’s favourite candy).

How to make a new born baby hamper?

New born baby hampers are such a great, lovely gift because they are easy to make and easy to personalize. If you know what the mother likes, you shouldn’t have a hard time of it; but some of the most basic items to include are:

-A box: Something to put all the other objects in. You can keep it pretty by using a natural fiber basket, or you can make it practical: use a baby tub, a storage box or, if you are in a budget, a beautiful tin can that can be reused for storage.

-A blanket to wrap the baby in. The blanket should be made out of natural fiber that will not be dangerous for the baby, such as cotton and linen.

-Baby care items that the mother is going to need, such as nappies, rash cream, organic care products such as baby oil, etc.

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-Clothing and toys that the baby will love: teething rings, rattles, cuddly teddy bears,

-Books about newborn care that the mother will appreciate.

-Presents for the mother: personal gifts such as her favourite chocolate, her favourite lotion or a lovely scented candle will put a smile on her face.

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