How to Stay Safe on The Internet While Playing Online Games

Nowadays, when almost all our daily activity takes place in the virtual world, many seem to struggle with staying safe.

From banking to online shopping and online gaming, the internet has never been more popular.

And no matter if you’re a millennial or an elderly person, secure internet roaming appears hard to achieve. But what if we told you it was not that difficult?

The truth is, with a few measures of precaution, anyone can stay safe online. Here they are.

Don’t Share Personal Info with Strangers

This is the number one rule in online gaming and virtual activity in general. Do not distribute sensitive information, such as:

  • Your real name
  • Address of residence
  • Phone number
  • Credit card/bank account number
  • Login info & passwords

However, when gaming online, you are required to share this information. But don’t be discouraged just yet! Trustworthy online casinos USA guarantee complete protection as safety at their websites.

Sharing private info with a licensed and regulated online casino is a different story. After all, regulators with an unshakeable reputation supervise all activity in those venues. Let’s take the UK Gambling Commission as an example.

This monitoring organ was established in 2007 aiming to protect players from potential hazards of online gaming. All operators have to obey strict rules to obtain a licence from the UKGC. And once they do, that means that you can achieve complete safety online at that website.

The odds are you don’t tell your passwords to your family; so why would you say it to a random person?

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Do Your Research on Staying Safe Online

Regulated websites will proudly display all endorsements and licences they might have. We suggest taking a look around the gaming site for such information.

Here’s a pro tip – if you can’t find a separate page dedicated to security only, scroll down to the bottom. The end of the homepage typically contains relevant details about licensing and safety online.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for player protection programs. For instance, if your online gaming journey takes place in a casino, ensure that the operator supports BeGambleAware and GamStop.

There are also national gaming and gambling helplines, so be informed about those in advance.

Look for websites that boast the ISO/IEC 27001 certification. This is an international standard for information security, vouchsafing for the protection of customers.

Increase Internet Security

Another thing that you, as a player, can do is keep your own protocols up-to-date. Update all your security software on your phone and computer regularly. Check your privacy settings and turn off the camera.

Additionally, protect yourself from data loss by backing up your files. There are many ways to make copies of your files, from external hard drives to cloud platforms.

Ensure you know enough about malware, viruses, and ransomware. These hazardous residents of the Web can and will harm you if you’re not careful. It is in malware’s nature to spread disease and infect as many files as possible.

To hinder their malign intent, never click on links from anonymous senders and don’t visit accept stuff from unknown sources.

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What makes it worse is that viruses can harm your data even if you didn’t take any action. So, the rule of thumb is to avoid shady websites that promise a lot and ultimately bring about just doom.

Report Shady Behaviour

No one likes to be a telltale but if it’s for the good of online gamers, you should notify authorities about any criminal activity you notice.

Wherever you’re gaming online, if the operator refuses to pay you out or a fellow player is acting weirdly, do not hesitate. The best way to fight crime and unfairness is by putting an end to them.

Or, if an extreme situation happens when you’re directly attacked, immediately talk to a supervisor. If you feel under threat, ask for help and do not wait.

Take Breaks

An important tip that targets your own decision-making regards taking breaks.  Break your gaming sessions into blocks with pauses in-between.

Sitting for prolonged periods of time is detrimental for you both physically and mentally.

According to a 2018 study, sitting for hours increases heart disease risks and can damage your spine. Furthermore, a sedentary lifestyle potentially blemishes our cognitive functions long-term.

So, try to get up every 30 minutes for a light stretch. Activate your sleepy muscles with yoga exercises and get the blood in your legs pumping. You’ll immediately feel more flexible and you’ll avoid lower back pain.

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