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Yes! It would be foolish to say that in today’s age, cartoons suffer from existential desperation. But believe me, there aren’t those dark days yet. It is a widely accepted fact that comics are, literally, love. You can’t ignore just how magically stimulating they are. We’ve been told that your ‘different’ makes you. It is an aspect of who you are. Though we missed out on the teachings most of the time, we know it’s a Herculean challenge, being different. 

What Is KissCartoon?

One of the many free anime streaming sites where you can watch your favorite cartoons online. There are a lot of options, and high definition content is available. The platform is conveniently navigable and controlled by the KissAnime network. A wide range of U.S. cartoons, movies, and animes are featured on the web.

Kisscartoon, all in one location, also give the safest streaming of your favorite cartoons and animes. On whatever platform you choose, the website is readily available. 

What Happened To KissCartoon?

Much to the user’s shock, Kisscartoon was shut down. In 2017, the site unexpectedly shut down. The platform was taken down because of copyright concerns. The DMCA has caught up with it. It was considered to have outstanding audio and video quality, but it was eventually shelved to the fan’s chagrin.

Nothing is worse than not getting something dear to you. But don’t worry, we have alternate places here where you can watch all your favorite cartoons and anime, all free of charge. The links to the websites have also been supplied to facilitate your search. 

KissCartoon Mirrors:

URL Status Speed sslSSL
checkkisscartoon.cc on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkkisscartoon.su on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkkimcartoon.to on Online Very Fast ssl Off
checkkisscartoons.co on Online Very Fast ssl Off
checkkisscartoon.bz on Online Very Fast ssl Off

15 Best Sites Like KissCartoon

1. KissAnime


Are you a fan of die-hard anime? KissAnime should be a must-see for you, then. A well-equipped website that offers you rich content includes Spirited away, the popular Naruto series, Weathering with you, and many others to make your summer ride a smooth one.

The interface is quick and straightforward, making it user-friendly. Even they’re not charging you. They have dubbed and subbed material that is also available for download. To get your hands on some amazing anime material, visit the web. 

2. 9Anime


Are you a fan of deep-dyed anime? If so, then all your attention should be given to this blog 9Anime. For all your anime, this site comes with a smooth interface and has a well-categorized section. They have a remarkable amount of material, and they also have daily updates. The GUI is user-friendly and usable on any platform. A visit is worth it. 

3. KimCartoon.biz


Kimcartoon.biz is one of the best alternatives out there to KissCartoon, too. For users, the web is easy to access, and your cartoons can be easily identified. It has a wide variety of cartoons, and if comics are your only true love, then you’re interested in the web.

Seamless, endless content is the film’s standard, and its many other features make your visit worthwhile. It is quick to access the web. The simple thing that can confuse you is the advertisements between the videos popping up. 

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4. CartoonExtra


It is the right place to land on this platform with a not-so-soon ending compilation of all the cartoons you have always heard of if you are into comics and anime. With more than enough stuff, with Dora and her adventures, Sponge bob square pants, Loony Toons, and so on, this site is a paradise for children. You call it, and here it is. A basic but incredible GUI. All those famous cartoons that will strike you with a wave of nostalgia. You will not regret that. 

5. Chia-Anime


It’s a trendy place to watch all your anime and cartoon videos. It has a wide variety of high-quality videos with a never-ending list of dubbed and subbed video material that offers you to have your favorite Manga on the go, aside from your favorite anime. The GUI is relatively basic and, thus, user-friendly. You’ll never get sick of it, trust me. 

6. AnimeToon


The AnimeToon is another KissCartoon-like website where you can watch all your favorite childhood stuff that includes all the episodes of Ben10, American Dad, Tom and Jerry, Pokemon, and it also has a section for dubbed anime, a section devoted exclusively to films, aside from them. The website has content that interests almost all age groups. For all your favorite shows, the web offers you a high-quality video experience. 

7. KimCartoon.to


This site is similar to the website(KimCartoon.biz) mentioned above and is also an excellent alternative to Kisscartoon. No one stops you with cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and, at the click of a finger, Scooby-Doo. So, what are you going to wait for? For your favorite cartoon, this site offers a pool of choices. The GUI is smooth, and you can quickly navigate. 

8. Cartoons.on


Everybody loves cartoons, and you need to visit this site if you’re one of them. Undoubtedly, some of the most celebrated material is on this platform. Ice Age has all the magnetic material for just about all age groups, from shows such as Baby Loony Toons, the Flintstones, and series such as Justice League. With all the latest content, the web is periodically updated. It has a smooth GUI that lets you enjoy your visit. 

9. CrunChyroll


Of all KissCartoon alternatives, Crunchyroll is one of the most acceptable pages. This platform is a one-stop source for all your favorite animes and, thus, a must-visit. It has decent-sized content for streaming with an easy-to-navigate interface and high-quality videos. The platform gets its content updated periodically.

All the shows can be viewed for free. If you are a Manga fan by any chance, this site has a section devoted exclusively to the beloved Japanese comics. This place is excellent for your fetish for cartoons, anime, and Manga. With that, let’s get on! 

10. ToonGet


ToonGet brings you lots of great free content. For as long as you like, you can watch your shows online. Just about every anime and cartoon you’ve ever heard of, including all the episodes of Ben10, LEGO Star Wars, Loony Toons, and much more, is presented on the web. It has a segment for dubbed anime, too.

The videos are of exceptionally high quality. And they’ve got an up-to-date database. The GUI is very straightforward and easy to browse. While the pop-up of commercials while watching videos is a downside. 

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11. AnimeLab


AinmeLab focuses on animes specifically. If you are an obvious anime fan, then the place is certainly for you, with a wide range of options, including a boy from Naruto and Astro, and so on. Also, here you can watch all your favorite animes. A very catchy and smooth GUI comes with it. Before you can watch all the content, the only thing that it asks you is a simple sign up (but the website is free).

The website has an immense database. The content is updated regularly and offers anime videos on request, and the website is accessible on Linux, iOS, Windows, Chromecast, etc. This platform is accessible only in Australia and New Zealand as of now. 

12. AnimePlanet


AnimePlanet, along with its great animes, also brings you some decent collection of Manga. The site comes with a massive library of animes for you to stream and has almost every new release. So, The interface is quite simple and easy to use. There is no sign up required for watching your favorite show.

The website has high-quality videos and a re-equipped database. Well, I recommend you to visit the site and trust me, and this site won’t let you down.

13. CartoonCrazy


A website for watching cartoons and animes is CartoonCrazy. Comics could come in handy if you’re looking forward to some relaxation, but finding a website that would help you achieve the same can be tiring.

So brace yourself to keep your fears at bay. For you, CartoonCrazy is fine. This website has a user-friendly interface that comes with your favorite cartoon or anime incomplete and recent episodes. 

14. AniWatch.me


AniWatch is next among the KissCartoon alternatives. It consists of an extensive catalog of free online streaming anime series. All of your boredom with Aniwatch is gone for good. Among several others, the categories include cartoons and anime, recommendations, random, recent series.

Aniwatch continues to refresh its database. Even for kids, the GUI is easy to use. Also, popping up won’t be added. To answer some of your doubts & questions, it has a FAQ feature. 

15. WatchAnimeDub


Who said everyone but kids could watch cartoons? And they can be sure that their lousy philosophy will go to hell. WatchAnimeDub is another beautiful option out there to KissCartoon. This gives you a great selection of anime on one platform and cartoons. With English-dubbed and subbed versions, you will find your favorite shows. The videos are produced in high-quality formats. The website looks a little groovy. The GUI is quick, making it easy to search your images. A visit-must! 

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Final Words:

Who said everyone should watch cartoons except kids? And they can be sure they will go to hell with their crappy theory. Another great choice out there for KissCartoon is WatchAnimeDub. This gives you a fantastic collection of anime and cartoons on one platform. You can find your preferred shows with English-dubbed and subbed versions. The videos are created in formats of high quality. The website looks groovy. Gui is quick, so it’s straightforward to search for your pictures. A must-visit! 

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