List of Top 10 Translation Companies of the World

A language is a medium by which communication and correspondence take place. This is the reason why translating languages is so important. Translation is more than converting from one language to another. It is the means by which people of different linguistic backgrounds can understand each other. Although there are thousands of translation companies out there, only a few of them are considered professional translation company.

When talking about these professional translation companies, we include more than simple translation service providers. These include translation agencies, freelancers, and companies that execute the translation tasks.

According to some statistics, the revenues from the language industry are estimated at approximately $49.60 billion. This means there is a wide choice of companies to choose from.

Here we take a look at some of the top translation companies. These companies are considered
world leaders in translation services and have a huge customer base.

Top 10 translation companies of the world

1. TransPerfect

TransPerfect is situated at the heart of New York and boasts of several headquarters and satellite offices. It is the largest language services provider company and a leader in the translation industry. TransPerfect focuses on global expansion as well as profitability. Proof of its success in the global market is that it has completed over 300,000 projects for clients in only 25 years. The
services that this company provides are translation, website localization, recruiting and staffing, marketing, media solutions, AI data solutions, software localization, and testing, language training, and interpretation. In addition, the company provides services for companies in E- commerce, finance, entertainment, and hardware technology. Moreover, the team at TransPerfect offers services based on the latest technology and supported by thousands of professional linguists as well as project managers.

2. Lionbridge

When it comes to considering the top translation companies of the world, Lionbridge comes at
the second number. Established 20 years ago, Lionbridge claims to be the bridge-builders
between clients and different languages. This is the reason why it has built a human effort and
machine intelligence to support customer needs. Although there are many services provided by
Lionbridge, the most significant of these are related to translation. These services are grouped
into four main categories: content services, translation, testing, and AI services. There are several services to choose from among these categories. The company specialises in delivering services related to written, video, and voice content.

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3. Mars Translation

Considered as one of the leaders in the translation marketplace, Mars Translation delivers professional translation services to its global clients. The company has a wide range of services in its portfolio. These include document translation, E-commerce, website, video, Elearning translation services, DTP, and File Conversion services. In addition, the company offers its services for various industries. These include gaming, technology, E-commerce, gaming, retail, healthcare, and the engineering industry.

4. LanguageLine Solutions

Considered as the leader in the certified translation industry, LanguageLine Solutions has been around for more than 20 years. The company has approximately 364 offices spread throughout the world. The main focus of Language Line Solutions is to provide translation, localization, and interpretation services. These services are available for healthcare companies, retailers, enterprises, government departments, and multinationals throughout the world. The main focus of the company is to deliver perfect fluency, expertise, and customer service to its clients. In addition, privacy and data security are considered in providing these services.

5. SDL

A UK-based super agency, SDL is a leader in global content management and language
solutions. Established 20 years ago, the company has been serving the language industry as well
as delivering a wide variety of services. These services include translation, client management, support, translation software, and tools. Moreover, the company operates in various industries such as the Aerospace industry, automotive industry,financial services, healthcare, and government services.

6. RWS

Focusing mainly on delivering quality, reliability, and flexibility, RWS is a world leader in translation and interpretation services. Having a global team of linguists and project managers,
the company is well-known across the world for delivering quality services. In addition to
localization and translation services, RWS offers intellectual property support solutions, life
sciences language services, and interpretation services. The company is based in the UK and
employs over 2000 staff across the globe for seamless translation services.

7. Easytranslate

Having huge revenue of $22.5 million, Easytranslate operates from Denmark. The main focus of the company is delivering quality translation and interpretation solutions to its clients. Combining a passion for languages and smart technology, Easytranslate is well-known across the world of translation. The services that it offers are translation and localization, website
translation, document translation, proofreading, and testing. The main focus of this company is
to serve several industries such as E-commerce, media and SEO, technical translation, medical
startups, and finance. In addition, the company has a passion for languages as well as smart
technology which sets it apart from its competitors.

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8. Awatera

Awatera is a language translation company headquartered in Cyprus. The company operates in several other locations such as Los Angeles. In addition, it offers services in Russia and CIS
countries. Awatera specializes in translation and localization services and delivers their expertise
to industries such as technology, pharmacy, gaming, E-commerce, financial and legal, energy,
engineering, oil and gas, and patents. In addition to translation support, the company also offers
technology solutions. These include propriety, industry-specific ERP systems, and API

9. Argos Multilingual

Ranked as one of the leaders in the translation industry, Argos Multilingual has an experience of
over 30 years in the translation industry. The company offers translation solutions to many
industries. These include life sciences, industrial manufacturing, software, and financial services.
In addition, the products and services that the company offers in multiple language pairs are
many. These include artwork and screenshots, subtitling, captioning, compilation, engineering,
multimedia localization, DTP, QA testing, and research/publications.

10. Alpha CRC

Established in 1987, Alpha CRC offers a wide variety of language services. These services
include localization, transcreation, machine, and crowd-sourced translation, testing, consultancy,
and multilingual copywriting. The company has over 30 years of experience in offering translation and localization services. Therefore, one of the leaders in the translation industry is
Alpha CRC.

The Last Word

Translation may seem like an easy task but it comes with its own hurdles and challenges. This is the reason why companies across the globe need certified and professional translation agencies to do the job for them. Choosing the right translation partner is a tough choice to make. Nevertheless, by opting for a reliable translation partner, a company can gain the many benefits of globalisation such as increased revenues and a global customer base.

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