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Living The Life: The Perks Of Investing In A Property At Tagaytay Highlands

Every hardworking individual has the goal of reaching a point in their life where they have fewer worries and more fun. A sense of fulfillment and security that you can have for a long time, the rest of your life even. Living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

For many, it could be a place. A beautiful property in a nice neighborhood. If that’s what you’re looking for, then Tagaytay Highlands might just be the place for you.

Nestled atop the highest elevations of Tagaytay City, what exactly do they have that might pique your interest? Below are the perks of investing in a property at Tagaytay Highlands.

Residential communities

Tagaytay Highlands showcases three luxury themed residential communities all built amidst the lush cool mountains and a majestic view of the Taal Lake. The three residential communities are named The Midlands, The Highlands, and The Greenlands.

The Midlands is a bird sanctuary approximately a thousand feet above sea level. It consists of themed havens inspired by architecture and culture from different countries, enveloped in nature’s splendor. You can choose to live the resort life in Vireya, the tropical residential oasis, indulge yourself with the unparalleled views at Sycamore Heights, marvel in Japanese-themed outdoor that is the ideal venue for recreational activities at Yema, or bask in the Mediterranean community of Sierra Lago. It is one of the largest and most nature-laden Tagaytay lots out there.

The Highlands features a modern-ranch style and modern lodge architecture and design. A nature-inspired dream cabin home in an area called Aspenhills. Aspenhills will give you the experience of living from the hilltop in a mountain log home, something you think you’d only get to do in the States.

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On the other hand, The Greenlands is a tightly-knitted community with homes that has an airy and welcoming atmosphere. It has three enclaves, with Nob Hill being at its highest point. You have a great view of Mt. Makiling and Makulot at Nob Hill, where homes are geometric linear with picture windows for natural daylight, inspired by modern architecture.

You can also choose to live in a contemporary American Suburban-inspired residential community of bi-leveled homes at the Fairfield enclave. It is set upon eight hectares of sweeping terrain with wide-open spaces and lush greenery, which will make you feel harmonious with nature.

Lastly is Plantation Hills where you can truly enjoy living close to nature. Plantation Hills introduces the concept of luxury eco-farming combined with a residential concept.

Exclusive properties

Tagaytay Highlands also brags their exclusive condominiums, the face of which is Horizon.

Horizon Terraces is located within the Midlands community, completing the developmental master plan of integrated Asian-contemporary garden villas and suites. Live in private garden villas with balconies, two-car garages, and an exclusive garden. Said villas also provide seamless access to the Central Garden. The garden suites on the other hand, display an unmistakeable low-rise design and have high-speed elevators. It also features a balcony and interior-designed lobbies.

What makes these properties complete is its own development features and amenities. They got the essentials you need from water and power supply all-year-round to 24-hour security plus an emergency medical and fire-fighting team on standby. In addition, they also house world-class golf courses that can keep you busy on your leisure time.

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Not only is it located in one of the coziest spots in the Philippines, but it’s also tailored to give its residents the best quality of living they can ever experience. In conclusion, Tagaytay Highlands simply takes living life to another level.

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