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Gainer is getting popular among the fitness community rapidly. Everybody is directly jumping upon the use of gainer for fast results. They don’t bother to the enquiry whether the supplement is right or wrong for their fitness goals. We accept that it is quite a hectic process to know the right and the Best Mass Gainer but if you find the right one you have completed half of achieving your fitness goals.

What Mistake do People Make While Choosing Gainer?

As the name suggests the supplement should be designed for gaining something. But what is that something ? weight or muscle mass. Yes, these both are different things. Actually mass gainer and weight gainer are designed with different formulas as per their goals.

A weight gainer is designed for gaining weight. So, it contains all the macronutrients as well as micronutrients. Gaining weight requires more calories intake than burning. To fulfil the calories gap, the weight gainer contains such nutrients more than any others that give more calories. Carbohydrates are one of them to provide clean calories.

Whereas mass gainer is meant for increasing muscle mass and muscle strength. For better muscle mass and strength, mass gainer requires all the nutrients whether it is macro or micro. But protein should be in higher amounts than any other nutrients as protein helps in faster muscle growth and recovery which leads to muscle strength.

What Mistake do People Make While Consuming Gainer?

No doubt weight gainer and mass gainer can be consumed as pre-workout and post-workout both. But the truth is weight gainer is more effective if it is taken as pre-workout rather than post-workout, however, it is recommended to take three dosages in a day.

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Unlike the weight gainer, the mass gainer is more effective when it is consumed after your training as the body needs faster recovery to build muscles and mass gainer can provide it easily.

A mass gainer is recommended to consume with water whereas weight gainer can be used with water as well as milk for faster results.

What Mistake do People Make While Doing Exercises?

People, especially the beginners, do the exercises completely wrong when it comes to weight gaining or mass gaining.

People who are in a weight-gaining regimen should stop doing intense training and cardio exercises such as running, cycling, and others as these exercises need more calories to burn. Besides they should start doing some body strengthening exercises, squats, mild weight training, and others.

People who are in muscle mass gaining, they should also stop cardio exercises, instead of that, they should start doing some core and strength-building exercises including weight lifting, bodyweight training, and others.

Cardio exercises help to burn the fat but are not helpful in building the strengthening of muscles that stops the body to adapt to change like gaining weight or strengthening muscles.

What is the Best Mass Gainer?

Best Mass Gainer varies from person to person. What is best for you only you can choose. Before falling into the bandwagon you should know how your body works. If you are a skinny guy and want to build muscles you should be aware of how much time you are dedicating to your exercises. What are you eating? How much are you eating? How much effort do you have to put for gaining your fitness goals? As you are a skinny guy, first you have to put on some weight only after you should start building muscles.

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If you have all these consciousness about your body, here are some brands which provide the best quality of mass gainer.

  • MuscleBlaze
  • BSN
  • Labrada
  • MuscleTech
  • Ultimate Nutrition
  • MightyX
  • MusclePharm
  • Universal Nutrition
  • Healthvit Fitness
  • Protein Scoop
  • HealthXp
  • EnduraMass

These all mass gainers are designed to help you in many ways which include improved athletic performance, healthy muscle gain, faster recovery, feeling satiated for a longer period after exercises, and many more.

These mass gainers may be the best replica of the balanced food but can’t replace the goodness of balanced food completely. So try to get all your nutrients for achieving your fitness goals in a natural way, if there is a lack of something these brands are the best sources to fill the gap.

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