Mobile Credit Card Processing and Why to Choose Clover’s Mobile Credit Card Reader

Mobile credit card processing is gaining popularity because it lets you turn your smartphone into a powerful point of sale terminal. It allows businesses to accept payments anywhere using smartphones and provides customer easy, secure and seamless payment experience. 

For small businesses, mobile credit card processing is an inexpensive point of sale system. It enables companies to increase their revenue as they can accept payments on the go, and it helps them to broaden their customer base. 

Things Needed to Setup Mobile Point of Sale System

A few things that are needed to set up mobile credit card processing are:

  • Merchant Account

Having a merchant account allows the company to accept credit and debit card payments. Transition to mobile payments becomes much easier if you already have a merchant account.

  • Smartphone or Tablet

A mobile device is needed for mobile credit card processing. It can be a smartphone or a tablet that runs on iOS or Android.  

  • Mobile Credit Card Reader

It is a portable hardware device that is connected to mobile via USB, Bluetooth or audio jack. 

  • Mobile App

The mobile app helps you to manage business transactions. A host of features are offered by these apps, such as payments, inventory management, real-time business analytics.

Mobile credit card readers and robust interface play an important role in providing the best mobile credit card processing services. So, let us see the different types of mobile credit card readers available and their features.

Types of Mobile Credit Card Readers

There are different types of mobile credit card readers that a company can use to receive payments. These are:

  • Wireless Terminals
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Integration of POS software with a wireless terminal is a must if you want to use a wireless terminal. 

  • Mobile Card Magstripe Readers

Mobile card magstripe readers are paired with a smartphone or tablet and a mobile app. They only take swipe cards. In order to accept payments, you might be required to connect some magstripe readers to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

  • Mobile Card EMV Chip Readers

An EMV chip reader pairs with a tablet or a smartphone and a specific app. The chip reader technology used in EMV credit cards provides more security.

  • Mobile Card Contactless Readers

This type of reader can also be paired with a tablet or a smartphone and a mobile app. The contactless readers use tap or wave technology and mobile wallets to complete a transaction.

Many companies offer mobile credit card readers, but Clover allows accepting all types of payments in a fast, secure and convenient way. Let us study Clover mobile credit card reader and its features in detail.

Clover’s Mobile Credit Card Reader

Clover’s mobile credit card reader allows businesses to accept payments virtually anywhere with the help of a smartphone or a tablet. Taking payments on the go is much easier with Clover’s sleek and compact credit card reader and app. It provides top-notch security and is packed with processing power to make accepting payment easy. 

Clover builds intelligent and customised POS systems for mobile credit card processing to make running your business easy. Clover mobile credit card reader is suitable for companies on the move that require portable and small devices to receive payments anywhere.

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Benefits OF Clover Mobile Credit Card Reader

The payment features of the Clover point of sale system makes it the ultimate for businesses. The benefits offered by Clover credit card reader are:

  • Simplicity

It is pretty simple to use and does not require any manuals or tutorials. Just take it out of the box, charge it, connect and pair it with the Clover app. The mobile credit card reader from Clover is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. It simplifies mobile credit card processing for businesses.

  • Flexibility

Clover mobile credit card reader processes virtually all kinds of payments, from credit cards, debit cards, EMV chips, contactless and swipe card payments to mobile payments enabling companies to offer the best mobile credit card processing services. You can accept credit/debit card payments on the go with a smartphone using Wi-Fi or a cellular connection.

  • Functionality

Managing discounts, tips and taxes or granting permission to employees is much easier with Clover mobile credit card reader. The companies can accept payments and send receipts through email when they use mobile credit card processing with a credit card reader from Clover.

  • Security

Encryption and built-in tokenisation keep the cardholder data secured and makes mobile credit card processing services safe. Its built-in fraud protection safeguards your business. 


Mobile credit card processing is gaining popularity because of its ability to improve efficiency, increase profitability, and offer a seamless customer experience. Clover’s mobile credit card reader opens many opportunities for small businesses to grow.

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