Most Common Signs That You Have Termites

Termites cause millions of dollars worth of damage to houses across the country. The main problem is that they eat wood and a single colony can consume as much as 6 inches of 2 x 4 in just 5 months. This can cause structural issues. however, perhaps the more concerning issue is the fact that they can go undetected for months or even years, dramatically increasing the amount of damage they can cause.

If you suspect you have a termite issue then you need to click here and get specialist help as quickly as possible. The exterminators can eliminate the termites very quickly, leaving you to assess the wood damage and salvage anything possible.

To help prevent you from having to deal with termites it’s advisable to know the most common signs they are present. This will help to ensure you take action early and minimize the issues.

Holes In Soil

If you have soil around any of the walls of your home then take a look at it. Although termites eat wood they need to stay moist to survive. To achieve this they create tunnels from under your home to the garden. These tunnels keep the termites moist.

If you have tunnels close a few of them. If you check them the next day the tunnels will either be reopened or there will be new ones next to them. That shows you have active termites.


When termites leave a colony to create a new one they have wings. As soon as they have mated they discard the wings and start creating their new colony. If you find several sets of wings then it is likely you have a termite issue.

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You may also see the termites flying before they discard their wings. However, it is easy to mistake these for flying ants.

White Ants

Termites look very similar to a white ant. If you see white ants wandering around in or near your home then you probably have a termite issue and need to get help urgently.

Noises In Your Wood

When your house is quiet you may hear slight noises in the walls. If it sounds like small bangs then it could be termites. The banging is them moving around and eating, slowly but efficiently destroying your home.

Swollen Wood

If you notice any wood in your home that has swollen you’ll want to look at it closer. Swollen wood can be anywhere, in the floorboards, making a door stick, or even making wood paneling bulge.  The swollen wood is a result of the termites eating their way through it.

It can also cause blistering of paint or wallpaper on the wood and you may even notice pinpoint holes in the wood.

To test further put a screwdriver into the wood. If it goes in easily it is rotten and you either have wet rot or termites.

As soon as you notice a potential termite issue you need to get help, the sooner it is stopped the less the amount of damage caused.

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