How Home’s Design Impacts Happiness and Mental Wellbeing

Imagine waking up from a peaceful slumber beneath your bohemian quilt and over your comfy bed, only to open your eyes to the red room from The Shining. Yikes!

Believe it or not, home décor has a huge impact on your mind. In their essay, Eiseman and Hickey, detail how mood is affected by our room’s and the house’s décor with particular focus on factors such as light, color, and sound. While we will not be able to go through the lengthy paragraphs, they are dedicated to their explanations, here is a crash course on what you could do to ensure that interior design jives with you!

Natural and Softer Lighting

This is the first aspect we will handle, and for good reason! Research indicates that lighting and mood seem to correlate much more than we would have thought. Generally speaking, the more the lighting mimics the outdoor world, especially during the day, the more you are likely to have a healthier sleeping cycle. Thus, including big windows in your rooms could allow more natural light to enter and hence ensure your days pass fresher than daisies!

For the night, we would recommend installing softer lights, which could potentially prevent your eyes from getting too strained due to their harsher counterparts.

Inviting Colors

Take some advice from the opening line and please do not paint your entire room with a harsh color! Science has time and time again tested and proven that exposure to certain colors for some time could influence human psychology, particularly mood. This should not come as a surprise, especially with our elementary associations hinted at in phrases like ‘I feel blue!’.

However, enough with the blue hate. In fact, a soft, lighter blue – or any other softer color – could very well get you the proper mood-hit you need throughout the day. In fact, you could choose from a variety of colors to go with each room in your house!

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For example, blue works wonders for bedrooms, some red goes great for kitchens, green appears inviting in the entryways, and yellow could work with any place! Just, make sure they work with harmony, otherwise, you might end up with a Picasso painting gone horribly wrong!

Appropriate Space

Guests are good. Repeat after me, guests are good. The thing which makes them not so good is not just that nosy kid they bring, it’s the lackluster amount of space in our house! Crowded, sweaty, and smelly living rooms rarely are a beautiful sight – or smell. Plus, think about it, if that vase was just 3 feet (0.91 m) away it would never have been elbowed by that poor bloke in the first place!

It’s not even just about the guests either; if you have a toddler (or toddlers), or teenagers at home, understand that space is direly needed! Not only will the space prevent furniture or other stuff from getting too cluttered, it will also put a lesser strain on your mind, just looking at the sight! People and kids, comfortably spaced around; isn’t that an eve to behold!

Proper Ventilation

Speaking of overcrowding, please do not let anyone pass out at the party due to lack of oxygen. In fact, forget the party, research indicates that a good ventilation system could have positive effects on alertness, mood, and general well-being. This is one of the ways the Casinos in Las Vegas influence the clients’ readiness to gamble more and more!

A good ventilation system usually consists of windows, strategically placed vents, air conditioning along with some appropriate indoor plants. Windcatchers have also been proven to be effective in helping the airflow throughout the building. Plus, they look pretty cool (pun not intended).

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The Right Furniture

Furniture is definitely one of the main aspects of décor at home. However, it is also one of those aspects which you might not think of as much, when trying to make sure everything at home is harmonious. Moreover, it is not just the right type of furniture, it is also how you place it. Some common issues with furniture include, the weight, the space they occupy and the color. If you are in a family that has a habit of shifting places time to time – you might want to keep that furniture light.

Furthermore, having the color of the furniture match with the general color of the room, or contrast pleasantly, does feel more… well, more pleasant!

Nevertheless, every family, every individual has their own preferences, go for it! Just make sure that ebony does not ache your head.


As we have discussed above, home décor is really a matter of taste. However, there certainly are certain types of designs which are almost universally happier! Now, whether you would like to do certain things a certain way, that is completely fine – more power to you. Just make sure your home is the place you can kick back, relax, and not worry about the harsh black paint all over your room consuming you in the near future!

Happy Living!

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