Must-Watch Trending App Ideas Before Planning App Development

How frequent have you whim great business ideas?

A lot, right?

But how often you acted on them? 

Apparently, never!

I know coming up with a great app idea is not easy. The idea of creating an excellent app and especially the one which is going to be an early entrant to revolutionize the mobile app development in India is another foremost important aspect. 

So, if you cant think of any novel app idea, here are some astounding app ideas in 2020 that you can make yours. 

“BUT” before you jump to the conclusive part, let’s find out why the businesses are in the lookout for their own mobile app?

Simply, because the cliche goes as “There Is An App For That” and the core objective behind this is there potential to serve almost every dimension of business in the present scenario. 

Reason 1:  Consumer Trends And Their Search Behaviour

Image Source

This report shows the consumer trends in search behaviour, consisting of everything from how they are searching on mobile, with the voice search option and even on e-commerce channels. It also includes the required details on how marketers and businesses are responding to these changes.  

Key Stats and Figure:

As seen in the above-stated stats, it can be said that nine out of ten US smartphone users will search on the mobile this year, respectively. It’s true, smartphones have tremendously swapped their conventional ways of searching and what types of outcomes they are waiting for – and in return, how search engines are responding to them. 

Reason 2: Digitalization Around The World

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According to the reports from DataReportal, it’s showed that 4.57 billion users are dependent on the internet daily for their daily needs, which is an increase of seven per cent to the last year. Even, social media active users are increasing exponentially, which is eight per cent more since April 2019, that is 3.81 billion at present.

Reason 3: Upsurge In Connected Devices 

Image Source

A greater chunk of 76% of internet users are aged between 16 and 64, stated in the surveyed countries that they have been spending more time in using their smartphones in recent times rather than stepping out during the lock-down behaviour. 

Reason 4: People Spending Me Time With Live Streaming App

Image Source

Unsurprisingly, people say that they have been investing long hours watching TV too, with roughly around (34 per cent) of internet users across the 17 countries in GlobalWebIndex’s special coronavirus study stating that they have been spending more time using TV firestick and dedicated streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV. 

Reason 5: A Profound Impact On Digital Habits

Image Source

A lot of people say that they expect their new habits to continue after the COVID-19 OUTBREAK passes. Approximately one of the five internet users say that they plan to keep watching more content on streaming apps, and 15 per cent (i.e. one in seven) say that they expect to continue spending more time using social platforms.  

So, it won’t be a faux pas to say that mobile is the right momentum to start the future from this instant. And, if you plan your present wisely with a trusted mobile app development company, the future is ensured to fall in the right place.

Without any further adieu, revamp your business with our trendiest and never before mobile app ideas, we have pocketed for you.  

And, if in case you are still not sure about a great app idea you want to build your mobile app on, I (personally) assure you, going down this path will help you reap the maximum benefit sooner rather than later. 

1. My Travel Buddy

Let’s agree! We all want to backpack and fly to explore the new. But, when the time comes, we all are stuck. 

So, what comes to your rescue is an intelligent travel planner. 

The travel planner app idea gives you an unexplored vertical to optimizes and plans your weekends and holidays well in advance. To be precise, it lets the user sync their office’s schedule with the app. It’s a simple ABC with  Google MyAnalytics and many other tools. 

The app will work on the data inputs on your favourite destinations. It will use your preferences and the schedule to match your imagination by planning the best trip date for you. This app will be based on Big Data Analytics to capture the opening time, the best time, and the essential places to visit and fit them accurately without being in a rush. 

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2. Your Power Manager 

If in case you don’t know

United Nations is talking about the need to go green in its UNFCCC forum to save our planet “Earth”. And, every one among us owes it to this beautiful green and happy place. And, thus, my app idea is dedicated solely to our loving mother – “Our Earth.”

Now, the app concept includes syncing your green energy grid and your conventional power supply to produce usage data. The app helps the user to get the right amount of power available at his solar cell pool or wind energy. The app will advise a green target depending upon the user’s available renewable energy storage capacity. 

So, to make your app integrate power electronic switching tools-to-allow switching between conventional mode and green, hire mobile app developers with innovation as their USP. You can work more upon the idea with the assistance of other power experts. 

3. Skilful App

In today’s era, talented people are in the lookout for an opening and find it difficult to make through. Even education is undergoing a substantial transformation with the evolution of mobile technology. Whereas, presently firms know that individuals talent and skills much before their certificates and formal recommendations do. 

Creativity is the ardent spirit in the informal ordinary being, formalism always unknowingly completing it. Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Rabindranath Tagore are some of the famous personalities of those who stood out all alone because they refused to be conditioned by the familiar words “One-Size-Fits-All” schooling approaches. 

This app suits entirely for vibrant and enthusiastic individuals. And, what they are in search of is a trainer or a reliable mentor. The other may be looking forward to sharing the skills. The app will show the masters and experts from various fields, and the user can connect with them and plan classes accordingly. 

Undoubtedly, the app will upsurge employment and skills simultaneously. 

4. A Human Library App

We all have heard books are our best friends. But, the new decade goes with “books with Human Stories Are Our Life Lessons”. 

And, what can be more exciting than an app providing you with an option to share the book with a human mirror telling their stories and life lesson to help you succeed in solving your life’s roadblock. 

It’s one of a million thoughts to craft a social-media like an app for sharing stories from life and books. This app idea can make the day for book lovers, irrespective of dwelling from Village, Countryside, and city. 

Therefore, it’s a sharing platform for readers and listeners who are happy to collect memories and knowledge. The user can reserve a seat for themself in advance for a talking session and register apps by declaring the books both online and offline they possess. The app allows users and readers from a specific location to arrange meetings, conduct literature sessions, exchanging thoughts over a coffee table etc. 

The app allows readers to make an online repository of e-books and facilitate the swap of printed books. Apple and Android braces such utility-specific apps, as the mobile app development in India, integrates a classic touch always. 

5. Herb-Meda Apps

Our foregoer has walked this earth for around 6 million years. Therefore, nature’s solution they have found for every illness is a time-and-tried treatment varying from place to place and hot to extremely harsh conditions.

But, today travelling is indispensable in everyone’s life. Thus, the raw material for those grannies never to fail remedies may not be in your arm’s stretch. Hence, the app idea is to make a standalone healthcare app to solve all health concerns. 

However, I have come across a brilliant idea that has a repository of all the home remedies – mainly classified on the geographical and cultural lines. The present location details will sort out the kind of medication the user can try out. So when you start sketching it, make sure you align with a trusted mobile app development company that discusses the project briefly and understand the subtle difference of being kind and best. 

Don’t forget to add the “call the Doctor” option as the last rescue.  

6. The Parking Finder

What is the next constant in Urban Lifestyle?

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The parking app!

Yes, you heard it right as cities are magnets that attract people. Irrespective of the tag of developing and developed, the city is a space of very high population density. It makes space the most valuable asset in a location. 

So, to rescue from the onus, I have brought you the idea of an app that finds the parking space for you in the destination you are heading. Of course, it will have some prerequisites like setting up parking spaces, identifying the crowded timing, highly traffic-jammed areas, etc. 

The app leverages GPS functionality and traffic analysis data from Google and associated services to pinpoint and suggest the most appropriate parking lots. Besides, the app also advises you to park your vehicle early in the festive days, special events, or any natural calamity. This app can be the hot-pick for a behemoth audience, making this a great app idea among the other listed app ideas. 

7. Your Yummilicious Chef

Mother’s cooked food or luxurious dining in a 5-star resort?

What will be your pick?

Certainly, the food your mother cooks for you with sheer love. 

Well, trust me, it’s a demur to jot down the idea when it’s about a mom’s love. But, still trying hands-on I fling to put it according to the personal priorities. As you know the craving one has for food, and especially for the one that’s home-cooked.

Even, hunger is also the thing we all agree upon without much ado. And, nothing satisfies you like a yumilicious homely preparation. 

So, here is the app idea for you: An app that caters those with food swings for specific homely dishes and wants it prepared at their place. The app consists of a list of verified home chef’s who are masters in their dishes. Users can rate them and also make the list of the most top-rated chefs for the USB (Until Something Better).

This app proves to be a boon for urban dwellers who abide goodbye kisses to their comfy place. Also, the app can integrate the features of anyone from somewhere register their dish. Further, they can invite the app user to their place to cherish the recipe with location and make the commuting easy with an integrated route-map feature to the chef place. 

But, before you make this mouth-watering dream a reality, make sure your hire app developer with extensive experience in creating an app from the same dimensions. 

8. Try Reality In Virtuality

Finally, the tag of a shopaholic is almost for everyone. Simply, because who doesn’t like shopping? 

But, what if you can get to try on the products for real? 

Mine next and last idea for an app is to let you stay shopaholic during the lock-down also. So, this app will be based on Augmented Reality (AR) to optimize the user experience. 

The idea is to make an online e-commerce app with things that you can try on. The store will provide multiple sections like Ornaments, Gadgets, make-up, clothes, watches, approximately from anything to everything that a customer needs to try before a purchase is made. 

Once the customer chooses the product and adds it into their cart, it will qualify for the free charge as you intend to buy. 

In my knowledge ideas operate like a chain reaction. One thought initiates another plan, and it goes on. So, partner with a professional app development company to utilize your idea for an operational 2020 reality. 

9. Furry Mate Salon At Wheels

Who keeps your deepest secret?

With whom can you share your fears knowing they won’t make fun of you?

Undoubtedly, it’s our four-pawed best mate.

And, when they can keep your secrets safe, what’s your responsibility towards them? 

Simple, to take care of their health, cleanliness, their grooming sessions, and the list is never-ending. So, it’s time to play your part and act as a responsible big buddy. To help others like you, it’s a good time to invest in developing an app dedicated to your furry mate. Adieu to the second thought, and partner with an experienced app development company or hire mobile app developer to be the fore-runner in creating an app that is one-of-itself.

In The End

“ No Army Can Withstand the Strength Of An App Idea Whose Time Has Come” – Victor Hugo

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