Why Go with Laravel Framework for Business Web Application Development?

Vogue Archive, Fischer Homes, Explore Georgia, etc., are some of the leading brands using Laravel for the digital platform. Owing to its tons of advanced security features and kick-ass web development, Laravel has become the most preferred choice for business web apps.

Taylor Otwell developed the framework to offer exclusive features that were not available in CodeIgniter. According to web development stats, released in 2011, Laravel now holds an astonishing 11.1% share of the most used web framework worldwide.

If you are an entrepreneur or owner of an SME, you can trust the Laravel framework for business web application development. However, do you know what exactly Laravel is? How investing in Laravel will boost your web development project? Read this blog to find out the answers.

What is Laravel Framework?

When developing an application over PHP, the developer’s team need not begin from scratch to integrate standard features over the website. A framework can be used to save time and cost for the investing firm. There are multiple PHP frameworks available out there, and Laravel is one of them.

Here’s an infographic depicting multiple Laravel versions over the years.

Unlike other frameworks, Laravel has an edge in the market as it offers an extensive level of ease and comfortability with its elegant syntax and outstanding features. Using Laravel effectively trims the development time of any web development project, which ultimately reduces the overall effort and cost of web development.

However, that’s not all, here are the top 8 reasons why you should choose Laravel Framework for business web apps

1. Kick Starts your development project

Laravel framework saves time by offering clean and elegant codes and eliminates the necessity of writing repetitive codes. The availability of multiple libraries and the freedom of using standard technologies like HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, etc., kickstarts the programming project.

A unique feature of using Laravel is that the development team can modify the website’s overall design layout or web app without significant changes in the main structure. 

2. Optimal SEO friendly web development

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial factor for any business enterprise’s success in the digital world. Whether it’s an eCommerce platform, news outlet, or a simple website meant to represent the organization, having SEO-friendly designs ensures maximum business visibility.

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Search engine accesses and indexes a page to display the website or web app to interested users. While content plays a vital role in ensuring good rank over the search engine, design and page layout aids in convenient indexing of the page by the search engine crawler.

3. Trim’s development time & saves cost

The website and web app development cost is mainly dependent upon the total number of features and project complexity. The charges are laid upon the total hours invested incomplete development of the website or app in-ground level. The framework reduces the development time in the following ways:

  • Advanced libraries ensure lesser time invested in coding.
  • The coding team gets informed whenever a bug occurs in the program code, which eliminates the bug-finding time.
  • The framework requires no repetitive coding.

As web development companies charge hourly, the overall reduction in development time automatically reduces the web app’s development cost. 

Fortunately, the framework is also open source which helps the investors save costs otherwise incurred in purchasing the framework.

4. High standards of Security

A high level of Security has always been a desired feature for any business website or app. Fortunately, the Laravel framework was developed to offer secured features that were missing in CodeIgniter. Given below is the list of outstanding security-based features that are available with Laravel:

  • Authentication: To verify the concerned user.
  • Authorization: To permit roles and responsibilities.
  • Email Verification: To improve the odds that a concerned person is real with a genuine email id.
  • Encryption: To secure sensitive data.
  • Password Resetting: To allow a concerned user with zero loss of credentials.

Laravel itself is highly secured with built-in encryption mechanisms and tools and blocks hackers’ IP addresses during malware attacks.

5. Prosperous MVC Architecture

Laravel comes with an MVC structure that acts as a boon for the development team. The MVC structure divides the development elements into three main components mode, view, and architecture. 

The structure promotes low coupling, which means modification in one section has a minor impact on the other. The MVC architecture itself has tons of benefits for web app development. Some of them are listed below:

  • Rapid and parallel development of the project is feasible.
  • It supports the development of fast-loading applications.
  • Modification in the screen layout, fonts, colors, etc., is convenient.
  • Generating SEO-friendly URLs, tags, etc., gets feasible.
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6. A mature community of developers

It’s been almost a decade since the introduction of Laravel Framework; many development enterprises have taken to this technology due to outstanding benefits. You can easily connect with experienced Laravel developers via web development companies

Thus, professional assistance from reputable sources is both feasible and conveniently accessible when using Laravel for creating web apps.

7. Integration of email services

Whether you are running an eCommerce platform, a news outlet, entertainment channel, etc., the integration of email services is vital for the business’s growth. Most of the other frameworks lack email integration facilities.

In contrast, Laravel offers multiple APIs for email integration over the web app. Email facilities give a business to ensure effective formal communication with its client.

8.      Handles traffic smoothly

Web apps are created to reach higher traffic and enhance the UX of the visitors. With the web app’s success, an agency is sure to experience a significant rise in overall traffic. Fortunately, Laravel comes with a message queue system.

The message queues system effectively handles traffic by deferring the lengthy tasks, which balances the rising load and maintains the app’s speed performance.

That was about the top 8 advantages of trusting Laravel for your web app. For making an informed decision, it’s ideal to look at the cons of investing in Laravel. There isn’t much to look at; we have summarized the main drawbacks in the following points.

  • Laravel is a lightweight framework. Although being lightweight has multiple advantages, on the downside, it lacks inbuilt support. The error can be effectively eliminated by integrating third-party tools over the web app.
  • Dedicated documentation is necessary for developing the web app, which consumes a considerable amount of web development time.

Over to You

Evidently, Laravel is an ideal choice for business web apps. Its advanced security features, MVC architecture, search engine optimization, etc., give it the ultimate edge in the competition of advanced frameworks.

You can surely trust the decision to hire Laravel developers for your business web app.

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