Seven top proofreading software for content Marketers 2020

The world is changing at a rapid pace. The technology introduced years ago has now become obsolete. People are discovering newer and more advanced ways to do daily tasks. Today, with the help of the latest technological gadgets and software, we can perform our fundamental operations effectively and efficiently. Due to these advancements in technology, businesses have turned to digital tools to expand their reach and earn more profits.

Hence, companies are adopting a digital marketing strategy to cater to a broader clientele and expand their target market. Therefore, many firms are now hiring digital marketers who experiment through technological means and run effective marketing campaigns.

A stable digital marketing strategy consists of many elements, and content is the most significant factor of it. Quality content brings traffic to your website and helps you in gaining an audience’s trust. Tutorials, blogs, social media posts, or a simple image can serve as good content, depending on the information that it holds. Content marketers realize that content marketing has the potential of attracting an audience from all nooks and corners of the world and thus pay extra attention to showcase their A-game.

To make a mistake is human, and in most cases, content editors overlook mistakes, which can leave a scar on the company’s website. To avoid this, you can take advantage of software available on the Internet, which can proofread your content and assist you in fixing the errors.

Following are the top seven proofreading software that will help you in polishing your content: 

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly has gained a reputation in a short period. It is an online platform where you can post your text, and the algorithm of this website helps you in identifying your overlooked errors. Not only does it help users in pointing out grammatical errors, but it also provides them with suggestions. Moreover, the software also identifies sentences that require a higher level of language proficiency and suggests a more accessible version. The content marketers have rated it as the best grammar checker software, as compared to other editing software available online.

  1. WhiteSmoke
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The fantastic thing about WhiteSmoke is that it keeps on experimenting with new technology and introduces improved features for its users. Its tagline says, “Perfect your English writing,” as it enables users to check punctuation, grammar, spelling errors, and plagiarism. WhiteSmoke also has a premium option, where it provides its paid customers with more-in-depth proofreading. Content editors rate its accuracy within the range of 80 to 86 %, which is a good bet. Furthermore, it allows premium users to post as many as 10,000 characters for a single post. Whitesmokes stands tall amongst its competitors as it offers multilingual translation, and you can run it on multiple devices simultaneously.

  1. ProWritingAid

Another proofreading software which has made a name in a short while is ProWritingAid. As the name implies, the software aids users in enhancing their writing skills by suggesting them with valuable alternatives. ProWritingAid has a distinctive quality of helping users in fiction writing. Although it can identify flaws in non-fiction passages too, users find it ideal for fiction. ProWritingAid often offers huge discounts on various occasions and facilitates its existing customers by giving them discounts on annual memberships.

  1. Ginger Software

Ginger Software features a dictionary and assists users in fixing contextual mistakes. People find it reliable, and since its interface is user friendly, people who are not tech-savvy can also benefit from it. Additionally, its text-to-speech feature reads aloud your text from emails, documents, or text messages and helps you in making your text sound-right. Its translator option is an outstanding aspect as it allows those users who tend to think in another language and want to write in English. Coders and linguistics put their brains together and then invent Ginger Software, which is why it has a smart algorithm, which gives around 80 to 85 % accuracy.

  1. Language Tool
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The smart algorithm of the language tool does not consume much time while analyzing text and gives results in a matter of seconds. It helps in spotting grammar and spelling inaccuracy. Users find it convenient because it has an option that allows them to integrate it with Microsoft Word. Although it has a choice of online checking as well, generally people use it through cloud or MS word.

  1. Wordy

Wordy’s best feature is that it assists in identifying redundant words in a document. It crosses out the unnecessary text and suggests a different version of a sentence. The modern life is hectic, and people tend to ignore long paragraphs, while they invest their time in reading the precise and short composition. Wordy is remarkable as it allows the editor to present concise content with impeccable grammar and correct spellings.

  1. Slick Write

Slick Write serves as an online editor and analyzes stylistic mistakes. The website has a brilliant algorithm that checks the accuracy of the document and gives a report of inaccuracy in percentage. It helps writers scrutinizing their writing, and they can keep track of their improvement. You can use Slick Write as a plugin in your WordPress, Open office, or as an extension on Google Chrome.


Proofreading is a skill that demands extreme vigilance. Despite showing diligence, editors often overpass some of the errors and tend to make mistakes while editing content. Plenty of proofreading software allows free grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking and give additional benefits of suggestions to their premium members. Content goes viral in seconds on the Internet, and a typo or other minor errors can bring the entire content down in moments. Content marketers can offer top-notch quality content to their clients by selecting the appropriate software, as mentioned above, for their website.

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