Small Business Marketing Tips for an Abundant 2021

2020 was an eventful year. Everyone felt the strain, from large conglomerates to small businesses. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that a dynamic approach is necessary for business survival. It may be time to review our strategies, eliminate ineffective ones, and adopt more successful ones.

Here are ten marketing strategies that show remarkable promise in this new year.

Start a podcast.

In 2021, people are attracted to content they can consume while multitasking. Video content is undoubtedly engaging, but you can’t do much else while on YouTube. With podcasting, you can engage in a million other things, from exercising to running errands.

One drawback of podcasts is that they have a limited but faithful audience. You may not get as much engagement with video, but quality content will keep them coming back for more. All you need for a podcast is editing software and a quality microphone.

Optimize your SEO.

If you have a digital marketing strategy, SEO is likely one of your top priorities. Because it’s so important, it deserves mention before we go into more novel strategies.

The goal of SEO is to appear as high as possible on the SERPs. The higher, the better because the first five results account for 67% of all traffic. Installing an SEO plugin like Yoast is a significant first step for your on-site SEO. The plugin rates your pages and provides valuable action points.

You should also consider hiring an SEO expert to audit your site, and identify the potential weak spots in your SEO strategy.

Pay attention to voice search.

Why type your search query when you can just ask Google or Siri for a straight answer? Millions of users ask themselves this question daily as they turn increasingly to voice search. For your business, this means that only content that’s voice search-compatible will receive traffic.

This may mean writing as if you were speaking face-to-face with your audience. Keep your sentences short and easy to understand. It may also help to check your readability and aim for a high school reading level. Another helpful tip is to answer the questions in your headings. If users ask the same questions, the results will feature simpler answers.

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Try video marketing.

You can’t afford to sleep on video content, based on statistics from Cisco. They show that video traffic will account for up to 80% of all Internet traffic by 2022. Since it’s only a year away, there’s no better time to get on board.

You don’t need a lot to get started with video content, either. Simple videos that engage users, explain your offers, and answer questions are a great starting point. You can also keep the production lightweight — all you really need to get started is a phone and a light source.

Consider offline strategies, too.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, we tend to forget how effective offline campaigns can be. These strategies can target your customers locally, and allow you to interact with them on a personal level. Let’s not forget the classics, like handing out brochures, holding contests, and offering in-store discounts.

Because of the physical connection, you can also host and sponsor local events, attend festivals, and join local business communities. Attending events and festivals can help you sell your offerings. Depending on your offering, you could rent a booth or a concession trailer (

Optimize your mobile experience.

It’s no surprise that everyone explores the Internet on mobile. The chances are that you’re reading this on mobile yourself. The better your phone’s mobile experience, the higher your chances of retaining visitors.

Optimizing for mobile is easier at the beginning when you’re just setting up the website. A responsive theme and lightweight content can go a long way in making your device more mobile-friendly.

Host free webinars.

Online events like webinars and courses are a great way to engage with your audience. If you need an example of this, just think about how many free webinars you’ve attended. They offer great information at zero cost and allow you to resolve doubts about the product or service.

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Webinars will do the same thing for your audience. You can host it on your website, YouTube, or even on Teachable. You should pick topics that address your users’ requests. Look at your comments section and FAQs for inspiration.

Use chatbots.

Chatbots are hardly new in 2021. However, they are growing in adoption and preference. According to PSFK, up to 74% of users prefer chatbots when searching for answers on websites. It’s not surprising why. Chatbots can provide simple solutions within seconds and direct you to a helpful page on more complicated questions.

Depending on your query volume, chatbots can also save you money and free up staff hours. Incorporating a chatbot solution is as easy as installing a plugin on your website. For a small fee, you can improve your user experience by a significant margin.

Post reviews.

SERPs attach significance to user reviews because they provide a lot of valuable information. An excellent review has everything you need to know about a product, from price to potential cons. They provide great value for users and contribute to your user base’s long-term growth.

More than that, regular reviews tell Google and other search engines that you’re a reliable source. That gives your SEO a free and significant bump. Invest in updated and honest reviews for the best results.

Continually refine your strategy.

Not all the strategies on this list will work for you. If you have a small business, launching a podcast, creating video content, and hosting webinars may stretch your resources and employees too thin. Instead, try to identify the best options for you based on results and the nature of your business.

You may also need to stop some ineffective tactics after a while. Sponsoring local events may give you visibility but not enough revenue. Marketing is a dynamic process, and continually reviewing it can help you make the best possible choices.

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