The Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2020 – Smart AI Predictions

Artificial Intelligence has been a trend for a decade and is still evolving. In the past years, the world has observed significant changes in every field due to AI. As per the current era of 5G, IoT, Block Chain, and Augmented Reality; the role of artificial intelligence is important to predict.

As per the courtesy of CMO, 80% of the emerging technologies will base on this tech alone by the year 2021. While the worldwide revenue of AI systems has reached 35.8 billion US dollars, it is crucial to go through some AI predictions for the year ahead.

AI 2020 – Predictions and Trends to Follow

Many calculations can be found regarding this tech and its role in different parts of the computer and software industry. 63% of people today are most likely to converse with a chatbot during business queries rather than interacting with human customer service. Among the wide range of forecasts this year, you will find these at the top of every list.

Improvement in Computer Graphics

Of all the artificial intelligence trends to watch in 2020, people will see futuristic changes in the graphics. People will have more photorealistic effects in video games. All the complex graphical work is being transferred to AI slowly.

While NVIDIA has already opted AI for improvements in ray tracing and forward-facing; this year will have more platforms doing the same. Recreation of a metal copy onscreen or finalizing the outer skin of a fruit is going to be easier for gaming brands soon.

Betterment in Predictive Text

The concept of smart email has already been assisting us last year on Gmail. Predictive text is most likely to become an essential part of human lives. While people are generating emails quickly with this, combining AI will add to the positive effects.

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The technology can improvingly realize what a user wants. It is a medical aid for many individuals with physical disabilities. You may find more individuals using this feature of Gmail for completing their emails this year.

Addition of Facial Recognition

The concept of facial verification technology is evolving in different fields now. Besides its use for surveillance, private and public ventures are also using the feature for various business purposes. Identification is one of the most vital reasons for the use of this tech.

Movements and heartbeat are also being utilized for recognition, and AI is the base of all. It is one of the everlasting artificial intelligence trends most probably used by law enforcement. You can also find several airports security systems using this technology.

Involvement in Cyber Security

While the black hat hackers are misusing AI for social engineering attacks; smart technology will opt-out better solutions for protection. According to Forbes, AI will be used for security of sensitive data.

Besides this, a statistic from ZoomInfo Blog proves that 27% of organizations are planning to invest in Cyber Security this year. An estimated AI revenue forecast 2016-2021 for security against such errors is most likely to reach 2,471 million US dollars.

Devices with AI-Powered Technology

The role of artificial intelligence in every field will make it affordable in the upcoming future. People are most likely to find an increasing number of tools, devices, and gadgets operating on this technology for accuracy.

With the upcoming decades, people can easily get hands-on hardware and software without costing much. Therefore, AI will most probably get embedded in vehicles, household, and workplace equipment.

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More about the AI Predictions

As per the courtesy of TheNextWeb, these are also some of the AI 2020 trends you will most likely witness.

  • Healthcare will become more affordable and accurate.
  • The technology to become less data-hungry.
  • AI development will get more automated
  • The manufacturing industry will have maximum utilization of AI.
  • Efficiency and accuracy of neural networks will improve.

The world is not still able to predict the accurate advancements that will come with artificial intelligence and machine learning. While it promises a lot in the futuristic era, you will find it trending on every platform this year.

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