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The Best 20+ Web Development Tips Every Developer Should Know

A great codebase needs to be backed up by a fantastic UI/UX design to build a mobile app. The year 2020 has brought greater challenges and new trends that can be a game-changer for developers to stay ahead of the competition. There are various skills to master, like learning new frameworks Angular, Python, Svelte, or React. There are also new site generators like Git, Serverless, JAMstack, etc.

It can be challenging to stay updated on new technologies. Here are tips you can use to boost the quality of your mobile app.

20+ Effective Web Development Tips for Developers

1.      Learn to Write A Clean Code

Always write a code that you can understand later yourself. When you focus on writing clean code, you can produce a better and readable codebase that will eliminate any future failures.

2.      Build Yourself A Website

You might’ve noticed that web development companies have their websites that they use to sell digital products. Just like firms, being a developer, you should have your own website that carries a complete profile about you, your portfolio, achievements, and ambitions. Remember to make it exceptionally appealing to attract potential employers around the world.

3.      Learn A JavaScript Framework

Most web apps and software are powered by JavaScript because companies prefer using the framework. JavaScript is a framework with a wide variety of languages; however, it’s possible to learn one language, for example. React is the most commonly used language – learn that to add to your resume.

4.      Have Command on Two or More Programming Languages

It’s always better to have an extensive skill set. If you’re a developer who only knows a single language, then you’re already falling behind. Take out the time to learn a new language to attract better job offers.

5.      Improve Your Problem-solving Skills

The one thing that makes a developer the best is knowing how to solve a problem. Keep an open mind to new challenges to solve problems in the workplace, whether they’re in your code or another developer’s codebase.

6.      Learn from Failures to Improve

It’s not the end of the world if you’ve made a mistake, the world doesn’t stop. Retrace your steps, understand where you failed, and then learn from your mistake. The learning will enhance your skills as a developer, and you’ll know how to tackle the problem the next time it appears.

7.      Keep Testing Your Code

Don’t disregard testing your code just because the tests are like a speed breaker. Schedule unit or integration tests along the way to ensure that your code is error-free and running smoothly. The tests will result in a much-refined project at the end.

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8.      Look into Pair Programming

Pair programming is a great way to learn from other programmers. Pair up with a fellow experienced colleague for your project to exchange knowledge or help out a junior developer. Either way, it’ll help you grow as a developer.

9.      Start an Open-Source Project

Starting or helping in an open-source project is something every developer wants to do. It enables you to explore a community that can help you become a better developer and gain new techniques to boost your skillset.

10.  Find Your Method of Learning

Everybody relates to a different method of learning; some people prefer reading, and some prefer watching videos. If you’ve decided to add a new skill or language to your resume, then you’re already on your way to finding the learning method that best suits you.

11.  Understand All Your Tools

You won’t be an excellent developer if you don’t know all your tools. The knowledge about the tools related to your skills should be on your fingertips. Determine which tool is right for you and start learning from there.

12.  Automate the Process

We’re part of a fast-paced software development world where staying ahead is essential. Stick with the time and learn to automate your unit tests instead of wasting time running them manually. The tip will save you time and get the job done.

13.  Learn How to Run A Version Control System – Get Git

The developers of 2020 understand the need for a robust version control system like GitHub for big projects. GitHub is a hosting service that offers a web-based graphical interface. It allows developers to work on projects with their team members. Developers can give permissions to specific people that can make changes to the project without having to plug in a USB. It acts like a ‘cloud service’ for major software projects.

14.  Don’t Feel Demotivated

New year, new developers with immense knowledge. Don’t think you’re irrelevant just because someone has more experience or expertise. Observe their skillset and then enhance your skillset too.

15.  Try to Understand Codes Written by Other Developers

The best kind of developer is a person who can understand another developer’s code and solve the problems. Don’t be someone who doesn’t know what others have written, give the process some time, and implement your knowledge.

16.  Talk and Learn from the Community

Find a community of developers that you can relate to and talk to easily. When you find the perfect community, learning will come naturally, and you’ll become invested in software development.

17.  Explore outside Your Comfort Zone

Don’t stay inside your comfort box because that makes you irrelevant. The technological era is shifting towards betterment, and you need to grow with it. Step out of your cocoon and explore a variety of new techniques and skills that you can learn to improve your resume.

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18.  Ask for Help When It’s Needed

The worst mistake you can make as a developer is not asking for help. If you’re stuck in a situation and you can’t find a solution, ask a colleague or a developer in your community. It’s better to ask someone before you try something new because it saves you time and effort. You can also resort to designster for expert tips.

19.  Multitasking – Don’t Do It!

Try to focus on one task at a time and do it right. If you take up too much on your plate, you can end up failing at all your tasks, and you don’t want that. Pick a task, do some research on it, learn about how it’s done, and then complete. Once you’ve aced that task, move onto the next one, and repeat. In doing so, you get your tasks the right way, in one go.

20.  Learn some UI/UX Design

Don’t steer away from UI/UX design completely, just because you’re a backend developer. You don’t have to learn complicated software like Adobe Illustrator or Sketch, just start with the basics. Understand the UI/UX principles to determine what your app should look and feel like, according to the users that will be engaging with it.

21.  Pass on Your Knowledge

The best way to test your knowledge is by putting it to the test. How can you do this? Take a junior developer under your wing that you can teach what you’ve learned and watched them apply those skills. The mentoring exercise will help you analyze where you stand and what you can improve to become a better developer.

22.  Don’t Forget to Take A Break

At the end of the day, the job of a developer is a tough one because you’re constantly on your toes to give it your best shot. However, resting and taking a breather is as important as the task. Schedule some downtime to make sure your mental and physical health isn’t at stake.

Become A Great Developer!

Don’t rush into developing software just because you know how to do it. Keep all your basics in mind because those never change. If you take your time mastering specific skills, you can become a better developer. Pay attention to details to succeed in the future.

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