The Best PC Strategy Games of All Time

Strategy is one of the key gaming genres of gaming. It isn’t easy to name the best strategy on the PC because everyone is looking for something different. Some want to compete against professional esports in Starcraft II, others prefer the sheer scale of Total War, and others want to see Gandhi drop the atomic bomb on Montezuma. You can also find out more about online casino.

We’ve compiled a list of the top PC strategy games that include competitive RTS and leisurely 4x strategies for relaxing after a hard day. We do not presume that in our top, there are only the best PC strategies of all time, but almost everyone can find in this list at least one that suits his taste. Considering all the various strategy games on PC, the list of the best will largely depend on the author’s subjective opinion.

 Starcraft II

No PC strategy rating is complete without Starcraft, and for several good reasons. How can you not love a game where cowboys in power armor shoot xenomorphs and space elves? A true classic RTS that was relevant twenty years ago and remained to this day.

Legendary studio Blizzard has managed to create one of the best single-player campaigns of all strategies. The main story is broken down into separate missions, many of which require their approach. In between battles, you will visit a hub that matches a full-fledged RPG. There you can chat with characters and research new technologies.

But not fading glory, Starcraft brought his multiplayer mode. Even today, the competitive scene in Starcraft remains highly active, and the skill level of the participants continues to improve. Everyone can start playing “old man,” but only a few can become a master, making professional competitions extremely exciting!

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Most of the projects from the CnC series can be called, if not masterpieces, then at least some of the best in their class. However, it was Red Alert 2 that was so good that it can be considered a classic. For the RTS lover, it has everything: exciting units, great maps, factions with entirely different styles of gameplay. Of course, one cannot fail to mention the legendary cut-scenes in which fiction flow like a river from the screen.

 Total War: Warhammer 2

In the first part of TTW, Creative Assembly proved that its combat style, coupled with great detailing of units, perfectly fit the Warhammer Fantasy universe. CA went through many rough edges in the sequel, and now their brainchild can, without exaggeration, be called one of the most exciting strategies on the PC. The developers constantly add new lords and units, adjust the balance, develop new mechanics, and improve the interface. If you want to plunge into the world of eternal war and other grimdark, you need to take the second part.

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Each faction shines with color and has a unique style, both in individual battles and the tactical situation on the world map.

The game has multiplayer. You can play together on the same map in the campaign or fight by purchasing an army for a limited amount of gold.

 Civilization 6

So we got to the global strategies, and here the Civilization series is the flagship. For the entire long life of the franchise, the developers have firmly adhered to the right course, and the sixth Civilization, she is the last, is the best. Several years have passed since the release, and developers trimmed the jambs.

Civilization has almost everything. Espionage, trade, religion, war, archeology – this is only a fraction of what will need to be considered when developing your state. The first couple of matches from the abundance of options will scatter your eyes.

Artificial intelligence sometimes makes stupid mistakes or behaves strangely that the game makers from Firaxis will have to improve in future projects. Even so, Civilization 6 is one of the most elaborate and deepest games ever.

Warcraft III

Today Warcraft 3 is famous for the birth of an entire genre of MOBA and the giant MMORPG World of Warcraft, but it couldn’t have been possible if Warcraft 3 hadn’t been one of the coolest RTS in its day. Its innovative role-playing genre and epic fantasy storyline still make it a worthy playthrough, and the franchise’s signature art style helps hide the game’s venerable age.

A remake of Reforged has recently been released. Millions of fans around the world have eagerly awaited it.

Crusader kings 3

A comprehensive strategy where you create your dynasty and consolidate its power. The interweaving of the many complex mechanics that make the game enjoyable has unintended consequences. For example, your son may come to you to marry. Do you want to refuse? But this is how the dowry remains in the family. Of course, children from such a marriage can develop such extravagant features as a tendency to sadism. But which cannot be done for the sake of your power.

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Don’t expect CK3 to teach you history, and this is not a medieval intrigue simulator. Try to treat the game as an event editor, allowing you to create unique stories that you will not find anywhere else.

Of all the strategies developed by Paradox, CK3 is the most accessible for beginners, so it is easy to recommend it to everyone.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

If you love space battles and explosions of a planetary scale, then Armada will suit you. In this RTS, you are allowed to drive huge ships from the Warhammer 40k universe. A vast number of customization elements make it possible to create a genuinely unique dreadnought of your dreams.

The set of factions contains all the favorites: the Imperium, Orcs, Necrons, etc. You can go straight to the battles if you want to shoot. But there are also three separate campaigns for Tyranids, Necrons, and Imperium.

Anno 1800

Anno 1800 differs from all other projects in this ranking in that it places the player in the time of the European industrial revolution. Technological advances have brought about a rapid change in social order, economy, and environment, and Blue Byte has done a great job of demonstrating all of this.

You have to find your city, ensure its development, fight social explosions, and participate in political intrigues. A fantastic level of freedom allows you to manage the city the way you want, but sticking to one strategy will not work since the situation will constantly change, and you will have to react to it.


Rounding out our top of the most exciting PC strategies is one of the best turn-based tactics of recent years. In the first part of the new XCOM series, you fought off an alien invasion but lost. Now you have to gather a partisan detachment and fight the invaders who hold power over the Earth in their hands.

Each fight requires maximum concentration. XCOM 2 is renowned for its serious difficulty, which can be nerve-wracking even for veteran genre players. For each fighter in whom a lot of time and resources are invested, you start to worry. However, the consequences of the decisions made make XCOM 2 so fun and keep coming back to it again and again.

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