Tips for Gaming Logo Designers Working From Home

It is a false notion that designing a logo is an easy task. It is actually a time taking and tiring job, and only a passionate person can come up with the best logo design. Designing a logo involves immense creativity and planning. It is more than colors, graphics, and fonts. Here we shall mention a few of the tips you need to design the best logo.

Know about the subject:

While designing a brand for the game, you must know everything about the game, even the technical aspects. Only then you will come out with the perfect logo.


Inspiration is the driving factor for any creative work. You can take inspiration from your surroundings, or you can check the gaming websites for an idea.

Brand identity:

It is the logo that serves as an identity for any brand. The best logo is the one that appeals to the viewer readily and delivers the intended message. Designing a logo takes time, but while developing, it should be kept in mind that the logo should be simple and understandable.

Creative process:

Creativity is not bound to any one person. It has different dimensions in every person. However, there is a standard creative process that every designer follows. Below mentioned are the steps of the process:

Design information:

It is essential to communicate with the client every question you have in mind regarding the requirements of the logo. Make yourself clear over the provisions of logo design.


To design an effective product, you need to invest time researching the design industry and the client’s competitors.


The client might give you a design as a sample or reference. Check the reference and also go through the recent trends in the industry.


Conceptualization is when you make use of design information, research, and reference and create the logo.


Logo designing is a time taking task. While designing a logo, give yourself a break, and reflect on your idea until it becomes more mature.


It is important to take feedback from your client while designing the logo. You can also give the design options to your client for approval.


Budget is an arguable factor as every client has different requirements. Take payment of your according to your effort on it. Your effort includes research about the design, number of revisions, etc. Keep in mind all these factors while pricing your work. If you are a freelancer, it is recommended to make a personalized quote for different clients depending upon the work they offer.

Reflection of the game:

The logo you have designed for the game must fully reflect the nature of the game. Each element of the logo should be aligned with the game you are preparing for.


It is great to have an eager mind. Logo designing is a creative process. It is highly recommended to go through other designers’ work in the industry. Being a designer, it will be a great learning experience for you, as you will get insights and creative tips about logo designing.


A logo serves as an identity for the brand, so be clear about the audience you target by designing a logo for the game. Logo having visual appeal is not enough. The logo will serve as a communicating item between the audience and game owners. Your logo must be communicating a clear message about the game you are designing it for.

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Client information:

It is crucial to invest your time in doing research about the client. You should have knowledge about the target audience and precious logos of your client’s company. In this way, you shall be able to assess the weaknesses in previous logos, which you should not repeat in your design. So do maximum research about each aspect of the client.


It is a usual practice for logo designers to create different sketches for one design and get anyone’s design approved by the client. So it is recommended not to throw away the other sketches. Keep them with you. They might benefit you in your future projects. Whenever you start to work on a new project, keep revisiting your sketches.


Internet is an excellent source of information. If your mind is not working creatively and you feel stuck, consult the internet for enchanting design ideas. Write a keyword regarding the game you are designing the logo and get a variety of results.

Mind maps:

Mind mapping helps you to organize the scattered ideas and connect the ideas with one another. You get a variety of views by making a mind map. So intermix the thoughts you are having in your mind.

Do not follow:

Do not blindly follow any design when it comes to the market. Evaluate the design by comparing it with previous designs present in the market because often new design is used to be just the redesign of old designs. So avoid opting for such designs for the logo.


The design of your logo must be versatile because the versatility of design plays a vital role in the durability of the logo. The design includes elements like font, layout, colors, etc. Use different sources to bring versatility to your design.

Grid approach:

In order to design an effective logo, it is recommended to use a grid approach in your design.

Pen and paper:

Often traditional and old ways are the best ways to express yourself. While thinking about ideas, Sketch your ideas on paper using a pencil. Use of your hand will open new doors of creativity.


Once you are done with your logo design, now construct vectors in order to do accurate and measurable editing. Vector Construction is a technical thing which makes you relax and stress-free.


Fonts are vital elements of logo design. It is good to keep the font simple and readable. The audience must not feel any difficulty while reading the logo.

Tempting styles:

Do not get lured to the fonts which are overly styled and fancy. Professional designers do not create fancy logos; instead, their aim is to create a unique and decent product.


Every story consists of two parts, i.e., obvious and hidden. A perfect logo is one that not only visually appeals but also communicates the information behind the logo.

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Exclusion zone:

There used to be an exclusion zone in every logo, which is free from any text or design. This zone adds beauty to the whole design of the logo. It is recommended to use the exclusion zone according to the design of the logo.

Dynamic logo:

There must be some movements in the logo. Suppose you are developing a logo for a football game, then design the football with different curves or rotations. Viewers feel readily connected with such a logo.


Being a logo designer, keep yourself up-to-date with recent developments in the designing field. It is not necessary to go after the trend but try to optimize your design with the current trend in the market.


As it is said, ‘The first impression is the last impression.’ So design the logo, which leaves a lasting impact on the viewer. Your logo must serve as a medium to attract maximum customers or clients to the game it has been designed for. Strive to design better than your competitors in the market.


The use of appropriate colors is significant in logo designing. If you are designing to depict passion and energy, then use bright colors such as red color. Similarly, if the intended audience of your logo is youngsters, then use blue color. So it is imperative for a designer to be fully aware of the science of colors. Every color has an associated story. Get to know the story and use the colors accordingly in your design.


A simple logo is one that has minimal elements in it, including colors, fonts, etc. It is the quality of a simple logo that the user readily gets the message by just looking at it. There must not be confusing or confounding colors used in the logo. Simple logos are easy to memorize, and they hit the audience right on target.


A perfect logo is scalable. Scalability determines that your logo can appear on all the platforms, including electronic, print, and social media. It appears the same way on all mediums.

Colorless version:

Sketch your logo in a colored and colorless version. It is the most effective tip because there are different mediums on which your logo will appear. So your logo must complement each medium. One of the best phases to design colorless versions is when you sketch the design on paper. Do not fill your sketch with color. Be it as it is. If the colorless version is seeming appropriate, then add colors to it. Otherwise, it is a false notion that colors will make the logo accurate.


Your logo must convey a clear and intended message to the audience. Suppose you have designed a logo for promoting the smurf csgo buy, then the viewer should readily understand the message by looking at the logo.

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