Things to do in Las Vegas when travelling with kids

Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the United States. It is also known as the Sin City. The increasing volume in air traffic, tour operators operating and best hotels In Las Vegas is sufficient proof of its being popular among all types of travellers. People across the globe die to come here just to get the opportunity to get into a casino here and try their luck at winning one of the gambling games played here. There are plenty of bars, nightclubs, casinos shopping centres and amazing nightlife, thereby being termed as a wonderful adult playground.

It is a wrong conception among many that this city has entertainment reserved only for men & women. The truth is that Las Vegas does boast of having several activities and places meant for family and children alike.

  • Adventuredome: This 5-acre indoor based theme park is located in North Las Vegas. There are plenty of fun filled activities targeting all ages. Children can get onto the Miner Mike train joyride or the carousel. Those who love speed can avail El Loco’s extreme vertical drops. There is also the indoor double loop considered to be the world’s only one as well as Canyon Blaster and double corkscrew roller coaster, 4D theatre, lazer tag, midway games, classic arcade and roller skating.
  • Discovery Children’s Museum: Located downtown, it is the city’s largest children friendly place. Families are encouraged explore the entire 58,000 sq. ft. area (covering three floors), culture, science and art exhibits. The different interactive areas provide ample knowledge to children encouraging them to come up with inventions, solve mysteries, dress in costumes. The rotating exhibit here features shows conducted by other museums. Children can slide, crawl and climb on the different structures. This boosts their creative juices, while burning energy.
  • Shark Reef Aquarium: Here, you can get to see giant sea turtles, tropical fish, sting rays, alligators, sharks and exotic scenery quite close at Mandalay Bay Casino & Hotel. This huge aquarium is considered to be a real wonderland housing different species of marine lives. There is a walk-through tunnel cutting through shark exhibit of 1.3 million gallon, while the must-sees are interactive touch pool.
  • Botanical Garden & Conservatory: At Bellagio, this centrepiece is quite awe-inspiring. Master horticulturists team had constructed exotic scenes filled with structural elements, plants, flowers and trees. During major holidays and seasonally, display tends to change. It is a great place to have a family photo.
  • Ling Casino & Hotel: This hotel & casino is located in West Las Vegas, from where you can have eye popping, unique view of the beautiful Strip. Children can enjoy the riding the tallest observation wheels in the world, the High Roller. The 30-minute ride on this roller offers 360-degree view from a height of 550 ft. You can get to view dramatic scenery at night.
  • Venetian Gondola Rides: It is among the city’s most recognizable attractions and enjoyed both outdoors and indoors. The experienced gondoliers will take you on the river on their 4-person gondola boat to offer a great water ride.
  • Roy & Siegfried’s Dolphin Habitat & Secret Garden: At Mirage Casino & Hotel, it is a popular animal sanctuary that features bottlenose dolphins & big cats. This lush, calm oasis is located away from the hustle & bustle of the Strip. Here, you can get to see dolphins in action, performing tricks with their trainers. There is also an underwater area that provides closer look. Walking through the gardens allows you to view panthers, tigers and lions.
  • Fremont Street Experience: Children of all ages are sure to get excited to check out the world’s largest LED screen with neon lights of 5 blocks. There are nightly shagged light shows hosted here. Also are present numerous gift shops. Small children can ride lower zipline zooming at half height, while adults can choose Slotzilla zipline to move across the cityscape.
  • Red Rock Canyon & National Conservation Area: It is located approximately 20 miles west to the Strip and offers active outdoor fun. From your bike or car, you can view the stunning scenery and also enjoy this scenic drive of 13 miles long. Several hikes are present along the way, where you and your children can get to see the desert landscape and some exercise.
  • Lion Habitat Ranch: It is considered to be the city’s best kept secrets. The objective of the sanctuary is to provide information to the public and take proper care of the big cats. There has been created a peaceful ambiance here, allowing guests to feed the lions, to avail behind scenes tours as well as have meal with animals in the surrounding.
  • Flamingo Wildlife Habitat: Close to blackjack slots & tables, there are pink feathered birds within lush wildlife habitat of the Flamingo’s. Although the main attraction here is the Chilean flamingos, you can come across koi, turtles, ducks and swans. Daily live feedings are worth the view.
  • Downtown Container Park: Fremont East neighbourhood can be stated to be family friendly. Shipping containers have been used to create a shopping centre and the area boasts of having an interactive playground having huge mechanical praying mantis emitting out fire against accompanying music and a tall slide of 33 ft. Regular programs conducted here includes movie nights, live music and karaoke. 4K visual entertainment referred to as The Dome offers sunning imagery combined with music from the legendary rock bands. Kids programs are also offered such as Dinosaurs at Dusk.
  • Fire State Park Valley: The curve shaped red sandstone in appropriate light appears like rising flames from the dirt. This park is located an hour’s drive towards northeast of the city, offering amazing day long adventure right through the desert. You can come across scenic trails, geology, including Native American created petroglyphs that are about 3,000 years old. Few highlights of the place include formations like Gorilla Rock, Elephant Rock, Atlatl Rock and Rainbow Vista.
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With so many places to visit and things to do with the family, the visit to Las Vegas with family and children is sure to be a memorable one.

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