YouTube-MP3 shut down, what to do?

If you are a big fan of YouTube music, chances are you probably used at some point to download your favorite song in MP3 format. This service was the largest and highly popular among millions of users. It allowed users to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files in order to listen to them on various music devices. But some time ago those who loved this service were highly disappointed by the fact that YouTube MP3 org was not working anymore.


The main reason why shut down was the anti-piracy group led by RIAA that managed to get the court order in the US to shut the service down, as it was a substantial threat to music industry revenues.

However there’s no need to despair – despite YouTube MP3 org not working anymore, there are other reliable solutions allowing you to download YouTube to MP3.

The main alternative way to download MP3 from YouTube is the Airy app. Airy is a compact and neat app for Mac that does one specific thing – downloads from YouTube, videos or audio files – you choose. Airy fully supports macOS Sierra and offers the possibility to integrate with your web browser. It is possible to download MP4 videos of a chosen resolution as well as it is possible to save MP3 files from any of your favorite YouTube video. You can add many YouTube links to Airy at once and it will download a bunch of files, or just paste the link to YouTube playlist or channel to save all of its contents to your computer.

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Using Airy is easy. To download MP3 from YouTube do the following:

  1. Paste the YouTube link into Airy.
  2. Select MP3 from the list.
  3. Click Download.


Free Airy allows two downloads, may you need more, don’t hesitate to invest – it is a worthy app!

There is another app that supports more websites, not just YouTube, but a great variety – Elmedia Player PRO. It will download videos and MP3 files from many different web pages.

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