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Top Dog-Friendly Things To Do in Palm Springs

Now that your plan to visit Palm Springs has finally taken a positive steer, is the thought of tying up your dog all alone the hotel while you take a prolonged tour of the city is bothering you? Well, we are here to rid you of this ordeal and step out in relief for as many hours of the day you want with your pet to assist them to become an active participant in the tour as you. In the following segment, we will be furnishing you with the top dog-friendly activities that you can do in Palm Springs.

  • Riding the Buzz

The idea itself sounds fascinating, right? And once you get onto the ride with your pup, the experience will be as entrancing as the thought of it. The Buzz is essentially a minibus that has a white base and has colorful graffiti around its whole body that will excite your dog at the very first glance. The ride is available from Thursday to Sunday starting from 11 am to 1 am and offers a tour with their pets around Palm Springs and the whole trip is conducted including 30 stops where you and your dog can step down and take a look around the city or click delightful pictures. Furthermore, the tickets for Buzz are completely free and can be availed at any convenient hour because the ride rolls every 15 minutes.

  • South Lykken Trail

What can turn out to be a better adventure for your doggo than going on a hiking session with his best friend on the South Lykken Trail while in Palm Springs? The trail is located in the Western end of Mesquite Avenue and the loop continues for 3.5 miles that will not be difficult for your dog to be treaded at one go. If you do not want to tire your pet during this hike, you can travel only some portion of the trail and stop by the way to rest and admire the long trenches of rocky land set against the magnificent blue sky. As the trail is located a few kilometers away from Palm Springs, while you are exploring South Lykken, the cityscape and Coachella valley can be overlooked from the spot that will eventually turn out to be an enchanting view.

  • Explore the Pacific Crest Trail
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Another trail that has made to our list is that of Pacific crest; located amidst the Pines to Palm highway, the trail is suitable for both serious and casual hiking. If you were in a habit of indulging your pet in high-intensity activities to keep up his vigor and enthusiasm, then walking through this trail will be a wise way to replenish it even during the holiday. Moreover, the solitary view from this trail is breathtaking, giving equal exposure to the green stretches of land crunched between the chains of tall mountains that have risen in an attempt to touch the sky.

  • Visit El Mirasol

El Mirasol has been gaining its all-due popularity from the delicious food that it serves and the dog-friendly ambiance that it provides to visitors who don’t want to dine out leaving their pets back at the hotel all by themselves. This place is located a few kilometers away from the main city but if you want to grant your pup with the essence of the prime city and its suburbs equally than this restaurant is the best pick. Reaching El Mirasol will not come with much of a hassle as it falls on the route taken by the Buzz or can be visited simply with a private ride. While you munch on the local delicacies, leave your dog on its own to absorb the joy and emancipation accompanying the visit.

  • Drop by Palm Trees Dog Park

At no cost can you miss visiting the Palm Trees Dog Park during your trip to Palm Springs. Built-in an area that covers over 1.6 acres of land, to suit the needs of your puppy, the area has been equally divided, one of which is for the puppies and the other is for the mature dogs so that they can peacefully get along well with their furry friends without any tone of disagreement. The best characteristic of this park is that it provides you and your dog an opportunity to indulge in games in an open area that is considerably difficult to find in the city life. Socializing with stranger dogs is not only a boon for your pet’s mental health but also a wise formula to keep up the energy and will that they miss upon under the influence of age. Apart from this, to make the park even friendlier to the dogs, the grill boundary surrounding its outline has been carved out in the shapes of trees, dogs, birds, and fishes.

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If you are looking for the most suitable dog-friendly hotels that is located at an accessible distance from the pioneer locations of the city and its suburbs, then you can browse through this space.

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