Top Industrial Valves Design Trends You Must Know

Valves are an important part of any industry where you have to control the flow of liquids or gases. Since almost every industry involves some type of liquid, or gas, it has made valves an inseparable part of every industry. 

But one must not ignore the industrial standards while implementing them. The valve design ensures the efficiency and safety of the whole industrial valves manufacturers process partially or fully. Similarly, the needs of an industry and the application of a valve are different. An industrial valve is built to endure high pressure from liquids or gases. It is equally important for it to not rust and last through years in harsh environments. It requires every industrial valves manufacturer to have the knowledge required to build heavy-duty industrial strength valves. 

Moreover, the type of industrial valve that you need is also decided based on design efficiency. A design of the industrial valve can make or break the operation. It should serve the purpose right and must provide ease of use to your employees. You need to learn the application of different valves and their qualities to choose the right one. 

Here in this blog, we would introduce you to some of the most commonly used industrial valve designs and the leading manufacturers and suppliers. So, let’s begin. 

Gate Valves

Gate valves are one of the most commonly built valve designs by industrial valve companies. A gate valve is one of the most commonly used valves in various industries. The design consists of a channel that is opened or closed to control the flow of liquids or gases. It happens by moving a metal gate up or down to allow the flow or stop the flow through the channel. 

The usability of the valve and its efficiency have made it one of the most popular valve designs for decades. Simple design and relatively cheaper than other valves, gate valves are a perfect example of the solution’s simplicity. It uses very few parts to work and thus simplifies the entire design. Less complexity also ensures the quality of the solution. 

But they are not used in the industries where precision is the key. You don’t have much control over the flow. They are commonly used in the water industry. 

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On and Off Control Valves

On and off valves either allow the flow or obstruct it complete. These valves are also known as isolation valves. They effectively shut down flow into a segment of a system that makes their maintenance much easier. Control valves due to their design allow a varying degree of precision when controlling the flow of liquids or gases. 

Butterfly Valves 

A butterfly valve is designed with a channel and a paddle affixed to the channel. This paddle is attached to the channel. The paddle is centrally aligned to the channel. It is shaped like a disc and can spin to obstruct or open liquids or gases to open the channel. 

It is a type of isolation valve. It offers little control on the flow rate and efficiently handles large volumes of material to flow through the channel. Because of the paddle, it can be put parallel to the flow, and thus the entire design just adds up to the functionality of the valve when opening the flow. This makes them perfect for large-volume applications. 

Ball Valves 

Ball valves are unique in their design. They have a valve housing which is a type of metal casting and perforated ball. The entire mechanism of the valves works when actuating the valve turns the ball, and this increases the flow as the perforation comes in line with the channel. This brings high-precision in the working of the valve. 

Some of the modern ball valves design is segmented ball valves that allow greater control on the overall flow of the liquids or the gases. The advancement in the solution has given away to electronically controlling the flow. Regardless of this, the valve is very efficient in handling higher volume, in fact, better than valves such as globe valves.

Quarter turn valves 

Ball valves and butterfly valves belong to the quarter-turn valves category. It is because the valve member – the ball or the disc rotates to 90 degrees, to open and close positions. This gives it the name quarter valve. 

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Globe valves

A globe valve is characterized by its S-shaped channel. It is one of the valves that have a horizontal orientation. And to get the flow of the liquids and gases in control, you have to raise or lower the bar. 

They are designed as control valves; the major differentiator is their ability to modulate the flow of the liquids and gases more accurately than any other type of valve. They are used in industries where precision is very necessary when controlling the flow. Also, the design of the valve makes it very easy for you to customize. Industrial valve manufacturers can help you to change the orifice in the middle; this interchangeability of the inner parts makes it very easy for you to find a solution to meet your challenges. 

With all these qualities, the only setback in the globe valves is; its design restricts the flow too. When compared to valves such as ball valves, the flow is seen to be less by approximately 30 – 40%. 

Leading industrial valve manufacturers and valves suppliers

If we look up close, the valve manufacturing process takes place in several steps, regardless of the type. Manufacturing decisions taken by the industrial valve companies can result in the durability of the solutions. Similarly, the inner components can be produced using a variety of materials and thus, will use various machinery that will connect to the other part. Depending on the surface finish the tolerance required, a variety of metal casting methods can be used to produce valve components. These and many other factors make it essential for you to find the right industrial valve manufacturers and valve suppliers to enhance your work efficiency. 

Here are some leading industrial valve companies that deal with popular valve designs and others. 

  1. Mt.h Control Valve Co. Ltd. 
  2. China Judu Group Co. Ltd. 
  3. JMD Engineering
  4. Bifold Fluidpower Ltd. 
  5. Haitima Corporation 
  6. Laminar Enterprises 
  7. Damper Technology Ltd. 
  8. Jay Metal 
  9. Enoch Control Valves Ltd. 
  10. Indira Industries
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