5 Quintessential Ways to Use a Wooden Tray

Let’s face it: There is no tray as good as a Wooden Tray! Widely lauded for its versatile design, rich grains, brilliant texture, and a vast array of designs, a Wooden Tray is something that seldom goes out of style. With subtle forms and intricately engraved handles, these trays work as a classic serving piece that can create an ever-lasting impression on the guests. You can easily add an element of rusticity to your home and enhance your table décor using an archetypal Wooden Tray.

Wooden Trays are flat with raised sides to prevent things from falling off. Nowadays, these trays are available in a wide range of shapes, such as circular, rectangular, oval, and more. They are typically used for serving food and other items in a beautiful and presentable manner.

Wooden Trays for Serving

In today’s era of socialization, a good serving tray symbolizes sophistication and good mannerism. May it be a simple tray or a beautifully adorned one, a serving tray evokes a welcoming feeling among the guests. Although a simple household accessory, they help to achieve a sense of fulfillment and good hospitality.

Exquisitely handcrafted, a Wooden Tray can be used for serving all types of assortments. From dried fruits and sliced breads to exotic tea cakes and even appetizers, these trays look absolutely stylish and elegant lifestyle. But did you know Wooden Trays can be used in several other ways than just as a serving piece? Yes, these incredibly versatile trays can double as casual centerpieces, coffee table display, or even as an accent to kitchen décor. Read on to know how to use a Wooden Tray in five different ways in your home.

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5 Ways to Use a Wooden Tray

1) Coffee Table Display

Wooden Trays make for an excellent coffee table display. You can use a wide tray for your coffee table to keep things organized. You can place the tray in the center of the table and stack some books on it. You can even add a small vase and a beautiful candle to enhance the look of the display. Wood, as a material, features an earthy tone and subtly displays natural imperfections. Using a Wooden Tray, you can easily create an effective and good-looking coffee table display that renders a chic vibe to the space.

2) Wall Décor

A Wooden Tray can be also be used to frame and accentuate your chosen keepsakes. They serve as an excellent wall décor item that can be filled with different items and displayed anywhere in the house. For instance, you can fill it with leaves, dried flowers, shells, or a personal vestige and add a glass panel on top to frame it. For best effects, use a sturdy Wooden Tray that features a unique distressed finish. This will immediately transform the space, taking your décor to an altogether new level.

3) Organizer

If you are looking for a beautiful and versatile organizer for your home, you must try using a Wooden Tray. You can use it to neatly stack all your vanity accessories or even your books. You can pair the tray with beautiful accents to improve the look. The sleek design and intricate craftsmanship of these trays make them perfect for organizing things like jewelry, keys, trinkets, etc.

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4) Decorative Trays

Evocative of varied styles like contemporary, vintage, and modern, Wooden Trays have a simple, clean, and uncomplicated design. Consequently, they can serve as a decorative backdrop for stylish objects like planters, candles, flower arrangements, vases, and more. You can mix and match different objects to create a stunning decorative corner in your house using a Wooden Tray.

5) Kitchen Décor

A Wooden Tray adds a subtle charm and sophistication to your kitchen. You can use these trays to skillfully keep kitchen items, such as oils, tea bags, spices, etc. Additionally, you can use it to display decorative accents in the kitchen, keeping the space fresh and nice.

A wooden tray is a beautiful item that can be used in a myriad of ways. These timeless trays are an excellent example of beauty, simplicity, and utility. You can even use it as a gifting item to make your loved ones feel good and special.

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