Understanding the Gua Sha Technique and its Benefits to Facial Massage

One of the benefits of getting a facial massage at the spa, other than a guaranteed fresh-looking complexion, is the fact that you get a gentle massage. Beautiful skin is a reflection of what you feel inside, which is why you should not wait for months until you go to the spa to reap the many benefits of a good facial massage. In this article, we will be telling you a series of skincare and self-care tips to add to your face massage for the best results. You just need to get a moisturizer or facial oil and have a good facial massage tool like gua sha. Grab these essentials and then continue reading to learn how to include a facial massage in your skincare routine at home.

Gua Sha Massage Technique

Gua sha is a favorite face massage technique that originated from East China. It uses blunt objects for scraping all over the skin. Although the technique may appear a little uncomfortable, it is not that intense. Beautiful Anfisa gua sha tools, which refer to flat stones often made using pink quartz, and are popularly used in massaging the face in the same as a jade roller.

A gua sha tool has many benefits including improved circulation, skin brightening, and wrinkle, and fine line reduction. It is a kind of facial massage that works not only on the face but also on the whole body. You can do it at home and enjoy the same benefits you would get from a professional spa therapist but at a much lower cost.

 Immediate Benefits of a Face Massage

There is so much talk about self-care and face massages today, and you are likely wondering which benefits are to be derived from a good facial massage. A recently released study from NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) shows that facial massage increases the flow of blood in the face muscles. Also, the same study finds that receiving a massage can release tension and stress, as well as improve your mood.

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Tips to Get a Face Massage at Home

Let’s go straight to the main reason you have come to this page. In this section, we tell you how to treat yourself to a sumptuous face massage without leaving the comfort of your home. Use this step-by-step guide:

 Step 1: Start with a Clean, Fresh Face

To avoid massaging dirt or other impurities into the skin, you should make sure that you begin with a fresh and clean face. To this end, wash your face as well as your hands before you start your massage. Get your hands spotlessly clean. After that, use a foaming gel cleanser to cleanse your skin. The cleanser contains a deeply purifying formula that can remove oil and dirt for a remarkable cleanse. It doesn’t have any tightness or residue.

To start, use lukewarm water to wet your face and hands. After that, take a small amount of gel and work it to form a foamy lather. Using gentle and circular motions, massage the gel onto your face. After that, wash off the gel with lukewarm water and then pat using a soft towel. After you have dried it off, you should be ready with a fresh canvas to start your facial massage.

Step 2: Reach for a Facial Oil or Moisturizer

You probably have noticed that your beautician never rubs their dry hands onto your face. Rather, they will massage a facial oil or a moisturizer onto your skin. This enables their hands to glide over the skin smoothly without any pulling or tagging. And in case you’ve not realized, you will want to repeat the same when doing a DIY face massage. Massage a small amount of moisturizer or facial oil between your hands. This will warm up the cream or the lotion before you apply it to your skin. You can use a facial massage oil in combination with a moisturizer to get the best of both worlds. When it comes to choosing the best moisturizer, consider the factors below:

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In oily and normal skin, note things like UV rays, excessive cleansing, and pollution can damage the moisture barrier of the skin and cause dehydration and extra oil production. This makes your complexion to be too shiny. In that case, you should use a water-based moisturizer to reduce the excessive shine appearance and make your skin look fresh and mattified.

Step 3: Apply Light Pressure in Upwards Motions

The time for massage has come! To start, rub your chin and then go over to your temples, applying slight pressure with your face massage tool or your hands. After that, move above the lips, while going out and up toward your temples.

Step 4: Pay Maximum Attention to the Eye Area

The area under the eyebrow is the most delicate part, and you should approach it with maximum care. Use your gua sha face massage tool to press with outward strokes towards the temples. Work your face massager gently from the inner corners of the eyes in the direction of the outer corners. It is especially vital because fluids can accumulate under the eye and cause puffiness. In case you have under-eye bags, you will want to spend a little bit extra time on the under-eye area.

Step 5: Continue Massaging, Putting More Emphasis on Your Jawline and Neck

A good facial massage won’t just end with your face. It ought to continue downward and focus on your neck, jawline, and decolletage.


Gua sha is a famous face massage technique that has gained wide popularity of late. It delivers far better results compared to massaging your face using bare hands. Although it may sound somewhat uncomfortable, it can be done at home provided you have the right tool, moisturizer, and facial oil. With a good gua sha tool, you can enjoy the same benefits you get from a professional massage at the spa.

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