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UX Sketching Tips for Designers

A UX Designer is mainly focused on aspects of the product such as design development, usability, and functions. Their work enhances the experience of the user’s interaction with a product. UX design improves user-friendliness or the functionality of the product to maximize the user satisfaction level. So, to give the user the best user experience, the latest UX Design Elements are used in designs.

In this article, we have mentioned four UX sketching tips that can give your users the best user experience.

1. Make It Clean And Simple

If you want to give your users the best UX experience make your website design as simple and clean as possible. Remove all the unnecessary design components that make it fuzzy and complex. Note that Cognitive fluency is an important aspect of UX design. When a visitor visits a site, the first thing he notices is the design’s complexity. If the design is too complex it may be hard for him to find desired product or information. Hence, he will bounce to another website. Remember that if visitors have to navigate a complex design to find the desired product or information, they most likely bounce off and never come back to your website again. Because of that, it is better to keep UX design clean and simple.

When visitors visit a page that is stuffed with design elements and distracting typography hence, increasing the bounce rate of your website. To solve this problem, you can use a  simple visual hierarchy to guide them to important details or information. You can also make a strategic approach to make design easier for users to understand and navigate. Another method is to use whitespace to help visitors navigate through a page’s content and provide information that is easy to understand.

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2. Define Your Goal

While building the website make sure the design elements reflect your goals. Don’t just use UX elements that mainly focus on marketing and ROI. They are not specific. Build attainable goals that are specific to you and your website. Nowadays, many websites get too caught up in the latest web design trends and they forget about the main goals. If your website doesn’t reflect your goals, it most likely would not resonate with your visitors. Many businesses, such as marketing hubs, graphic designing studios, and 2D animation studios aim to keep a website design relevant for several years, so It is better to focus on long-term goals.

Always try to prioritize the goals of your website. It not just helps you but also helps the visitor to get a clear image of your website. Most websites’ main goals are to serve as an informational intermedium for the market to promote services. So, defining their goals is one of the most important factors for them.

3. Mobile Responsive Design

These days, mobile users are browsing more internet compared to desktop users. So, if you want to attract more visitors to your website who are browsing from their phones or tablets, make sure that your UX design is fully mobile responsive. Mobile responsive means a website automatically adapts its size, content, format, and visual elements to perfectly fit any devices’ display, including tablets, Ipads, mobile, desktop pc, laptops, and tv monitors. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, visitors are most likely to bounce off as soon as their patience is over. So, you’re basically losing a huge number of visitors if you’re not making your website design responsive for the best mobile user experience.

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Besides your visitors, it also helps the Google search engine to crawl both your mobile and desktop websites and uses both of them to rank your website on web search. In terms of SEO, a mobile responsive website can help you perform better in search rankings.

When designing UX design, make sure visitors can interact with a single touch. If your website is not mobile responsive you might lose a significant amount of users. So, make your website mobile responsive.

4. Use High-Quality Images And Videos

The purpose of using the graphic design is to convey the message to the visitors in a clear and effective manner. A recent survey shows that using high-quality images and videos on a website can boost the conversion rate by 40%. If you are running an eCommerce website, providing visitors high-quality images or videos of the items can help them to know their features like Color, build quality, etc. If you have blurry images on your website, It will ruin the user experience of the visitors.

Besides Images and videos, Illustrations are core to graphic design. If you use them correctly, they can provide you with an effective medium to build a strong connection with your visitors. Images and videos can evoke specific emotions in visitors. High-quality clear Images of your company, product, Website, or service can help visitors understand your goals and clearly convey what you’re offering. As a UX designer, You should use illustrations and pictures to clarify goals, processes, and thoughts. They are effective tools for communication and can help users make effortless decisions.

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