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VideoDuke Review

With the advent of technology, many facilities store the information or data according to the users’ convenience. Earlier, people use various storage devices to keep their favourite videos, songs, etc., safely.

But all those storage devices have certain limitations. It was not so easy to safely keep those storage devices. If any damage occurs, all the data stored were lost. So, it was exceedingly difficult for video lovers to save their favourite videos.

Now, people utterly dependent upon the internet facility to store their valuable data instead of storing those on external storage devices. Video lovers use the internet facility like the cloud. The data stored in these facilities can be easily shared, and people do not need to worry about the limit of the storage space.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a method of storing information or data on the internet through a cloud computing provider who manages and operates data storage as a service. The people can store data in an off-site location. It can be easily accessed in two ways.

One way to access the storage is through the public internet. The other way is through a dedicated private network connection. Nowadays, one of the cloud storage devices people use is VideoDuke.


The best video downloader for Mac is VideoDuke. It allows downloading videos from popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo. From that, the videos can easily be searched. The easy search of videos can be done with the help of its in-built search function. It is very easy and intuitive to use VideoDuke.

It has a built-in browser of the app. In this app, we can search for words for the needed videos. And thus, from the searched videos, the people can download from the web. With the help of the quick access buttons, it can easily be downloaded.

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VideoDuke Review

VideoDuke supports some of the most popular sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Dailymotion, etc. It also helps TikTok video download.

VideoDuke works in two modes, i.e., simple and advanced. It changes its interface from simple to advance during the start of the download process. Its interfaces are minimalistic and show three essential available media sources from the beginning.

What this means is that VideoDuke has a minimalist approach. There is less to do and more to gain. When someone pastes a video URL from, let’s assume, YouTube. After pasting the URL in the search bar, VideoDuke finds the source and opens it for display. It then presents the user with a few basic options to choose video quality, etc. Pressing download after making the selections is all one needs to do.

Advanced mode of VideoDuke 

VideoDuke has an advanced mode. In this advanced mode, there are many valuable options for the content we are planning to download. With the advanced mode of VideoDuke, we can download all the files related to the needed videos. That means we can see all resources fetched from the web page.

The resources include video, audio, flash animation, images, etc. As an example, we can say that if we download avideo from YouTube, there may be subtitles or closed captions in different languages. With the help of the advanced mode of VideoDuke, when we download the needed video, we will get all these contents along with the video.

We can bookmark any website. Later, these bookmarked websites can be taken for downloading videos. In simple mode, we can download videos with a few mouse clicks. And in advanced mode, it is more flexible to download videos.

Main characteristics of VideoDuke

  • VideoDuke is the fastest downloader when it comes to downloading online video content. It downloads videos/audios of the highest quality. It is an easy tool to save videos into your computer from 100+ sources such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.
  • VideoDuke has a friendly interface and is minimalist. It gives the users fast access to all the video hosting services out there. One can choose any provider such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, etc. You can search for these videos directly through the interface of VideoDuke.
  • Even if the video is a Livestream, a playlist, or a whole channel, VideoDuke is relevant in all cases. You can download movies, cartoons, and series, or subtitles related to the video. Every bit of video/audio content is covered under VideoDuke.
  • You can download your video under various formats, such as (WebM, MP4, 3GP, MP3, M4A) and you can also select from different resolutions such as (1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, 180p).
  • VideoDuke can be used in two modes; simple and advanced. After pasting a direct link to the search bar, you are given the option of choosing the format and resolution you want the video to be downloaded in. But in advance mode, you can also select filtered content by its type, audio, video, or flash, and it gives you information about external sources that are used by the video, and you can download that too.
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There is another great feature that VideoDuke offers. It is easy to use. It supports extensions possessed by your browser’s bookmarks. You need to drag this extension to the bookmark area, and you will be able to get the bookmark. Whenever you are surfing through different websites and find content that you want to download, all you need to do is hit the extension, and VideoDuke will set the location and start downloading.

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