WatchCartoonOnline Website Not Working? Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives

Childhood memories are formed while watching cartoons before heading to school and while eating breakfast. Looking to recreate your childhood memories, yet Disney Channel no longer broadcasts the episodes you remember watching? Further investigation is not necessary. Instead, we’ve discovered the most excellent WatchCartoonOnline alternatives for you.

We scoured the internet for hours to identify the finest 17 websites that provide high-quality movies and enable you to watch your favorite cartoons for free on the internet. 

17 Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives

The WatchCartoonOnline.io – Official Site, Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives in 2021 – You can Watch Free Cartoons Online

1. KimCartoon.to

KimCartoon is a one-stop-shop for anything related to cartoons. The website has all of your favorite cartoon characters, like the Ninja Turtles, Scooby-Doo, and many more. In addition, it enables you to recollect in the high definition the classics. In KimCartoon’s extensive cartoon collection, you may watch classic and modern cartoon titles in high resolution.

Because of its proximity to the videos and buttons, the website contains commercial banners on the side that you may mistakenly click. On the plus side, the UI is simple to use and navigate. It also works on all platforms, which is helpful if you use a smartphone or tablet. The homepage shows the most recent update, and if you go down a bit more, you’ll find the New Cartoons section, which lets you explore other genres.

Along with the Latest Update button, there’s a section for the Top Day, Top Week, and Top Month. While using the site without making an account is free, taking a few minutes gives you additional alternatives. It is worth noting that the website has cartoons to watch; it doesn’t contain any anime. KissCartoon may be a better alternative for you if you’re seeking a site that caters to both.

2. B98.TV

B98.TV, which sounds more like a radio or channel station than a website, offers hundreds of programs from the nineties. However, it has enough stuff to satisfy any 90s youngster. Relive your youth by watching your favorite cartoons in high definition. With its color scheme and famous emblem, even the website’s homepage transports you back in time.

Despite having a distinctly retro feel, the website’s UI is far from old-fashioned. It’s responsive, simple to browse, and scrolls smoothly. On the homepage, there are no adverts, giving it a clean look—however, B98.TV stands apart from the crowd since there are no redirecting ads while watching a video. Instead, promotional banners are precisely positioned at the top of the page and big enough that no one will accidentally click on them in the center.

Web designers are providing a valuable service to the public, and millions of people appreciate it. You also don’t need an account to stream your favorite shows. Studios are used to classify shows, which is a unique approach used by B98.TV. However, the website does not offer the most recent cartoons, so if you’re seeking a new series, you may have to go elsewhere.

3. 4Anime

We’ve found that 4Anime is the most acceptable option to WatchCartoonOnline after years of viewing anime online. It is, now without any doubt, one of the quickest streaming websites with a large selection of programs. In addition, unlike other services, it eliminates the need to join up – just input the name of the program you want to watch and begin Anime Streaming Sites!

The website interface is clutter-free, with no advertisements or advertising banners on the homepage. While streaming, you may see an ad or two, but they aren’t bothersome (it only takes a few seconds to close and play). Because 4anime is an entirely free streaming service, it relies on adverts to survive. It’s worth noting, though, that the producers went out of their way to reduce the frequency of these promotional adverts.

The administrators are collecting contributions to protect the website from shutting due to its popularity. The amount is shown at the bottom of the webpage, so they’re pretty open about how much they’re earning. Because it’s manually updated, the figures may only change once or twice a week. There is also a list of “Recently added” Anime on the site to keep you up to date. Furthermore, the site gives a “Popular This Week” list to keep you up to date on the most popular programs.

4. 9Anime.to 

9Anime has one of the most significant movies, cartoons, and TV shows available on the internet. Millions of cartoon fans from all over the home frequent the site. 9Anime site gives you a professionally designed web design based on just two colors: purple and black. They offer one of the most elegant site interfaces of any internet streaming service.

They’re not just about looks, however. The categories, navigation bar, and homepage are well-designed, making it easy to find a shoe that suits your preferences. Hundreds of titles have been grouped into over 30 distinct categories on the site. Of course, you may always hunt for your favorite program using the search box.

While videos load quickly, you may experience many ads while streaming. The ads transport you to another website, but closing the tab and returning to your program takes less than a second. To get rid of the clutter, use the “Light off” function; you’ll see the video on the page. 

5. MasterAnime

MasterAnime has it all: an excellent homepage, an attractive logo, and an easy-to-navigate site design. When you first visit the website, you’ll see a giant search box asking you to enter the title you’re searching for. Nothing extravagant, just keeping things basic.

The Release Schedule button is located at the top left of the site, and it is a valuable tool that allows you to view the most recent upgrades and new releases. MasterAnime also made a wise step by including a random anime tool. Are you stumped as to what to watch? Allow the algorithm to decide for you! It’s preferable to continue browsing for shows to binge.

The shows are also divided into three categories: recent titles, currently viewed anime, and day performance. There are just a few ads on the site, which are nicely hidden away at the sides and the bottom of the page, so you don’t accidentally click on the banner. However, there are no ads or promotional banners on the homepage. MasterAnime is an excellent option for WatchCartoonOnline since it’s completely free and doesn’t need you to create an account or pay for anything. Oh, and the shows are also in high definition!

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6. CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy is a mobile-friendly website that offers a variety of entertainment, including anime and cartoons. Even though the site design does not have the same sleek user experience as 4Anime, it does give off a distinct mood. On the right side of the webpage, CartoonCrazy provides you a suggestion of their staff favorites, and on the left side, you may view your favorite anime characters in the backdrop (there are two suggested anime in total).

The website contains an extensive anime/cartoon library with updated episodes of current programs and a collection of older series for nostalgic purposes. You may download the app for more convenience and watch your favorite programs with a single push. If you like viewing dubbed anime, we also suggest downloading the app.

The app, like its website, provides a good user experience. The episodes are streamed in high quality. However, you may change the resolution if you have a sluggish internet connection. However, there is a tiny problem with the site that has nothing to do with the material quality. The domain name is regularly changed throughout time. Keep an eye out for it.

7. AnimePahe

One thing I like about AnimePahe is how simple it is. On the homepage, you’ll notice the most recent additions to the website, along with a thumbnail of each episode. This website has a simple user interface and gives a similar experience as Crunchyroll in terms of responsiveness, design, and feel. While there are no ads on the homepage, there are plenty when you click on the video. However, considering the free HD entertainment, it’s a small price to pay.

The ads are safe provided you do not download any dangerous links from an external site, according to AnimePahe’s notice at the foot of the page. You may give any amount to assist the site. The all funds will be used to improve the website and update the video for your viewing pleasure.

The simple-to-understand homepage makes navigating fast and uncomplicated for visitors. This is a home for both subtitled and dubbed shows. You may contact the administration and submit comments by joining their Discord community. It’s also a terrific location to meet others who share your interests.

8. CartoonsOn

cartoons are a terrific alternative to WatchCartoonOnline, and the name pretty well says it all. Not only do they have almost identical domain names, but they also provide free high-definition videos. While the website only has a small collection of cartoons to choose from, it offers both old and recent shows to watch. You don’t have to register to stream your favorite shows online. Episodes and movies are available to watch alone or with friends and family.

Cartoons offer HD video on both desktop and mobile devices, making it a convenient way to stream your favorite shows whenever you want. The site is quite responsive, and videos load quickly, although it is quicker on the desktop. The disadvantage of utilizing CartoonsOn is that the site uses ads to link you to other websites, which degrades the user experience. However, regardless matter how annoying the ads are, the site’s revenue keeps it open. Surprisingly, CartoonsOn’s audience understands this, and the site’s 5 million members continue to increase daily.

9. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a popular choice in the United States for a reason. It’s your one-stop shop for catching up on your favorite programs. This website has a simple, user-friendly layout that makes it easy for viewers to navigate. Due to its quality, style, and feel seem to be more than just another cartoon streaming service. The site is mobile-friendly, and the most popular programs in their repertoire are available in HD. Crunchyroll is a good option if you’re searching for a site that regularly updates ongoing episodes. Its user-friendly design enables you to search for programs based on their genre. In addition, you can binge-watch new series and access your favorite programs for free. They do, however, offer a premium account.

Ad-free films and direct access to programs are two advantages of upgrading to premium (no more mandatory options). Another aspect that distinguishes Crunchyroll is the way it presents you with up-to-date news items. It provides you with advance notice about the site’s most popular anime and new show premieres. If you’re a die-hard anime fan who can’t wait for the next episode, you may get a head start by reading the site’s manga section. The website also has mobile games that may be downloaded. It’s a fun website that rivals WatchCartoonOnline in terms of quality. 

10. Disney Junior

The word Disney Junior alone conjures up images of children, which is why millions of parents use this site. The motto for the site is “Where the Magic Begins.” The four-letter slogan conjures up images of adventure and excitement. Disney Junior offers not just videos but also games and activities for children. It’s an educational and entertaining website for kids. You don’t have to need pay any fee to watch the videos, and everything is in high definition. The web design engages children with a grand color scheme that distinguishes them from similar sites. It’s a quick and painless process to get to your favorite shows on our site.

11. SuperCartoons

SuperCartoons is a refuge for millennials who want to watch their favorite shows without having to register. Classic cartoons such as Tom & Jerry, Road Runner, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and others are included. The videos are of good quality (similar to TV quality for these shows). The website has a simple user experience that is both pleasing to the sight and simple to navigate. Its pink and white color scheme makes a terrific initial impression, and it lacks the crowded, unorganized web design that many other sites have. There are two promotional banners on the homepage, one at the top and one at the bottom. Both ads, however, do not seem out of place and do not detract from the user experience.

When streaming, pop-up ads are a typical occurrence. This advertising, on the other hand, aren’t overbearing in our opinion. It works on all platforms, so whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, it’ll function. Videos load relatively quickly, although, like with other sites, it buffers more soon on PC. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature footage from the most recent shows, but it’s a hidden treasure and an excellent WatchCartoonOnline option for all you 90’s youngsters.

12. WatchAnimeDub

WatchAnimeDub is a strange-looking website that offers HD dubbed and subtitled anime. The site is mobile-friendly, with videos loading quickly. With its yellow and orange color scheme, it’s rather appealing, and despite the web backdrop being a touch childish, WatchAnimeDub manages to pull it off. There are no adverts on the homepage. However, there are a few ads when you click on the stream links. Because the domain URL differs from the website’s name, it may be perplexing for first-time users, but it’s a minor detail that has little impact on the user experience.

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Dubbed Anime, Subbed Anime, Movies, and Ova Series are among the choices available on the homepage. The creators performed an excellent job classifying the shows, making it more straightforward for users to browse and search for anime titles to watch. In addition, the website defaults to displaying recently published episodes, keeping you up to speed on the current buzz. WatchAnimeDub is an excellent option for WatchCartoonOnline since it is one of the few websites that offers BOTH cartoon series and anime shows.

13. Crackle

Crackle gives a great impression with its millions of active users. Its devoted following is mainly due to its extensive cartoon and anime collection, available to anybody with an internet connection. So whether you’re seeking your old favorite cartoon shows or want to branch out into a new genre, the website has it all.

Crackle is a user-friendly website featuring high-definition content. Unlike SuperCartoons and comparable websites, it allows you to watch both old and new cartoon shows. Further, you don’t have to pay for anything since it’s a two-for-one bargain. You can get the software from the Google Play Store and use it to stream videos on your phone. You may upgrade to a premium account to get more perks.

Ads are prominent on the homepage, making it easy to miss if you’re on a desktop. However, it’s a tiny fee to pay for high-quality information. Therefore it’s worth it. Because the website is not available in all locations, you may need a VPN to access it. Check out the other alternatives on the list if that’s too much bother for you.

14. ToonGet

ToonGet is another functional and responsive website that enables you to stream both cartoon and anime shows in high definition. ToonGet.net features around 10 categories in which the exhibits are organized alphabetically and by genre. There are a lot of promotional banners and ads on the homepage and other pages of the site. It, like the other websites mentioned above, does nothing to detract from the user experience.

Unlike B98.TV, the website’s administrators update the database with the most recent shows regularly. So you can expect a lot more from B98 in the future. It gives both subtitled and dubbed shows, which is convenient for viewers. The site runs smoothly with no delays, whether you’re streaming on your phone or at your desk. However, you may sometimes click on an ad by mistake. You can watch entire movies, catch up on popular series, and keep up with daily uploads from your favorite program producers. It’s a free and functional website that will have everyone on the edge of their seat.

15. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime has more to offer than MasterAnime, even if it doesn’t have the same looks. It gives you access to a more extensive show collection, entertaining website features, and HD material. So, what’s the catch? Although there are more ads on the homepage, this isn’t a deal-breaker. Over 7 million people, it seems, believe so as well. Chia-Anime is available to everyone, no matter where they are on the planet. The leading users on the site are from the United States and the Philippines (two of the most anime-crazed countries).

It not only has an extensive anime collection, but it also has Asian dramas, manga, and anime soundtracks, so you’ll have pretty much all you need in one lifetime. The site is well-organized, with over twenty categories to pick from and a homepage that lists the most recent and upcoming anime shows. While the ads may seem to be an annoyance, they help the developers pay their costs and avoid going out of business, so it’s worth it. 

16. GoGoAnime

Because of its website-friendly layout and lack of a sign-up platform, GoGoAnime has long been a favorite of millions of anime fans. It provides access to hundreds of hours of free HD entertainment. When your internet connection is sluggish, you might reduce the video resolution to make it load quicker. You may also download the videos and watch them on your phone.

Because it is one of the sites that upload the current episode the quickest, Gogoanime’s traffic is continually expanding. Therefore, the homepage by default displays recently released shows with the episode number as an indication. Gogoanime is a well-made site with a simple web design that does not create eye strain and is relatively easy to use.

The Anime list, located at the top of the website, gives an alphabetical list of titles. The New Season button takes you to a page where you can see the most current anime seasons, whether it’s a brand-new program or a sequel. The movie area comprises hundreds of films in various genres, ranging from titles produced in the 1980s to current releases.

17. KissCartoon

KissCartoon is one of the most excellent alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline, offering a transparent user experience with well-organized shows. Thousands of presentations are available on the site, including both old and modern cartoons. Type the name of the program you want to watch, and it will take you to a page with a list of episodes and seasons available.

KissCartoon Has massive collection of shows — anime, cartoons, and movies – keeps viewers captivated, and the website caters to your want to binge. All of them are also in high definition. It’s a fan favorite because of its easy-to-navigate design, and the homepage only contains two pop-up ads on the side of the screen (nothing too annoying).

The broad movie collection, similar to Gogoanime, spans back decades, which is excellent if you want to feel nostalgic. There are, of course, more recent titles as well. There is no need to register to watch shows; you may watch them without signing in. Getting the KissCartoon app makes it easier to stream cartoons on your phone if you do so often. Downloading takes just a few seconds, and creating an account takes less than a minute.

Final Words:

The following are the top 17 WatchCartoonOnline alternatives on the internet. Some websites supply you with current cartoon shows and websites that solely provide you with classics, so find the 1 that best suits your needs. You may come across geo-blocked websites from time to time, so be prepared with your VPN. Because most of these sites’ videos include ads, you should avoid installing programs from fraudulent URLs to protect your privacy. 

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