Ways to Keep Staff Members Cool

When the warmer months of the year roll around, or if your staff members work in a particularly stuffy office, it is important that you do everything that you can to ensure that they are kept cool. This will go a long way towards ensuring that they are happy, as well as helping to boost productivity at the same time. There are several different actions that you can take to ensure coolness in an indoor environment. Here, we will be looking closer at some of them.

Use the Air Con Appropriately 

The first and most obvious way that you are going to be able to keep an office cool is using the air conditioning. Of course, installation can often be quite expensive, which is why you may want to look into air conditioning hire. Also, if you are trying to keep all of your bills as low as possible, you may want to limit the number of hours you have it switched on.

Encourage Appropriate Office Wear 

While you cannot dictate to staff members what they should be wearing, you can encourage them to wear appropriate clothing whenever and wherever possible. One possibility is to distribute out some branded clothing that is specifically designed to offer some good cooling properties. If you do decide to have a dress code, you should make this clear in the employee handbook and any other materials that you choose to hand out.

Provide Personal Fans and Access to Water 

There are a couple of things that you can provide as a responsible employer that can help out with the whole situation of keeping your staff members cool. First of all, you could offer them some personal handheld or desk fans that they can have blowing in their faces. Access to cold water should also be installed throughout the office. Proper hydration can also go a long way towards ensuring that staff members are productive, and health is prioritized.

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Use Blinds and Windows Appropriately 

Making sure that you keep any blinds and curtains closed during the hottest part of the day will help to ensure that you keep the sun’s rays from shining through. This way, you can help to control the heat rather than letting it get out of control. You should also open windows on the opposite sides of the office to ensure that you get a nice through breeze moving through.

Turn Off Any Unnecessary Appliances 

One sure-fire way that you are going to increase the temperature in an office is by running appliances unnecessarily. Not only is it a good idea to switch these off from the perspective of keeping things cool, but it is also better from the position of running a greener and more environmentally friendly space.

All of these different techniques are easy to implement and can all add up to ensuring that your members of staff work in a cooler environment, which can help to boost both their overall mood and productivity, too.

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