What to Look For When You Shop For Wooden Furniture: Beds And Bedside Tables

What’s a bedroom without a bed? You can do without sofas and dining tables but a bed is an absolute must-have. It’s where you sleep at night, where you can watch television from, where you may work, etc. When it comes to your home, you must ensure that you invest in solid wooden furniture. Beds are available in a variety of designs and sizes here. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Know your wood

The quality of wood used is one of the biggest factors influencing the price of these pieces. Teak and rosewood are considered the best types of wood for furniture. However, they are also the most expensive types of wood. On the other hand, engineered wood is the cheapest option available. This may also be known as MDF or HDF. Engineered wood is not considered solid wood- it is made by compressing wood fibers into a board. It has no grains and a very short lifespan. Hence, you should avoid buying engineered wood beds as far as possible. If you’re on a budget that does not allow you to buy teak, you may want to invest in a mango wood or pine wood bed and bedside tables.

Get the right-sized bed

In layman’s terms, you may categorize beds as single and double. However, technically speaking, there are a few other categories based on the width of the bed. If you have a lot of space in your bedroom, you should invest in a 6’ wide King sized bed. A California king bed is even bigger. However, if your bedroom is smaller, you should choose a 5’ wide Queen sized bed. You also need to ensure that the doors are wide enough to for the wooden furniture. Beds are usually bright in sideways or dismantled for this reason. A double bed is smaller than a Queen sized bed and ideal for one adult and a small child or two children.

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Pay attention to heights

When you buy a bed, you need to consider not only the length and breadth of the bed but also the heights. Tall people may prefer beds with a high mattress height while shorter people may need a bed with a lower mattress height. Typically, beds are sold without the mattress. Hence, to get the final bed height, take the given height and add 4-6 inches to get the final height. Most beds have a final mattress height ranging from 16 inches to 24 inches.

Looking for storage?

Having a bed is not enough. You will need a mattress, pillows, sheets, throws, etc. In fact, you will need to have more than 1 set of bed linen. When it comes to storing the bed linen, the bed is the best place to store it. Choosing a bed with storage helps you maximize your space. Storage within beds can be in the form of drawers or lift up storage. The lift up storage itself can be accessed manually or through a hydraulic system. The latter is most preferable since it minimizes the effort required to access the storage.

Pick the style

Since the bed is the biggest piece of furniture in a bedroom, it sets the tone for the look of your room. Do you like a classic look or do you want it to be more modern? If you prefer the former, you could choose a carved bed with a high headboard and a canopy. On the other hand, if you prefer a sleeker, more contemporary finish, choose a low bed with minimal ornamentation. When it comes to beds, some of the styles you may hear mentioned include sleigh beds, canopy beds, poster beds, platform beds and trundle beds.

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Today, it’s easy to shop for wooden furniture Beds area available not only in brick and mortar stores but online as well. You can browse through the different designs available, pick the size best suited to your room and the way you want your furniture finished. If you choose to shop online, you may even get a better price! Pay for it online and it’ll be delivered right to your doorstep. Shopping for furniture doesn’t get easier and more convenient than this. Are you ready to buy a bed?

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