Wiziwig Alternatives: Free Sports Streaming Sites like WizWig.TV

What is wiziwig? Wiziwig was a popular website for all matters of sports. So, After WiZiWiG shuts down, it prompted sports enthusiasts to seek other alternatives. Below are great Wiziwig choices!

As well, People from all corners of the world endear sports. But, most sports enthusiasts find it hard to follow sports stuff on TV all day long. The Sports streaming sites offer a solution to this problem. This allows users to watch live matches & get real-time updates anytime, anywhere.

The Wiziwig was your go-to site for tip-top sports streaming, score updates, latest sports news, and interviews. So, They offered a full package for a massive array of games ranging from football to cricket. Nevertheless, the spectacular sports site closed down for good.

Wiziwig Proxy sites – Unblock Wiziwig Now!

Do not fret. Now, There are other quintessential streaming websites to keep you going. Suppose you are a sports enthusiast looking for free sports streaming sites. You are in the right place. Well, I have scoured the web and pared down some of the Wiziwig alternatives below.

Best 16 WiziWig Alternative for Live Sports Streaming

Here are the Best List of Wiziwig Alternatives for watching Live Sports Streaming.

1. SportP2P


This SportP2P is one o is one of the best websites for sports matches live streaming. It does not only provide an exhilarating streaming experience but also gives you regular updates.

If you fancy football leagues such as the premier league and champions’ league, you will want to try sportp2p. This also gives you live scores and highlights. You can again watch other sports, including football, tennis, rugby, ice hockey and basketball. Content is neatly organized and categorized countrywide.

2. BatManStream


Batmanstream is one of the favorites & incredibly popular online sports streaming sites. This platform is growing tremendously as the ideal Wiziwig alternative. This provides users with live leagues, events, matches, and tournaments across the globe.

This BatManStream offers colossal sports ranging from football to basketball to baseball to basketball, among others. So, Some less popular games such as dart and cycling also feature n this site. Now, You can start streaming immediately after registration. These sports are all listed on the homepage.

3. Stream2Watch


Stream2watch is yet another excellent wiziwig alternative platform for online sports streaming. This provides sports tournaments, matches, and events.

What is more, is this you will find up to date videos in HD. Well, Unlike a conventional website, stream2watch puts together streams from multiple other sites. So, Whether it is football, snooker, NHL, hockey, Stream2Watch got you covered. Now, Once you register with your email, you are good to go. Then, You can access the site on your mobile phone, tablet, iPad, or PC.

4. 12thplayer


12thplayer is one of the bestest football websites. This offers the latest football updates. The area also boasts of a user-friendly interface. 12thplayers gives you comprehensive coverage of football matches, events, tournaments, and leagues. This good news is that you can watch all their videos at no cost.

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Well, All you have to do is subscribe and enjoy awesome football videos. So, On the downside, it contains advertisements which can be quite inconveniencing at times. While the website is famous for football, it also offers live streams for other games, including rugby, basketball, Hockey, and tennis.

5. CricFree


It’s Specially designed for cricket video streaming. Cricfree is another excellent Wiziwig alternative. This gives all variety of cricket related updates. So, CricFree not only allows you to watch live cricket games but also previous ones.

This website prides itself in a neat interface for easy searching & watching. Suppose you are a cricket die hard, you will want to try this website. What is more is this it allows you to stream other sports, including soccer, rugby, football, tennis, and basketball.

6. NewSoccer


The name suggests that the website is solely focused on football, giving you information on teams and players. New soccer platforms make to our list thanks to its dedicated live football streaming. This is probably the best football streaming website.

This website also prides itself in score updates and games related news. Suppose you are a football freak. This site is for you. This also keeps you update on football scores. Well, Since it is inaccessible from some countries, you can always use a VPN.

7. Atdhe


Adthe is one of the bestest Wiziwig alternatives thanks to its user-friendly and easy to use interface. Now, You can easily navigate across the various sports categories such as Hockey, tennis, baseball, rugby, Motor GP, among others. Here, You can stream games from all over the world.

Unlike other websites, it does not require registration or signing in.

8. VIP Leagues


VIP league is a popular website that prides itself on high-quality streaming of sports matches and interviews. Unlike most websites, VIP Leagues has its server for the streaming system.

It makes it the best Wiziwig alternative. So, They have a gargantuan list of sports and their updates. Then, You can rest assured VIP League has a live sport every time.

9. SportStream


Sport stream enables you to stream online sports and matches in real-time. It displays upcoming games and channels on its home page. Each genre is categorized to allow for users to navigate the site seamlessly.

The great part is that you can manage time to watch the video how you want. So, You can enjoy live matches across all types of sports, including basketball, cricket, and football. Stream2watch is a beautiful entertainment source that allows you to watch sports telecast and hence a great alternative to Wiziwig.

10. Sport365


At number ten on this list, we have sport365. So, One of the best sites is popular and free to stream a plethora of sports matches, events, and tournaments. Sport365 mainly focuses on football matches.

But, you can also stream tennis, Hockey, golf, and cricket, among many more. Well, On the home page, they feature a list of live sports and ongoing events. This website allows you to filter the results accordingly.

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11. ScoresInLive

Streamwoop Alternatives

ScoresInLive is the first Wizwig Alternative on our list. It is a nice option for anyone who wants to check live scores. However, what you wouldn’t like about this site is that it may take a lot of time when you want to stream any game. Outside this, it is good for updating results, scores, and lots more. You will love the site because it enables you to filter results and scores according to any sport of your choice.

12. Sportrar

Streamwoop Alternatives

This Wizwig Alternatives is among the best sport streaming websites that contain a large database of online sports content from different categories, which you can choose from to watch any sport of your choice. In addition, Sportrar possesses a unique homepage that displays upcoming live games. This Wizwig alternative is a nice streaming site to use for your streaming experience.

13. Ronaldo7

Streamwoop Alternatives

Ronaldo7 is a sports website for all football lovers who are also fans of Ronaldo and want to watch live sports events that Ronaldo plays in. The website offers live sport for your streaming pleasure. The bestest part about this site is that its live sports streaming is about the matches Ronaldo features in. Outside the streaming feature of this Wizwig alternative, Ronaldo7 also offers you all the latest Ronaldo images, news, and videos.

14. LiveSport24

Streamwoop Alternatives

LiveSport24 is one of the few Wizwig alternatives for streaming live sports games. Just as its name sounds, it is mainly used for live sport, and it works every second, minute, and hour of the day. The website also has a unique interface for your streaming experience.

15. MyP2P

Streamwoop Alternatives

MyP2P has a nice database for streaming sports games. This Wizwig alternative is well-known for its huge stream database that offers you amazing sports games any time of the day and anywhere you are. The sports streaming website also enables you to select any sport category of your choice with its fantastic menu.

16. goATD

Streamwoop Alternatives

If you want to stream live sporty events, you should consider goATD. It enables you to stream free live sports TV. One thing you are guaranteed with goATD is that you wouldn’t experience any interruption or glitches in the course of your streaming. Once you select your favorite sports category, you can begin to watch live sports TV. Without a doubt, goATDee is one of the best Wizwig alternatives.

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Final Word

This website allows you to stream sports live anytime. Thus, if you are a sports enthusiast, you may want to try some. So, You can rest assured one will tickle your fancy. Now, While some of these sites are free, some will require you to sign before using them.

Note that some websites do not allow streaming from specific regions so that you will need VPN services. Wizwignew & LiveTV are some great deserve honorable mention. Now, You will need to have an adblocker since most of them bombard you with ads.

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