WoW Classic: Best Professions to Pair with Mining

Perfect combinations that scream WoW!

Mining is among the top professions one can take up while playing World of Warcraft Classic. For one, it’s a very lucrative endeavor that can yield tons of WoW Classic gold provided you spend enough time on it. Two, it’s also a profession that’s rather low-risk. You won’t need to go on monster-slaying sprees; you just mind your own business and mine away so you can have enough to buy the WoW Classic items you need.

As good as mining is, though, you can make it even better and more lucrative by pairing it up with other professions. Here’ well discuss what we think are the best professions you can take up alongside mining.


Before we delve into the different professions that jibe well with it, let’s talk a little bit about mining first. Mining is the profession that deals with the gathering and production of raw materials such as ores and gems. As ore nodes can be found throughout Azeroth, it’s plain to see why Mining is a go-to profession for many WoW fans—be they seasoned veterans of newbies.

Aside from the obvious benefits of gathering raw materials that can be crafted and subsequently sold, Mining also gives players a ton of XP points simply by doing it. A word of warning, though. While players can gather ore, stone, or gems from the same mineral vein, you should still approach Mining with a certain degree of ethics. In short, if another player is currently gathering from a mineral vein, it’s best to steer clear. You may, however, ask for permission from them. Still, this is oftentimes considered a rude course of action by WoW standards

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Here are the most notable mining trainers in Classic WoW as well as their locations:

Makaru (Orgrimmar)

Brom Killan (Undercity)

Brek Stonehoof (Thunder Bluff)

Jhan Focht (Silverpine Forest)

Krunn (Durotar)

Pikkle (Tanaris)


Blacksmithing is perhaps the perfect profession for lower level players. Not only do you get to earn WoW Classic gold with it, you also get to equip yourself with the gear you craft as you level up. Why does it go so well with Mining? Well, for starters, you’ll be able to put the ores you gather while mining to good use. The ore nodes you get to gather can be smelted into other materials. Furthermore, those same materials can be used for various blacksmithing recipes. Mining and blacksmithing is almost like a hand-in-glove fit when you think about it.


While engineering can often be seen as a rather expensive profession, it can’t be denied that the WoW Classic gold you can make from it makes it worthwhile. After all, you sometimes need to spend money to make money. Just as it is with Blacksmithing, Engineering also requires a fair amount of ore. As such, it makes sense to pair it with mining.

Other Notables

To make the most of the materials you mine, you’ll need to go for supplementary professions within the production sphere. Aside from Engineering and Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting is also a worthwhile endeavor as it puts your mined materials to good use. Word of warning: While choosing a profession is ultimately a personal thing, you also have to consider what your World of Warcraft guild needs. If your guild already has a chockful of engineers or blacksmiths, then you may want to adjust accordingly. It’s a matter of striking up a balance.

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As a rule of thumb, it’s the gathering professions that do well with mining. As much as possible, try to steer your course this way. When all is said and done, though, there’s only one person who can tell you what combo best will work for you the best: YOU! Guides are only meant to point certain “proven” ways to you, but that doesn’t mean that other methods or combinations won’t work. In fact, yours might even work better! As much as you can, try to experiment to determine which combination is “the best”.

Keep filling your virtual coffers with lots of WoW Classic gold and have fun in Azeroth!

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