12 Mobile Apps for Business

We have studied the categories of programs that can be useful for entrepreneurs. From each category, we’ve tried to select the most needed features you can use on your phone, for business.

  1. Finance Manager

Keeping the state of your accounts under close supervision is a good practice for everyone. And for the entrepreneur, it is simply vital. These financial management programs will help you keep track of your income and spending, and optimize your available budget.

  1. Messenger

The development of the Internet is pushing cellular communication into the background. You can make calls with the help of messengers anywhere in the world where the web works. And you can communicate for free and make not only voice but also – in some programs – video calls. Chatting with partners one-on-one or organizing international conferences has never been easier.

  1. Mail client

Despite the dominance of messengers and social networks, e-mail is still the main channel for business correspondence. And to use it with maximum convenience, you need a good e-mail client. This can be the most popular Gmail, but we can also use other apps for iOS and Mac with their clever functions of sorting incoming messages.

  1. Calendar

Time is a no less valuable resource for a business person than money. If you want to take control of it and not miss a single important event, you need a clear and functional calendar.

  1. Task Manager

It can be very difficult to keep track of all the work you do in your head. Luckily, many task planners will always keep you on your to-do list in case you happen to forget something important. Here are a few of the best ones.

  1. Notepad

A digital notepad is a great tool for capturing important ideas in sketch, text, or voice memos. Some programs in this category – like One Note – are also suitable for working with business documents. Why carry around paper notebooks when you can duplicate your important thoughts on a gadget?

  1. Document Scanner

In addition to a digital notepad, it is convenient to use a document scanner. Such a program will quickly digitize almost any paper document using your smartphone camera. The recognized text can then be saved in a notepad or sent to the right person.

  1. Presentation Manager

Entrepreneurs often deal with presentations. With this format, it is very convenient to deliver information to partners, investors, or subordinates. Creating a presentation on a small screen is not the best idea. But the mobile presentation manager allows you to quickly repeat the material before the presentation when you don’t have a computer at hand.

  1. Cloud Drive

It’s hard to think of a more convenient way to store photos, videos, presentations, and other files than cloud storage. All you have to do is upload your data to the server using a special program, and it will always be accessible from any device connected to the disk.

  1. News Aggregator

For a business to thrive, an entrepreneur needs to be on the lookout for events in his niche, whether it is fluctuations in the bitcoin exchange rate, the actions of competitors, or changes in legislation. Social media algorithms may not show you the information you need in time. Another thing – good old RSS-aggregators, which surely will not let you down.

  1. Guide

To avoid getting lost on another business trip, download a travel guide to your tablet or smartphone. Such apps display maps of localities along with information about their infrastructure, routes, and various places of interest.

  1. Player for audiobooks and podcasts

Business books and best finance podcasts are a good source of new knowledge and ideas with which an entrepreneur can pump himself and his business. But what to do when you don’t have time to read? Listen to books and podcasts while walking, flying, or driving.

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