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Businesses need steadily growing markets to thrive and grow themselves. Without a steady stream of new accounts and a greater number of orders, a company can’t expand itself and hits a financial ceiling quickly. And with so much of the ability to reach new customers now having gone digital, it’s essential to be in the same channel for consumers to even be aware of a business’ availability.

Being Found Matters

A key role in being “found” on the Internet, whether in Kansas City or elsewhere, is search engine optimization or SEO. However, unlike the old days of the early Internet, SEO doesn’t work just by stuffing a bunch of words people look for on a web page indiscriminately. There has to be purpose and value to the content provided online for people to look at. When that occurs, then a search engine like Google or similar ranks a web page higher and higher. Ideally, the ranking effort should be to get into the top three pages of search results. It is generally assumed that if a business or its website is deeper, the amount of Internet traffic finding the site’s information on a search engine drops off dramatically.

Once found, then for a Kansas City business it’s a matter of building the right words, with the right content, and the right website structure to do something when the traffic arrives. Here’s how that part works below.


Remember, stuffing words alone is not enough. Good SEO work on a website means combining the right words with good content. People are searching for solutions online all the time. These get tracked by the big search engine companies and, for companies that want to be responsive, knowing which words are being used for searching becomes a priority. Searches can be based on singular words or, more commonly, related phrases. Kansas companies and others can determine what works the most for a given industry or need by utilizing search analytics, literally the metrics of what words people are using the most to find a particular topic online.

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Content Building and Link-Building

With the SEO tags, or words, now known, then comes the harder party of a Kansas City company building them into viable, usable content and a website people want to visit. This is important. No one wants to visit a spam dump of horrible, useless info and nothing worth coming back to. This was the horror of the Internet in the 1990s and early 2000s. Instead, people want useful information that helps them. That valuable content has to be refreshed regularly as well. If it has the SEO tags within it, then double-bonus when it comes to reviewing by a search engine.

Finally, links to the website also matter a lot. Search engines won’t rank a site very well if a Kansas business is not connected to multiple flows of traffic. This happens by developing linked relationships with other sites. So, there also needs to be an analysis of where the traffic is located and coming from the Internet to the business’ site versus just the search engine alone.

Rank Fuse Digital Marketing has been helping Kansas City businesses enter into the SEO development world for years, expertly providing SEO help in Kansas City for all types of industries and markets. Whether online, brick and mortar, or both, the right help makes a huge difference in establishing a strong market foothold with the way customers search for business solutions today. Kansas City businesses need to be seen, heard, and be found. High-quality SEO design can do that. Don’t be one of the statistics being left out of the new e-commerce world, get found!

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