6 Best Basketball Games For Your Phone

Thanks to all the technological advancements and improvements in processing power, we don’t need a PC or console to play graphically complex games since most of them can be played on our mobile devices. The improvement in technology allowed game developers to create high-end games with impressive-looking graphics that are playable on mobile devices.

Since basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, it gets a lot of attention in the mobile gaming space. New basketball-themed games are coming out every day making it difficult to find a good one.

There are different basketball games from addictive arcade games to full 3D NBA games. With that said, we decided to cover some of the best games you should download in 2021.

Ketchapp Basketball Games

Ketchapp is one of the most popular game developer studios responsible for creating one of the most addictive and fun-to-play games for mobile. Some of their most popular games are Dunk Line, Dunk Shot, and Ketchapp Basketball.

These arcade looking games have very simple graphics compared to other more complex games, but the gameplay is very fun. The goal is to launch the ball from basket to basket going higher up and avoiding obstacles.

Most of the games in their collection are free to play, but they include ads and in-app purchases.

NBA 2K20

This mobile game review wouldn’t be complete without the most popular basketball gaming franchise, NBA 2K. If you like basketball, then you’ve definitely heard about the 2K console game. Even though the mobile version is far from what you get from the original 2K console game, it is still very fun to play.

This is one of the most complete basketball games for mobile, with great graphics, as well as MyPlayers story mode where you can live the journey from college to the NBA. On top of that, there are 5 new NBA stories that you can play through, and some great optimized control that makes playing on mobile very easy.

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You can play with the best point guards in NBA history, some of them already retired. Check out in this list some of the best players that can feature on your team:

Considering that NBA 2K20 is a premium game that will cost you $5.99.

Street Basketball Association

This is another 3D basketball game for mobile that features fun-looking characters and a street-style basketball that comes with tons of gaming modes, and even online multiplayer functionality. The main playing mode is 3v3 street basketball, which is the most fun.

The mechanics of this game are simple and it comes with decent graphics. It is a fun game to play that can be a source of hours of amusement.

Dude Perfect 2

If you are familiar with the Dude Perfect YouTube channel and their fun-to-watch athletic videos, then you’d know what to expect with this basketball-themed game. This game is developed by Miniclip which is already famous for developing engaging games with great-looking graphics.

This game is similar to their trick shot challenge where you need to get the ball down the basket by avoiding obstacles. Dude Perfect 2 offers tons of content and promises hours of entertainment.

You can play as one of the 5 Dudes Tyler, Coby, Cory, Garrett, Cody, and they managed to add the Panda as well.

Basketball Battle

This is a 2D arcade-style basketball game that offers PVP online multiplier experience. The goal of this game is to outscore your opponent before the time runs out. When it comes to the graphics, the developers decided to add cartoonish-looking art that actually looks really good.

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Since we are talking about an arcade game, you cannot expect a lot of content or different modes. You can only play against a real person, or bot in this fast-paced action where you’ll need skills in order to win.

It is a really engaging game that will keep you amused for hours.


Here we have a premium NBA game that is one of the most popular on the market. Since it is developed by EA Sports, the bar is already set very high. This is a classic arcade game where you can play against other players in multiplayer mode.

The game also comes with controllers support and Android TV support. It is an interesting 2D design where NBA athletes have massive heads. Even though it is far from what you’d expect from EA Sports, it is a very fun game to play.

Just because this is a premium game, it will cost you $4.99 to download, and there are also other in-game purchases.

Final Words

These are some of the most popular NBA games for mobile and as the sport is getting more and more popular, many new game developers are trying to conquer the mobile gaming world.

On top of that, the smartphone industry is also advancing at a very fast pace, which allows game developers to chase new boundaries when creating mobile games.

So, if you still haven’t tried some of these games, make sure you go to your mobile store both on Android or iOS and download these games. We promise it’s a lot of fun!

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