Top 5 Best Pixel Launcher Alternatives on Android In 2022

This article is about Pixel Launcher Alternatives. Prior to the launch of the Pixel range of products, Google used to sell stock Android on the Nexus line. With the introduction of the premium Pixel series, Google began to offer a slightly tweaked Pixel UI out of the box. Other Android phone owners may, thankfully, use the Pixel launcher alternatives to get a similar experience.

Top 5 Best Pixel Launcher Alternatives on Android in 2022

In this article,you may know about the Pixel Launcher Alternatives here are details below;

Google is continuing to integrate Pixel-specific functionality into stock Android. But what if you don’t want a Pixel phone and you don’t like stock Android? Android launchers are useful in this situation.

As Google tweaked and changed the Pixel UI, launchers like Nova, Action, Lawnchair, and others began to follow suit in terms of customization choices.

With the use of Android launchers, a user can emulate and enjoy the Pixel experience on his Samsung or OnePlus phone, regardless of whatever Android phone he or she chooses. We’ve listed the top five Pixel launcher alternatives in this post so you may utilise them without sacrificing features or personalization. Let’s get started.

1.Action Launcher

  • Action launcher swiftly merged most of Pixel launcher’s functionality into the app after it was released.
  • Go to Action settings and make the following modifications to fully embrace the Pixel experience.

Best Pixel Launcher Alternatives
Enable Action search in the Quickbar and change the colour to white. Toggle on a Pixel like a search menu in the app drawer by going to App drawer > Advanced > toggle-on search bar. Also check animaker alternatives

To use Google feed, you must first download the Action launcher plugin, which allows you to get news and information with a single swipe.


Action bash (similar to Digital wellbeing), a plethora of customization choices, Quickdrawer, the ability to hide apps, floating widgets, and much more are among the other features.

Action launcher’s quickdrawer and covers on the home screen provide different methods to start an app, which I appreciate.

The use of Action Launcher is completely free. It will cost you $5 to use the premium features.

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2. The Nova launcher

comes in at number two on the list. Nova, in contrast to Action, provides a basic household setup. To obtain a Pixel experience, you’ll have to play around a lot.

Set the placement of the home screen to Dock in Nova settings > Home screen > Search (below icons). You can also easily alter the style of the search bar, as well as the default search engine.

The Nova launcher

Change the top bar to a sleek Google search widget like on Pixel phones by going to the app drawer.

If the Google feed menu isn’t present, it’s not a Pixel experience. Nova has devised a solution in this case. The Google Home will display on your home screen after you download the Nova companion app.


Other features include a plethora of customization choices (a Nova trademark), gestures, Sesame shortcuts, and more.

The Nova launcher

The most essential feature of Nova launcher is that it allows you to customise every part of a launcher to your preference. Every option in the Settings menu may be tweaked, whether it’s the home screen, app drawer, dock, or gestures. Also check TextNow Alternatives

The software is free to download and use, but the premium features will set you back $3.

3.Launcher for Lawnchairs

The closest thing to a Pixel experience you can get right out of the box is the Lawnchair launcher. It has a bottom search bar menu by default, as well as a date, time, and event widget at the top and a similar search bar in the app drawer.

Launcher for Lawnchairs

When you go to settings, you’ll find that you have access to every single option. You may change the theme, use the edit at a glance feature, alter the dock design, search with Bing or DuckDuckGo, and experiment with gestures.

To access the Google-themed menu on the home screen, Lawnchair also has a Google feed plugin.

Lawnchair launcher’s simplicity is one of its best features. It’s a launcher that’s ready to use right now. There’s no need to sift through a plethora of options, such as Nova and Action launcher.

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Launcher for Lawnchairs
The software is completely free to use and has no advertisements, which sweetens the bargain even more.

4.Evie Launcher

Evie does not take the same path as its competition. It also doesn’t support the Google feed menu and won’t let you put a search bar at the bottom. It is, nonetheless, distinctive in its own right.

Instead of using Google feed, Evie provides an Evie feed. It’s a fantastic alternative for those who want to leave the Google environment.

Evie Launcher

Live news is provided by the Evie feed, which is powered by Yahoo News. Users can also customise their reading experience using the settings.

Evie LauncherThe ability to hide apps, third-party icon packs, notification badges, gestures, the ability to alter the search engine, and much more are among the additional features.

The software lacks a theming engine as well as features like Sesame shortcuts, Google Drive backup, and others.

If that isn’t enough for you, the app is entirely free to download and use.

5. No-Root Launcher

If you want to do rid of a lot of settings and choices and just have a pure Pixel experience out of the box, download Rootless launcher.

No-Root Launcher

Rootless uses a simple approach. The settings app is remarkably similar to the settings on the Pixel home launcher. Notification dots, an at-a-glance function, Google app integration, and a variety of icon shapes, icon styles, and themes are among the features. Also check Alternatives sites like putdrive


In terms of customising options and functionality, the Rootless launcher is limited, but it does the job for a beginner. The app is completely free to use.

The Pixel Adventure

Well as you can see from the table above, each launcher has its own set of advantages and disadvantages when compared to its competitors. Action Launcher has a lot of features and is updated frequently. Nova launcher is the king of customization. Lawnchair is a free programme that comes with a lot of features. Rootless is ideal for newcomers, because Evie is devoid of Google services.

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