How “Near me” Optimization Supercharges your SEO Campaign?

Imagine this, your sink starts to overflow. You are new to the city and don’t quite know your way around the neighborhood services. Whom do you trust is such a situation? In the 21st century, the solution to such problems is just a single Google search away. All we have to do is search for “Plumbers near me” and Google would immediately provide us with links and means to contact the top Plumbers in the area. 

Therefore, it is imperative from the point of view of agencies and service providers to make the best use of their SEO campaigns. Adding near me Local SEO optimization greatly eases the complex task of geo-targeting the campaign towards the target audience as the local population provides a big enough pool of customers to ensure the success of a promotion or an ad campaign. 

There are several strategies one should follow before starting a “near me” optimized campaign. The best way is to start with the Google Trends Website. Not every location shows a similar interest in searching for local services. However, the greater the westernization, the greater is the probability of trying to discover services via the internet. 

Market Research

For an Indian landscape, some states such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Telangana show appreciable search interest for local services. Therefore, in the state capitals, namely Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, a near me campaign is supposed to be more successful compared to other regions of the country.

It is necessary to have an intuitive name. If a company selling flowers is named “Essence of the Orient”, it might not get immediately clicked upon by the users. On the other hand, renaming the Ad title to “Oriental Florist” might drive up the click-through rate as people would immediately understand the purpose of the advertisement when searching for “florists near me”. 

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Local SEO services should be also relatable to the local population. Having an ad named “Boston Mechanic” will not be apparently useful for the population in New York searching for “Mechanics near me”. Therefore, from the preceding discussion, it is obvious that naming the business or the ad campaign is the most vital role of Webmaxed Local SEO service campaigns as it is the title that users get to see in big bold letters.

Page Content Optimization

To ensure that the page does show up organically on Google searches, the content of the page has to be optimized and the best way to do so would be by editing the HTML meta tags. Having an SEO friendly HTML landing page makes the process of indexing easier and more effective for Google crawlers.  

The description of the pages should be intuitive and the advertiser must be confident in his or her services. Phrases like “The best option in town” ensures that users feel satisfied while opting for the service. Google penalizes the use of excessive punctuation in the description or the header. So, consecutive exclamation marks, dollar signs, capital letters, etc, should be avoided as they appear to be rude and attention-seeking and are often ignored by experienced customers as spam.

Backlinks & Google Business

Quality backlinks turn out to be extremely helpful in such cases. Google has an algorithm that rewards two thousand words plus blog posts about a service. Often these blog posts act as the entryway for the customers to their service. 

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One common way is to have a guest post published on a popular blog and have the blogpost promote the service by providing backlinks to the original website. Customers highly value recommendations from credible sources and having popular posts recommending the local public to avail a service usually results in success.

The hallmark of “near me” optimization is the physical geographical location, and there is no better way than enlisting the service on Google business. This way, as soon as a customer searches for the most popular local services, google provides a mini Google maps widget marking the locations of the most popular services upon it. Providing valid contact info and reaching the top 3 spots of such a recommendation, signals success in the “near me” SEO campaign.

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