How to Convert PSD to WordPress?

Every business owner wants a unique and professional website for their business. For this purpose, they need a platform through which robust websites can be built. WordPress is such a reliable platform, it was started as a Content Management System (CMS) in 2003. With each passing day, the popularity and the market share of WordPress are increasing tremendously. Now it is no longer restricted to CMS, it is used to build various business websites. Its popular woo-commerce plugin is used to build powerful eCommerce websites. The reason for this success is WordPress’s peculiar themes and features.

Website designing requires great programming skills and experience in designing visually appealing and engaging websites. The method of converting PSD to WordPress is an effective way to build such websites. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the following points of PSD to WordPress conversion to design robust websites.

Follow these Simple Steps for PSD to WordPress Conversion:

  • Analyze the PSD

To start with, you need to investigate your PSD fastidiously and grasp the complexities that you may confront while converting PSD into WordPress. This conversion includes different sets of tasks like putting header, CSS codes, footer, pictures, title, and parting mockup into HTML. Every idea ought to be obvious to web designers while changing over PSD records into HTML code. Hence, the examination of PSD is an ideal initialization approach before your conversion begins.

  • Slice the PSD

Unlike other image formats, a PSD record can be layered. Let’s take an example of JPEG/JPG. The PSD is optimized into small-sized layers in Photoshop and each slice is then linked to various URLs which includes in-page and website navigation.  It is currently enhanced well in PhotoShop. At last, the sliced PSD documents are saved either as JPEG or Bitmap/GIF or some other formats.

  • Write HTML, CSS, and Javascript

When the slice is saved, website developers are ready to create an HTML website. This website should look precisely the same as your PSD. Here you need to make separate documents for PHP, CSS, and HTML codes with the extension index. HTML, style.css respectively. The CSS record will control the visual introduction of all HTML components. This is the script that is completely composed, tried, and improved for the cleaned visual plan, cross-platform compatibility, and responsiveness. JavaScript is likewise composed for this to make the interface more extravagant and more intelligent. 

  • Integrate WordPress

After finishing the task of programming to convert PSD into HTML, you are required to coordinate HTML/CSS with WordPress. Style.css and Index.php are two vital records used to make WordPress themes. Here, you need to separate the index. HTML into .php files. If this process is done in the right way, at that point the output would be immaculately planned WordPress templates.

  • Add WordPress Tags

At this stage, all markup components have just been separated into WordPress PHP structure. Presently, you need to add some additional functionalities and WordPress labels which will give you a completely functional WordPress theme. It will give the end-user better flexibility over theme appearance settings, adding modules and widgets.

  • Final Testing

Testing is an essential piece of any web development process. This way, your resultant WordPress theme has been through unit testing. JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress issues are fixed. HTML and CSS are approved on W3C guidelines. Besides, the theme is tested for execution, responsiveness, and cross-browser compatibility. Even JS and CSS are composed and changed until your WordPress theme runs in an appropriate manner.

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As per the discussion above you can conclude that PSD to WordPress conversion cannot be done so easily as it demands strong technical and coding knowledge. So, it is recommended to hire PSD developer who can create a feature-filled and dynamic website for you. Entrepreneurs can look for the ultimate PSD to WordPress conversion services for huge business growth on a global level. 

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