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How To Make Money Online Through Pay Per Click (Ppc)

There are countless ways on how to monetize your blogs or website, pay per click PPC marketing is one way to do it. It works by paying a certain amount to the search engine so that it can advertise your web page. Since you paid the search engine, searches related to your website will certainly put your web-page at the topmost of searches. Many companies will offer to provide your e-commerce business with optimized and well-running PPC campaigns. A digital marketing company Dubai suggests other marketing strategies along with the PPC as well. However, so far, PPC is a popular way to quickly and efficiently generate money online.

Although search engines require certain fees, a person being redirected to your website through a link can bring profit to your website in the long run. By the end, you will be able to see how quickly more traffic is being generated to your website through this marketing strategy. By generating more traffic, you will obtain a successful sale of your products, while also compensating for the amount you pay for every click. Below are more ways how PPC can help you to generate money online:


It is very uncommon for people to ignore search engine recommendations. Meaning that your paid advertising will not go to waste most of the time. Search engines are becoming more optimized and advanced with time to meet the needs of the users. Due to this, users are now clicking on the recommendations more.

The PPC advertisements are mostly always related to the searches and meet the requirements of the users. Research indicates that users do not mind being led to advertisements as long as its purpose is served well and they are satisfied with the searches.

PPC is an effective and valuable marketing strategy. If you intend on using the PPC campaign to increase the traffic to your website, your content/products must satisfy most visitors. In case, your products do not fit the needs of the potential consumers, they will turn away from your site. This can result in loss, as you will have to pay for their clicks to the search engine. This will certainly not be good for the business. It is crucial that your sales are not disappointing for the consumers and you are putting just as much effort in your products as you are to increase your sales.

What ad networks look for while giving an optimized result is that the ad space should not be given to the highest bidder. Instead, it should be given to the highest-quality ads. Therefore, the better the ads, the higher chance that the search engine will put your results on top. Thus, it should be established that your ad quality must be aligned with paramount quality content.

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Google Ads is among the most renowned platforms that operate on a pay per click model. Google Ads work on its unique judgment criteria to decide which advertising bidder should take ad space. The ad space is very limited and allows at most three searches to appear on the first google search page. The unpaid search results are highly optimized because of which they must appear at the top too.

When searches are made, google goes through every ad and decides upon a few winners who will be taking the ad space in the result page. The front-runner advertisements are decided upon a few factors that include, quality content, relevance to the keyword searched and texts, as well as SEO optimization, comes into play here.


Specifically, the highest rank on the ad space is based on a metric calculated by considering two factors that selects the advertiser’s ad rank. The two factors are that of the bidding factor, called the CPC (cost per click). CPC is the amount that a bidder is willing to pay to the search engine. The higher the bid, the likelier the chance of your website appearing in the top searches. However, regardless of how high your CPC is, if your quality score is low, the result with low CPC but great content might take the lead. Your quality score is measured on a scale of what your click-through rates are, relevance to the subject, landing page quality, and other factors. It can be implied that ultimately your CPC is affected by your quality score.

Your CPC value and quality score are multiplied together to get the final value for the ad rank. The search with the highest ad rank gets to have the highest position in the result page. Relevance to the product will ultimately benefit you as consumers would seek out the same product that you are advertising. Thus, the PPC campaign will not only benefit you but also the consumers.

PPC marketing can be implemented for any e-commerce business, whether it’s a software-based business or a clothing line. But to upgrade your PPC campaign, there are few practices that you can follow to connect with your potential consumers and grow your business.


To enhance your PPC performance the use of keywords is crucial. It will certainly take a long time to optimize the content on your web page but by the end of it will be worth it. Due to this reason, you will be generating more traffic and therefore increasing the sales of your products as well. Missing out on important keywords will only lead to a low ad ranking, and not result in a lot of consumers.

A good PPC keyword list includes:

  • Relevance: Attracting web traffic that is seeking the same product that you are offering will certainly be to your benefit. If there is little relevance with the search they carried, they would not be interested in your offerings and your PPC would simply go to waste.
  • Long-tail keywords: While adding keywords, it is understood that keywords are the most searched for in accordance with the niche will result in optimized content. However, the inclusion of long-tail keywords will result in an even more optimized content as they are more specific to whatever you are selling. Many consumers would search for long-tail keywords to get a specific result, which you can offer by including the less competitive, and less common keywords.
  • Constant up-gradation: E-commerce business is becoming more and more common over time. There is always going to be a new product line with a web page more optimized and with a better ad ranking. This will make your ad ranking low regardless of how much effort you had put into its optimization. Therefore, keep increasing your keyword list periodically to stay at the top of your game.
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Your PPC campaign needs to be managed regularly and paid attention to once launched. Frequent activity on your webpage will serve to be effective for generating more traffic by increasing your ad rank. There are a few adjustments that you can make every week to help you with your PPC campaign.

  • PPC keywords: Inclusion of relevant PPC keywords to your business can help your business grow. Expansion of keywords over time can help you remain one of the best searches.
  • Negative keywords: The addition of negative keywords will help with your PPC marketing by showing relevant results to the searchers and lowering the cost.
  • Review the keywords: Keywords are undoubtedly costly. Certain keywords cost more than another, yet are under-performing and do not benefit. Constantly reviewing your keyword list can save you money by eliminating the keywords that are redundant and unnecessary for the PPC campaign.
  • Divide the Ad groups: By dividing your web pages into ad groups you will enable the searchers to land on the web page, they are specifically looking for.
  • Modify your content: Adjusting your web content in a way that will allow people to directly land on the page they searched for. Drawing all the traffic to one page is not wise and will lower the conversion rates.


Pay-per-click marketing is not only an effective idea to market your E-commerce business and generate sales but it will improve your performance in the growth of your business. Effective communication with your customers will guarantee their faith in your product and will establish a good customer service reputation for your business. This will take your business a long way on its road to success.

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