How to Style a Saree in 5 New Trendy Ways in 2020

Clothing plays a particular role in the Indian culture as it helps us to distinguish ourselves and portray pieces of our religious backgrounds, that said every woman is entitled to wear these garments.

One such clothing is the saree, it is a classic one which will always be around and make the wearer look exceptional. Famous Indian fashion designers makes it Customary to be worn at auspicious occasions such as weddings, parties, religious functions, but it also serves as daily wear and office wear for a majority of women around the country.

Various draping techniques can be used to make this 9-yard fabric look best and complement the wearer in ways that no other ethnic garment can do, not to mention the addition of embroidery, stonework, and sequins to make the saree look better in all aspects.

Modern methods have been becoming increasingly popular as younger women and girls prefer to wear the saree. It can be used to make a fashion statement at any time depending on how you style it up. Here are 5 styles that you cannot avoid in the year 2020 that will cater for all occasions and any stylish clothing needs of women.

The 5 best styles of 2020 for saree styling:-

1. Pant style draping

This ingenious idea was introduced onto the market and immediately became a hit, as it was worn by every style-conscious woman in the country. It definitely gives off a unique look that cannot be easily replicated. With the addition of the pants, it becomes a fusion between western and Indian cultures. Most suitable for parties where dressing to impress is your main and only goal to achieve.

Step 1: keep the required accessories at hand, these include blouse, pants, safety pins

Step 2: wear pants instead of a petticoat and make sure they are comfortable and tight enough to hold the saree fabric.

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Step 3: take the saree and begin making pleats (about 6 should do it) but make sure an adequate amount of material is left for the final drape, tuck the pleats in the center of the pants and fix with safety pins.

Step 4: with the remaining saree, drape it and make the pallu fall at the back.

2. Pallu on the side style:-

A visually appealing look is the one with the pallu on the side, it gives off a different look in case you are tired of the same old back or front pallu options.

If you need to attend a religious function or a wedding, this traditional inspired outfit should be the first one on your list of options and it will not let you down in the style department. Let us explain to get this exquisite appearance

Step 1: wear the blouse and petticoat and tie it tightly.

Step 2: start to make pleats and then tuck them in the petticoat and fix with safety pins.

Step 3: using the leftover material take it round the body and drape over the shoulder and arm to make sure it hangs on the side.

3. Wrist draped saree

New designs and styles are created very often as there is a constant need to upgrade our fashion looks (women know all about this), this has led to new exotic types on the market.

One rare method of draping is the wrist drape, it is a great way to show off your designer blouse or your perfect body shape. Here are steps to nail the look and get maximum attention for it.

Step 1: put on the blouse and petticoat.

Step 2: start to make pleats and then tuck them in the petticoat and fix them with safety pins.

Step 3: instead of taking the saree over the shoulder, you will be taking it around the wrist.

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4. Trail draping saree

Ever seen a movie where the bride has a gown with a long trailing saree behind her? Well now you can also get this elegant look with your saree. These sarees come with an extra-long piece of fabric that will serve as a trail, or you can even create your own look by adding another fabric of your own liking to replace the original one.

It is wise to go for a single bold color and stick to it, but you can pick two colors to form a great combination together, if you can pull it off guests will be talking about this fashion feat for months to come! Since it is mainly worn for a wedding and as bridal wear, gold, beige, or red are the most in-demand colors that you can safely opt for.

5. Pallu in front

Another alternative to the regular draping is a fused Indo-western look that can still be comfortable enough to wear the entire day or event duration. Changing the natural draping of the pallu uses a single step to raise your looks to the next level without putting in extra efforts that will wear you down. Simple and sophisticated is what this will make you look like. The best part is that it is an all-occasion wear that every woman should know how to do.

Step 1: you can start off by putting on the blouse and petticoat and take care in ensuring it is tight enough.

Step 2: take the saree fabric and start to make pleats and then tuck them in the petticoat, secure them by using safety pins.

Step3: instead of draping it diagonally, take the pallu over the shoulder and let it fall straight down over the front.

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