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How to Use AI SEO to Improve Your Website

AI is a cornerstone of any industry in 2021: from medicine and agriculture to marketing and entertainment. It has also drastically impacted the way SEO specialists do website optimization.

More and more marketing experts have to prioritize their strategies and think about how to optimize websites with AI SEO techniques.

  • AI In SEO: How Does It Help Today? 

The pressure on SEO experts continues to grow. Today as never before they have to be more attentive to the motivations of their target group and analyze them even more deeply to achieve more interactions, clicks, and conversions.

Thus, analyzing customer journey through your website with the help of AI is becoming an increasingly important factor, because insufficient user interaction leads to a steady decline in rankings.

Marketing and SEO professionals see AI as a way to accomplish routine tasks more efficiently.

That can include:

  • Optimization of UX
  • Content creation and editing
  • Optimization of link building
  • Voice search optimization

Mostly AI is handy for marketing planning and does preparatory work based on data analysis.

  • Insights About User Journey on a Website

There are more than 200 factors that Google uses to rank your website in SERP, user experience is one of them. What is UX and why does it go hand in hand with SEO? Well, both have the same goal – once a user is on your site, he has to find the information as quickly as possible.

Therefore UX is the journey of the customer on your site.

To make this journey more pleasant and convenient, marketers have to collect and analyze a handful of data.

That`s where AI saves the day. It greatly improves the following processes that tune up UX.

  • Chatbots 

Chatbots can now answer the most frequent users` requests on their own.

Imagine someone asking Siri to show the nearest flower show.

Google will show only those results that are optimized with chat-bots recommendations.

That`s why SEO experts use AI tools that help them create a group of keywords specifically for that niche.

A greatly optimized website for chat-bots guarantees:

An increased rating in recommendations;

  • Increased site visits;
  • Increased feedback and comments
  • Predict your users` needs
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AI sorts all the users` actions on the website, analyzes user behavior, and makes personalized offers.

This gives a particularly deep understanding of the individual customer, and this, in turn, fully reveals the customer journey, enabling SEO specialists to predict and plan future strategies.

  • Does Your Website Meet Usability Factors?

The purpose of usability tests is to optimize your website to the user’s needs. How does AI help? Since it perfectly grapples with data research, it can identify common usability issues. Artificial intelligence-based testing algorithms are able not only to put themselves in the human shoes but also simulate targeted user actions that may differ from standard behavior.

That can dramatically increase user personas and help SEO engineers to identify the rents and gaps in their strategies.

  • AI Could Be Your Content Machine

Content creation is one of the most cost-effective measures for SEO. Everyone is getting hung up on information today. How can AI help?

In content marketing, the importance of artificial intelligence is increasing in both content creation and targeting. In creativity, automation is suitable for areas based on large amounts of data and analysis. Standardized and structured texts are no longer a problem for powerful AI. For example, AI is used to create news about the weather or the stock market.

  • AI For Content Creation

Although being a relatively new field, many SEO companies use it for copywriting purposes.

Would you believe that most news in social media is generated by AI? And how about product descriptions, sport news, article titles, and even blogs ideas generation based on recent trends?

AI can do that all.

Here is for example a blog generated by AI:

“Buying a guitar is an exciting adventure! But if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be really frustrating whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro. So I decided to do a quick video about how I recommend choosing the best acoustic guitar for beginners, intermediate players, and even advanced guitarists.”

  • Personalized Content

Different strokes for different folks.

Another trend is content targeting, which requires digital content to be displayed for specific target groups. This can prevent advertising content from being displayed next to inappropriate topics.

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Based on the websites that seem appropriate for the campaign, the AI system can analyze the environment of other websites. The system then automatically decides whether or not a website is suitable for advertising purposes. The technical implementation of this analysis is based, among other things, on the analysis of the content of the website.

Netflix and Amazon are also good examples of personalized content. They use AI algorithms to allocate different content for different users.

           Links Analysis and Link Building

More and more AI tools are emerging today to reveal link spamming and map out a course of action for effective link building.

Excessive link building or irrelevant backlinks are undesirable factors that can result in penalties from Google. Identifying such aspects is easier with AI. Negative SEO measures such as keyword stuffing, inadequate content, or linking without added value are easier to spot.

As a result, AI is beneficial for better rankings, success prediction, or the expected value of links for a particular website.

For the SEO specialist, this means a quick evaluation if it is worth investing in a particular link-building strategy.

  • Optimization for Voice Search 

So far it has been the biggest SEO trend and it will surely dictate the new vectors of optimization in the future. With the growing demand for voice assistance, grows demand for voice search optimization.

While brisk phrases are predominant for a traditional search, voice search requires another approach and strategy.

To stay competitive and improve the effectiveness of website rankings, SEO specialists try to keep up with this trend and optimize voice search accordingly.

This is why a growing number of artificial intelligence are used widely to make content more optimized to voice search.

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