Top 10 SEO Trends To Drive More Traffic In 2021

There are multiple reasons why you should build a website. Perhaps you’ve created an amazing item that you’re ready to sell on the internet. Instead, all you need to do is share your passions with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, none of this matters if no one visits your website.

Ranking on search engines looks to be a very difficult task in these competitive times. When a business owner wants to take their business online, especially for those who are not familiar with the process of SEO, they can take help from best internet marketing services.

Search engine optimization appears to be difficult at first unless and until the user understands its fundamentals; however, SEO is a time-consuming but not difficult task. Anyone can easily understand and implement SEO for their website.

SEO should be considered the most important part of the website because it doesn’t matter how good your website design is if it doesn’t get any visitors. So, to increase the number of visitors to your website, you must optimize it to rank on a search engine, where it will be visible to more people who are searching for the keyword or query that you want to rank for.

Let’s see 10 easy SEO trends that can help your website rank in search engines.

  • Site Structure
  • Improve Your Website Loading Speed
  • Focus On User Experience
  • Target Brand New Keywords
  • In-Depth Content
  • Focus On Mobile-First Indexing
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Video Optimization
  • internal Links
  • Fix Broken Links
  1. Site Structure: 

Site structure refers to however you organize your website’s content. An internet site usually consists of content on a range of related topics given in posts and pages. Website structure deals with however this content is sorted, coupled, and given to the visitor. If your website is well structured, have the benefit of it’ll enjoy this, users will notice their far more simply and Google will index your URLs higher. In this structure are usually used tags, meta tags, etc. However, internal links, navigation, and breadcrumbs are the tools to structure your website.

  1. Improve Your Website Loading Speed :

Website loading time is very important for several reasons. First of all, if your load speed is too slow, Google can recognize this and will hurt your ranking. But a slow website also will impact the method your website guests interact with along with your pages. Those negative interactions can hurt your ranking too. Research shows 40% of tourists can abandon websites if the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. What’s even more surprising is that 80% of these guests won’t come back to the website. This is terrible for your SEO ranking as a result it will ultimately kill traffic to your website.

Google’s algorithmic program can recognize your website’s quality and modify your search ranking consequently. This makes it extraordinarily vital to optimize each page speed and server reaction time. If you would like to check the speed of your website, there are online tools like Pingdom out there without any charge. This will enable you to check your website from completely different locations everywhere around the globe. If you discover that your custom website design is running slow then you will wish to envision your website theme and plugins.

  1. Focus On User Experience :

The most important thing in SEO is to pay attention to the needs of the user. Because it is very important to cover what the user is searching for as well as the updated information and imported items. By reading your article the user will also share his experience and if he likes your blog and website then he will also do good reviews and responses and come back to your site.

  1. Target Brand New Keywords : 

Before writing your article do research on which keyword has more traffic or which type of things people like to read. Target brand new keywords as much as possible, as users search more about new information and technology. So you should also use some such keywords in your website and blog.

  1. In-Depth Content : 

Depth content itself shows your knowledge and interest, how much research you have done to write that content, and how much information you have about that content. Your hard work will only increase your user traffic and increase traffic to your website, so write as deeply as possible and also describe every point so that the person can easily understand your content. Also, use indexing in your content so that you can link your content to your other blog or website.

  1. Focus On Mobile-First Indexing : 

“mobile-first indexing” simply means google currently considers the mobile version of your website to be the first version of your site. If you don’t have a mobile website, your desktop website will still be used. But, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly your rankings might take a hit. Keep in mind that user expertise is big.

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If your mobile website is presently mistreated associate degree “m.” google recommends an amendment over to a very responsive website. This is as a result of google presently simply annotating m-dot URLs, it doesn’t really index them. Creating the switch to a responsive website means google will simply update the annotations to mention the responsive site is currently mobile-friendly, which saves time.

  1. Voice Search Optimization

Did you know that over half of all online searches are currently created through voice? Virtual assistants and smartphones have modified the method we tend to search with voice search taking an ever more important place within the world of search. A small modification we tend to optimize our sites for searches like voice command or Voice search delivered to Siri, Alexa, smartphones, and others.

Sometimes it takes the shape of an issue instead of a press release. A lot of voice searches are a unit sometimes created in regular speech, as in they take the shape of full sentences and the way personalities really speak. This enables us to embrace long-tail question keyword phrases that in turn afford to provide matches for our product, service, or provide. This is one SEO strategy that’s fairly easy to know and implement.

  1. Video Optimization :

In recent times, video optimization is the most popular and new trend because now people like to watch a lot of classes and videos online. The best and latest example of this is YouTube, where you will get to see videos of different types and there will also be many options because there is too much competition. You can use some videos on your blogs and websites to describe the more technical information. Video optimization is also part of SEO and it is called video marketing.

  1. Internal Links :

Linking is the best and most important way to keep your pages connected because when you link your pages, you keep your pages for a long time. You keep your content linked and linked from one page to another and whenever a user reads one of your articles, he gets the link from the link and his interest also increases. Also, the reading time of your article increases and it also improves your SEO ranking.

  1. Fix Broken Links :

As you grow and change your website, you may create new pages and move things around. Once you move your pages you will forget that alternative pages on your website link to that page. If people visit that page they will click on the link and find an error message as a result of the page being gone. This can terminate a visitor’s session. If they are available across a broken link they will leave your website and check out to search out another one.

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You may drive leads away and create their visit time shorter that doesn’t help your SEO ranking. To avoid this, you would like to update and fix broken links. You may need to review recent content and make sure the links are intact. You’ll be able to try this sometimes to make sure that you simply are providing users with good expertise on your website. When you fix broken links you retain leads on your website longer. This can improve your site’s SEO ranking.


The process of optimizing your page for search engine algorithms is known as search engine optimization. This can help you organically, promoting your website in search engines and allowing you to rank for your desired keyword or those queries for which you want your website to rank top for any keyword. With these tips, you’ll notice that your website begins to rank, but the ranking isn’t the goal, improving quality traffic that converts into paying customers is.

SEO is like a constantly changing to-do list; changing market interest, trends, and search engine algorithm updates will force you to update your SEO strategy on a regular basis because it is not a one-time process we have to work on right now and in the future as well. Just make sure that you spend time learning more about fundamentals and keep growing your knowledge.

I’ve tried my best to cover all of the SEO ranking factors that can help your website rank in 2021 and beyond but these 10 trends are just the tip of the iceberg, there is more below it, but it will definitely be a good kick start to your SEO journey if you’re a beginner in SEO. So don’t get overwhelmed, start with a few and work your way up.

Author Bio– Mukesh Biragay is a digital marketing specialist working at Discover WebTech Pvt. Ltd. Follow him to get the latest news about the digital marketing industry.

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