How to use earphones without damaging your ears?

It is an undeniable fact that earphones have become our constant companions over the past years. It has given a whole new dimension to the entire music listening experience. Earphones have become like the basic must-haves, owing to the high level of convenience and ease of using that they provide. However, it has been observed and has been shown by researchers that using earphones over a prolonged period and in an unruly manner can cause severe and irrevocable damage to the ears. This is one of the reasons for rising hearing issues amongst the younger generation. Thus, it is very important to understand the best ways of avoiding such problems by using the earphones sensibly and in a balanced manner. And the best part is that it is highly achievable. By only adopting healthier listening habits, this problem can be overcome. Here, some of the best ways of using headphones without causing damage to the ears are discussed.

Keeping the Volume within Permissible Limit

It is now a trend to listen to high peppy and hard-hitting music in very loud volume. This is known to be the single biggest reason that can cause massive damage to the ears. The normal sound range that is bearable to human hearing is around 60 decibels. Hearing music at a louder volume than this permissible limit harshly affects the sensory nerves. This, in turn, affects the sound capturing ability of the ears. To address this problem more effectively, even pop-ups have been designed that warns the listeners whenever the volume is raised above 60%. Exposure to loud music for long duration should be avoided.

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Going for the noise-canceling earphones

Another good and logical way of using earphones without damaging to the ears is by opting for the noise-canceling earphones. This type of earphones actually blocks every external noises and disturbance and allows the users to enjoy their music without any unnecessary interruptions. Thus, there is practically no need to increase the volume to cut the outside nuisances and this ultimately proved to be good for the ears.

Looking for Perfect Fitting Earphones

It is very important to check the earphone fitting before starting to use them on a regular basis. The ear tips should ideally suit the ears, otherwise might cause a severe problem for the ears. Like, earphones that loosely fit might let the music to leak and can temp the user to raise the volume, thereby causing damage to the ears. Also, if the ear tips of the earphones are too tight, they might cause great discomfort to the ears and can lead to pain. Thus, always buy earphones that offer tip options to ensure the best possible fit. The maximum Good earphone manufacturer offers extra 3 sizing ear tips.

Using Over-the-Ear Model

It is always recommended by experts to opt for the over the ear models as compared to the in-ear ones. The simple reason for this is that the over the ear headphones deliver the music from the ear canal to the eardrums. It does not let the sound directly hit the eardrums as is the case with the in-ear models. Plus, this over the ear models offers better hearing quality owing to their better noise cancellation ability. Thus they are proven to be safer to use.

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Limiting the exposure and shortening the time of usage

This is again one of the crucial steps that should be adopted when using earphones to avoid any probable damage. Limiting the exposure and shortening the time of usage of the earphones can actually allow you to enjoy using this wonderful device without any threat. Using them for longer hours at a stretch can have an adverse effect on the ears, slowly leading to hearing loss problems.

Keeping them Clean

It is very important to keep the headphones clean, dry and sanitized. It is always recommended to keep them covered or within the box. The unkempt earphone can actually lead to infection within the ear. It is also advisable to not to share earphones.

All that is needed is a bit of consciousness on the part of the users. The very knowledge about the damage that earphones can cause to the ears is sure to make people more aware. Thus, by only following these few healthy habits, it is actually possible to eliminate the health hazards related to earphones. It will also actually allow you to enjoy tension free listening of music on the go.

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