Top Commercial Equipment Picks: Bakery Racks for Cooling, Storing, and Transporting

An entrepreneur, opening a bakery or food establishment that sells and serves pastries, confectionery, desserts, and baked goods, must purchase the essential equipment that will help to properly arrange and evenly cool products to keep their quality, taste, and appearance. And only specially designed durable and food-safe cooling bakery racks can fit these commercial purposes. Being equipped with firmly attached four mobile wheels, you can easily and quickly transport goods from one place to another, using this equipment type. And wire bakery racks will ensure sufficient air circulation in order to prevent dough goods from becoming soggy, losing their textual perfection, and spoiling the taste. If baked goods are not cooled and stored according to the industry requirements, you will ruin your reputation, and visitors will be disappointed in your services. Thus, to exclude such a poor scenario and take care of your business thriving and prosperity, be ready to invest in the best metal baker’s rack.

Top commercial equipment picks

Why stainless steel is the most suitable material for kitchen baker’s rack

Simplified cleaning routine. Frequent washing and regular maintenance are imperative, and the use of different cleaning agents will not damage the surface of the racks. Here are some smart tips on how to competently clean the racks to retain their functionality and keep it free from food particles:

  • to get rid of stubborn dirt, greasy spots, and stains, you can mix a DIY paste, using baking soda;
  • using a soft toothbrush, scrub the construction applying the paste;
  • hardly removable spots can be eliminated with a solution of vinegar and water;
  • you can also purchase a mild detergent that does not contain abrasive elements to avoid scratching;
  • applying solutions or pastes, don’t forget to rinse and dry the rack.
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Impervious to harmful bacteria. Foodborne illnesses are the global healthcare concerts, therefore the standards for the manufacturing of commercial equipment, such as metal baker’s rack, are too strict and thoroughly monitored. However, with non-porous and smooth stainless steel, you may forget about the troubles with hygiene since no germs or microorganism that causes disorders will spread on the surface of the rack where you keep goods.

Sanitary code compliance. Bakery racks used in the food industry are made of special food-grade steel, in which there are no components and chemicals that can impose danger to the health.

Anti-corrosion properties. Stainless steel, which is used in production, withstand constant contact with excessive moisture and is resistant to rust formation.

Where to buy stainless steel bakery racks?

At the online catalog of AmGoodSupply, you will find optimal solutions for your business in terms of quality and cost parameters. Highly durable and impact-resistant equipment purchased here will serve you for decades without failure or breakdowns. You also will get an array of other indisputable benefits, including only exceptional equipment of superior quality, well-built wear-resistant structures to outfit the commercial kitchens and establish efficient working zones, the ability to order racks, prep tables, shelving systems, two or three compartment sinks of any size and a variety of configurations. If you want racks for cooling with antibacterial properties, contact AmGoodSupply and get smart advice on the selection and purchase.

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